Soul groups

  • Really interested in this topic and often wonder who in my life if any are part of my soul group. Anyone have any thoughts, experiences to share about recognizing members of your soul group?

  • Dear stonyeye,

    Great question. I went straight to my angelic channels and here is what the Heavens have to say about soul groups (from them to you via me!) lol: "Members of your soul group are anyone you feel an immediate connection to as they enter your life. They have been from previous lives where you have vowed to "meet again" and the universal rhythms of life ensure your meeting occur. The connections are not only immediate, but you feel like you've "known this person for a long time". They are not in the many, but in the few. Members can be a spouse, a relative, a friend. And even a pet. These are not friendships that you have worked on for many years. And they are not necessarily your best friends. They can simply be an acquaintance at this point in your life. But the connection is within a snap of the fingers. For you KNOW them on a soul and spiritual level. Your Divine Spirits rejoice in that breath of a moment and welcome each other back again. It may take your mind and body a while to catch up -- but eventually they will."

    Angel blessings,


  • Thanks Angelreader! That's a really helful explanation for me. I always thought they were people who you are really close to such as a life long friend or significant other. It makes sense though that they could be anyone who entered and/or impacted your life in some way...even if for just a short time. I like the idea of pets being in a soul group. Do you believe that pets ever reincarnate as humans or are their souls always animals? Have you had that experience of recognizing members of your soul group? I also wonder how many of them out there there may be? 7? 100? lol! Lots of questions. Just curious what ideas are out there. thanks! x

  • Dear stonyeye,

    Absolutely pets can reincarnate as people and vice versa! The soul group numbers will be relatively small in comparison to the number of people (and animals!) who come into your life. Because it's like a pact that you make to meet again in the next life.

    I haven't been blessed with the ability to meet someone and say "aha" I knew you back in such and such a life when we had this going on. But, you just "fit" together so easily. I know my husband is in my soul group because my angels found him for me. I asked my angels to find him, and within about 2 months he was found. We are like mirrors of each other, though I'm the female side! lol That's a member of your soul group.

    Your child can be in your soul group too. In a previous life, your roles may have been reversed! You were the child and your child was the parent! You're in this life together to continue reacquainting yourself with why your purpose in life -- which is to be God-like in all of your endeavors and in all of your relationships. Stemming from a base of love. Much easier to type this than to do it I know!

    Angel blessings,


  • I had a past life regression done once and it was very surprising to recognize the same people in each life only in different roles and even different genders. Interesting you brought this subject up as just recently I was praying on this subject as in the last ten years I've lost several of my spiritual family and I miss that element in my life even though our relationship continues after death. These are very rare friendships that change your lives and the attraction is like no other and very hard to explain exactly. In my case I'd say these are others who keep you always in touch with your truth. Wether it by by trial or jubilation. I so miss that divine jubilation!

  • Wow, so my cat or horse could have been my best friend in another life? Ot a perent could have been my child previously/ Crazy to think about. I love the idea though. After reading your post. Anger Reader, i've been thinking about people in my life where I've felt an "I know you" connection. There are a few. Thank you for your replies! x

    Blumoon, When your recognized people in your past life regression, did they look similar...just different genders? How can you tell they are people in your life now? Is it an intuitive knowing that you experienced? I'm sorry you have lost members of your spiritual family over the past years. Perhaps there are more waiting to find you later in life? I have been praying to find more of my family too.

    Thanks both for your responses. Take care. x

  • In the regression the people looked different but I knew them immediatly! It was that knowing that really surprised me. The regression was done by a Reverend of a Spiritual Camp and he guided me with meditation and the suggestion beforehand was to choose five lives that had lessons challanging this life. I was told I would observe with complete knowing but without emotional harm all aspects. The recognition of people I know was instant. A boy and girl were my children in a past life and in this life are my best friends whom I have always felt Maternal towards. My father was in every life as well as my Mother and there were some of the same challenges. It was one of the most amazing expeiriences and was very helpful at the time as I really feel it helped me break some karmic ties and bring some lessons to completion. I never felt the need to do one again. The four lives did not have happy endings but I didn't feel any pain just the awareness of what went wrong and what I learned. It was suggested I choose one of my happiest lives and boy was I surprised as it took me to Paris as a man--an artist! I have always been so attached to impressionist art and cry everytime I see a Renoir in a museum. No I wasn't Renoir but part of that art scene. I was a man and so very carefree but rather shallow and spoiled and very cavalier with the ladies--how shocked I was that one of these ladies is a man in this life who returned that karma!

  • Unbelievable! What an experience. Fascinating about the Renoir life and how you have always felt so emotional when viewing his work. Also about the returned karma from that time. Hmmm....I guess it's true that what comes around goes around. Maybe not in this life but perhaps the next. Also makes me think about emotions, physical health (I have chronic headaches from an early age) and characteristics in this life and how they may be carried over from past life experiences. I would love to do something like that. I can see how it would help to explain the dynamics of relationships in this life and as you say, help break karmic ties of lessons learned. Thank you so much for sharing Blmoon.

  • Well, isn't this just a 'coincidence' for me to have stumbled across your thread, Stonyeye!

    Very interesting topic, one that I would love to have recollections for of certain people in my life.

    There are 2 particular men that I love dearly, that enrich my life in their own unique ways, who are clearly on a karmic journey with other partners. I truly do wish them all the happiness they can glean in their lives, but I accept fully, it's not to be with me.

    I feel that we have crossed paths as 'helpers' if you like, to make our paths a little easier. I'm in no doubt that we have been significant, probably married or parent/child in prior lives, as our connection is deep and unconditional, warm and loving.

    Before considering past life connections, I would wonder why we had crossed paths if we were not to be together now, but I feel content and blessed to call them my friends, and believe we are from the same soul group - they feel like family.

    I had a dog Bess, growing up. She has been gone for about 25 years now, but I can still feel her love when I think of her. And then there was Mao, my special feline boy, such a precious angel. He was such a ratbat, always in scuffles but when he rapt his paws around my neck, I have never felt such love. He literally took my breath away. Although he has passed for 9 years, I can think of him and be sure he's here. An animal communicator once told me that he was once a little girl in England in the 1800's, and I was her female cat and we had a lovely time together. She confirmed that he is still with me. Gertrude is my current feline angel, 15 this month and the love and wisdom in her eyes brings me tears sometimes.

    I am so blessed to have been sent these fluffbags and am in no doubt that we are soul connected; the emotion these 'pets' have shared with me, & still do is such a blessing. I just know we have been together before in some shape or form and will be again. Although I have had several other pets, the love and connection I have had with these three is relly outstanding.

    I was so pleased to read before that animals can be part of our soul family - I thought they were, but reading it here just confirmed what I felt in my heart, and made me smile.

    Stonyeye, I know you are very connected to your horses and would love to hear your view on soul-connections with them and other pets. And of course, anyone else who would like to share. How blessed are we to have our soul companions with us in the fluff?:-)



  • That was a bit long winded!!!:-)

  • Hi Witchwoman, I love your long winded posts! 🙂 I think someone else mentioned to you already but your writing is so entertaining and you use such great description. I wonder if you would ever pursue some career in writing? I bet you' d do well.

    I know that feeling you described about loving someone and then wondering why your paths even crossed if it wasn't mean to work out. I agree that they may be members of your soul group here to help you with a lesson or maybe they are from a past life and working out some karma. I'm so fascinated with all this and can tell you are too WW! I hope we can keep chatting about this and continue our quest of learning about past lives, soul goups etc. It's not the kind of subject I can get into with any of my friends in the "real world" lol!

    Doesn't it get kind of fun when you start thinking of various people who passed through your life...positive and negative...and realize how they impacted you in some way? Or, how an interaction with someone helped teach you an important lesson. Perhaps those people who caused happiness or sorrow or anger are part of your soul group, here to help you with lessons in this life! Just think, the person at work who I butted heads with constantly and would complain about to my friends, may actually be my best friend in "the other side"! Really gets kind of cool when you think about things that way.

    I completely understand your feelings for our fluffy friends. Your description of each made me smile. I love that you are so passionate about animals. It always hurts me when i see a neglected pet. 😞 I read that animals are here to teach us about unconditional love and I completely agree with that. They are also furry tranquilizers! It's hard to feel sad or stressed when you have a purring cat in your lap. Sometimes, when I am distracted or busy working, one of the cats will come up and look at me or drop a toy in front of me to play and it is almost as if they are telling me to quit stressing and tap into the fun in life.

    I have a hard time with the concept that my animals may have been a friend or sister in a past life though. I'm still absorbing that one because I had read somewhere and it stuck in my mind that animals were different souls than human souls. Not higher or lower on the totem pole but just different and that they always incarnated as animals. Regardless, I love to think that I have spent previous lives with them and that they are part of my soul group. I have one cat "Marv" who I swear is the reincarnation of our old family cat who died about 8 years ago. Marv has so many similar characteristics and I truly believe that our family cat has come back to me now as Marv. the way I found him (or he found me) was when I went to the humane society to pick out a cat, Marv's paw reached out of his cage and grabbed onto me when I walked by. When I looked into the cage, i saw a replica of our old cat and it was instant love. He went home with me that night. AND don't even get me started on the horses! I just look into my horse's eyes and the love and wisdom I see there is unbelievable. This horse just sort of found his way into my life too. I had no intention of buying him in the first place but a series of events led him to me and now I can see we are a perfect match and that it was meant to be the whole time. I believe he has been with me in many life times.

    Also, you mentioned your dog Bess and how you can feel her love still even 20 plus years later. I think our deceased animals do stay with us on the other side...unless they reincarnate to come back. I used to feel a cat jump onto my bed after our beloved family cat died and I swear I would feel him padding up towards my pillow like he used to. I felt that for several years after he passed and would always say hi to him! 🙂

    Whew! See, I'm long winded too! Especially when it comes to animals! It's so fun to be able to chat about these things. Hope you're having a great day WW and thanks for the conversation! I can go on forever discussing past lives and soul groups! Big hugs! xx

  • Wow! I just looked back at the length of that post and I am really really REALLY long winded! 😉

  • Thanks for making me cry when I'm about to go to a meeting!:-)

    Paw out of the cage...........How could you NOT just bundle him up outa that stinky old cage& take him home that INSTANT!!:-)

    I'll chat later, gotta Go!


  • I am completely lost for words I have always "felt" these type of connections, but had no way of labeling them. I too kind of stumbled onto this post, in my un-planned search for more understanding. Let me explain- my mind just runs wild with all these thoughts and what-if''s, also feeling like I maybe the only person who thinks this way. thus making me afraid to talk about it with anyone out of fear of them thinking I may be nuts! Also I really am alone right now in my life and pretty much have been for a long time now. But there has been a few persons paths I've crossed briefly, that left me wondering why I felt so strongly towards them so quickly and why I missed them so much after only being in contact for such a short time. Also I've had many animals that I felt as if they knew what I was thinking. And just what to do to show me that they did. Like you all have said , the look of wisdom in their eyes Peirce deep within me. Now I can label this feeling . I hope to read many more experiences and knowledge on this topic very soon. It has provided some much needed clarity for me thanks!!!!!

  • Blmoon is it necessary to break karmic ties? Perhaps you could elaborate on my post to Angelreader.

  • Hey there Stoneye, Newbetter and friends,

    I really love discussing all manner of weird subject with you guys too! I haven't got anyone in my 'real world' to talk to about this stuff; I got my fix of it by reading different sites on the internet and books I'd find along the way, which satisfied me somewhat, but it's just not fulfilling that human need for interaction and that exchange of ideas and different thoughts. So here we are! It's so cool that we have connected like this.

    I love the term 'furry tranquilizers', they are that indeed. I have Gertrude snuggled up next to me, smiling up with her fluffy engine running as I type here:-)

    Who could not crack at least a little smile & be dragged from the depths of depression, at least for a moment, watching 'horseplay' or silly pusses chasing leaves in the wind with a most serious, yet ridiculous expression on their fluffy face 🙂

    I have read heaps of stories about people who are sure in their hearts and many who have had their feelings confirmed by a psychic, that their pet is a reincarnation of their pet who passed on. I have been told by an animal comunicator that Gertie wants to come straight back to me after she goes, which makes me so happy to hear, & will no doubt make her passing easier.

    I shed a tear when I read your stories Stoneye, animal stories go straight to my heart. I cannot BEAR to read or hear about animal cruelty:-( I'm not sure about the concept that animals have a different soul to us; I'm open to considering other's opinion about that one. I don't know about you guys, but reading so many different topics with every one on this forum is like light bulbs going on, or at least deepening my own undertanding and giving me more to consider. Like jigsaw pieces slowly falling into place - sometimes you have to consider the piece from another angle for a time, turning it this way & that, until you can see how it relates to the other pieces and the picture as a whole. The more I learn the more I realise I don't know. I want to know it all NOW!!! A big Universal download please. Probably fry my brain though:-)

    As for those people in our lives that inspire violence or misery or even brain twisting desperate passion in us- perhaps they Are our soul mates from the other side that we have made arrangements with to give us opportunities to learn different lessons, or work through karma or unresolved issues from past life experiences.

    I bought Em a book called 'Little Soul& the Sun' by Neale Donald Walsch who is the author of Convesations With God books. The story is about Little Soul in heaven who is talking to God and another friend about learning about different qualities. Little soul & the friend agree that the friend will be mean to LS on Earth so that they can learn and practice forgiveness. This was seen as such a loving thing to do, to provide this experience. Although told in a simple way, imagine viewing everyone who has caused us those extremes of emotions in this manner. I had to spend time at a course yesterday with someone who really revolts me. Kinda hard to think of him as a soulmate providing a loving service to me!

    What is everyone else's view of this? There are certain people we encounter, especially as women that alarm bells go off with and our intuition screams keep away. I spose we need to think in terms of safety rather than bonding in that situation.

    Enough about that. I'm so facinated with the whole topic and can't wait to hear what every one has to say.

    I really enjoy reading your posts too Stoneye, I think we are at a fairly similar stage of discovery & understanding. And sounds as though we have been through a similarly hard time with finding someone decent. I think in your case at least, the thing is, there are just so few spiritually mature, genuine men around that are available or wanting to truly share their lives and have a family. Most are already doing that with a partner, or are damaged from a split and have already done the family thing, or there are resons that soon become apparent as to why they're single:-)

    Look forward to hearing from you all,

    ((((((((((((((((warm frienship))))))))))))))))))


  • W.W , I've seen, or actually have read many of your comments in other forums, and I would just like to say thanks, you are able to write how I think or say things I am unable to put into words. So again, thanks so very much. -Krystina

  • Dear Krystina,

    Hello there cyber friend! That is such a HUGE compliment, I am so honoured to be used by the universe in such a way as to help make sense of it all, for others. Even if it just happens to be you, wow. How appropriate that we have met here on this particular thread! I must say that typing away and ordering my thoughts as I go to sound understandable has helped me immensely, as opposed to all my musings and bits & pieces of aquired knowlege swirling around my head. I think over the short time I have been on the forum (1st post, circa 26 Dec), I too have been drawn to various members because their style of expression has appealed to me, and there are some who I am just plain attracted to, and our conversation flows like old friends. So many are clearly blessed with gifts and radiate sincerity and kindness.

    I am so truly grateful and appreciative of those who give up their time to extend a little insight to total strangers, expecting nothing in return. That is a real example of giving freely from the heart.

    If I have been able to help you gain your own clarity, well thank you for sharing that and I am most Very pleased to be able to contribute in some way, it's really encouraging to keep posting, as sometimes I wonder if everyone is finding my long-winded ramblings rather tiresome:-)

    Looking forward to chatting more with you Krystina (&Stoneye & Co),


  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi Newbetter! So glad this thread has triggered something for you! We are learning too and so it's great to share experiences.

    Witch Woman. Newbetter and All....I love this discussion! I'm so glad you are here to talk with. I have only just been able to read through the latest posts on this thread and now I must go quickly now for work. I have so many questions and connections after reading what you all have written above! Uggg....wish I could just sit here and post and read on the forums for a few more hours. Ha ha! Well, I can try tonight.

    Lots of love,


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