Dear Twinsoul, WitchWoman here:-)

  • So let me take stock of known shared facts to date.....


    -Shared life in downtown Jerusalem

    -Rem & Em the terrible twins who drove their mothers to the brink, yet are the most talented

    & gorgeous of girls

    • Single motherhood for a time at least

    -potions & brews

    -Permaculture - You're writing a book & I'm helping write a course

    -Cool witchy women

    I'm sure there's more, but that's just off the top of my head:-)

    Em is on holidays until Monday, so she's cruising along at the mo, not having to go to school. I've looked into singing & dancing classes for her, but the owner of the school isn't in til next week. Em has been there on & off as I can afford, but it's definately time again, get some positive energy happening.

    So you mean to tell me, the whinging doesn't stop?:-) How is your rock-princess going?

    And Robert? Is he a spoilt boy like my Gertie & Gypsy? (I'm a bit of a nutty cat lady)

    I can't believe you know about permaculture, and are indeed writing a book featuring it. Amazing. Is your new book about sustainable living or is that just in passing? I'd love to read it when it's ready, and anything else you may suggest. Down the Rabbit Hole is still the next book on the list to purchase, just a few other things heading it off at present, not for too much longer though.

    No man on the scene as yet, but I'm mighty pleased you sense one coming along soon. Very alone and despondant of late, hard to keep pushing on and maintaining optimism and just coping with life in general. But I'm doing it. Yay, Yay, Yay indeed!LOL:-) Do you feel he is the Dave you mentioned a few posts ago, or a different guy? Dying of curiosity! Givien me some extra oomph to look little more alive now thanks:-) What do you think of me finding someone on line? Any hint as to where I might cross paths with him?

    I went to do your reading last night, but my head was so full of another issue that I didn't feel I could focus and do it justice, so please be patient with me! I want to give you my full attention, and not be half hearted. 6 of swords - to me is representative of moving away from troubled waters, smoother sailing ahead, getting past a rough patch, possibly even moving on or away. The image of this card just popped into my head when I read you asking me about Charlie. I'm getting a poodle/spoil small dog, too. I feel silly telling you, but I have been told and read many times not to question or sensor what you get, so there you have it.

    My dimentional leaping & astralling seems to have come to a bit of a stand still - like I have to keep focusing on and strengthening what I already know before I can move on. In fact, before I could go in the house, and although I remember what it looks like inside, I don't feel as though I can go in. It's like I am being forced to take in the details of the outside more fully first. Does that sound right - I spose every experience is different however I do need the discipline - I just want to race ahead and know everything now:-)

    If you you like to access the other posts I've mentioned, just click on my icon and a list of threads I've posted on and begun will appear.

    Great to hear from you as usual, I shall ask for extra focus and clarity tonight or maybe tomorrow night as Em will be at her dad's and I will be alone, to do your reading. I really feel a sense of you and I'm so enjoying our correspondance. I feel very blessed and priviliged to have met you and honored to call you friend:-)



  • P.S.

    Plant energy - I take great delight in looking at it and must look like a right nut in our Botanical Gardens running my hands through it while talking to the trees and having a giggle. It really makes me feel a bit "happy"! Em & I were there on Tuesday with some friends, and I was getting her to see if she could see it, which to her delight she could! The grass is a vivid green which we both marvel over. I'm sure that colour must release feel-good chemicals in your brain, because Em & I both feel so good looking at it.

    My friends son was wondering what all the fuss was about, to which he said with a most perplexed expression, "It's just grass..." Em & I just smiled.

    I can see that hazy kinda glow about an inch around people, no colour though. How do I develop this or does it develop on it's own in due time?


  • MY MY MY Andrea,

    The plot thickens, even more

    I am a cat person too. I also just lost my spoiled brat poodle, Ralph. He was a darling dog.

    I have another dog, shitzu named sugar, beautiful, sweet dog. Dumb as a stump. I have 2 parakeets, adopted, dont believe in keeping birds caged, but what was i going to do about it, throw them in the garbage, course not. Their names are guapa and guapo ( beautiful and handsome in spanish ) They are not too friendly, oh well.

    Also have a pet angel fish named Jaws. Bought her a buddy and she killed it, hence the name.

    She is a trained fish. Swear. She eats out of my hand.

    Ah yes, my book. It is basically about how we have evolved into being such lunatics, i am calling for a resurgence in trusting our instinctual knowing, and listening to the earth. If we all dont know how to hear earth speak pretty soon we will be up the creek without a boat and paddle. The earth is cleansing herself again. We better know how to sustain ourselves or bye, bye .The evolution of man depends on this knowing.

    Also your 6 of swords, bravo my dear, sooooooooo proud of you. Keep going.

    That you can see the glow about one inch above a person is again bravo worthy. Wish you lived in the states, we would be dear dear in person friends, and work together. The fields around plants is a glow of magnified color of the plant, except with succulents, which show as clear or white glow. I am impressed with you. I am critical of those in our field who, pretend. You are the real thing witch woman.!!!!

    Maybe not Dave just yet. Perhaps a William, nice sweet , good to keep you warm in your approaching winter months.

    Thanks for teaching me about the seasons in Aussie land. I can be such a doof.

    As per whining girl children. It never ends. NEVER! Just don't listen so hard. Please dont let the unhappy moaning of your Em tear at your heart. It will make you old and saggy, and she will be fine. Just love her through what ever tragedy she is brewing, and forget about it. Em is a bit young for the first real broken heart bit. OMG so heartwrenching, ill be here to get you through that bit of fun business.

    Well tata for now my sister from down under.

    Always remember one thing.....A woman needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle. K .

    This woman needs some sleep, my favorite ex husband is visiting from London and i would like to strike while the iron is Im naughty, sorry.



  • It's funny, but although I was getting poodle, I was seeing a shitzhu/maltese terrier type face. My friends step-mother has one, and just the other day I was SURE it's name was Sugar, which it wasn't. Hmmm, strange coincidence hey...:-) My heart goes out to you all for losing your friend Ralph:-( Parakeets can be stuck-up and snappy, very popular down here as pets. But like you, I suspect bird have wings for a reason. The energy I see coming off plants, kinda looks like a mirage - it is large, no real boundary, just merging with other limbs' energy or the next plant. At night, I have always been able to see a whitish glow around trees but I just thought it was an optical illusion, up until I read the Celestine Prophecy about a year or so ago.

    And the name William - I had a dream 2 nights ago, which was the night before I read your last post, of a William . In my dream, I was trying to 'place' a William - someone was trying to jolt my memory like: "you know, he was in the such'n such family" & I for a fleeting moment could place him in my dream. I wonder if it is the same one.....We shall see. Dave sounds more interesting though. I just want to settle down for God's sake. It's not the NEEDING, (I can do it myself, thankyou:-) it's the yearning for someone I don't know, if that makes sense.

    I was at my Permaculture course today, learning about zones, sectors, aspects and elements. So interesting, I'm doing the course because I just know I'm going to have to know this stuff, and this way of life has always appealed to me. We are off to Melliodora - David Holmgren's property half an hour away, tomorrow. He was one of the founders of pc in the 70's. Have you heard of him? Apparently, a lady from the L.A. Botanical Gardens has come over especially and will be on the tour tomorrow too!!! That's fabulous that you are writing a book on sustainable living - can't wait to read it! I saw a plan of this property and house we are touring; it's just amazing and so functional and sustainable.

    How cool would it be to catch up for real - maybe one day, stranger things have happened. NY is definately one place I intend to visit if ever I travel to the states; that being the case, we Shall have lattes and cocktails:-) Greenwich Village is it?

    As for the whinning, NOOOOOO!!! (cried out in the slow-mo voice for effect) And as for the 1st heartbreak, I'm already preparing for it!LOL

    Okay, down to the Reading. I have endeavoured to just go with my first impressions for each card, then after allowing a little time to absorb and allow the info to naturally fall into place, I put it together. I'm not sure how relevant it is to how Charlie's connected to you, but I felt it was more about you than anyone else, but again, who am I to judge what I got, I'll just shut up now & get on with it:-)

    1. 2 Pentacles - a number of enterprises/projects on the go; managing to successfully

    As things stand juggle- a few in the background, taking care of themselves

    1. 6 Wands - public acclaim/achievement; not necessarily a good thing as public

    Crossing you opinion can easily turn, subject to criticism, scrutiny / intrusion

    1. 7 Pentacles - one aspect of your material world is established and producing well; new

    Above you project is getting off the ground

    1. Chariot - a need to rein in different aspects of your psyche/world to proceed in

    Beneath one direction;

    -heart vs head

    1. Knight Swords - Sagittarian- new ideas, optimism,

    Behind you

    1. 9 Cups - Wish Card:-), everything you desire as spread out before you; possible

    Next marriage/commitment

    1. Page of Swords - something in it's infancy needs to be nurtured to thrive

    2. 8 Pentacles - methodical, skilled craftsman, quietly going about their business,

    taking the time to measure and focus on the job at hand

    1. Judgement - Karma Card (!), hopes for this to be a correct life-path move, fears of

    Hopes and Fears responsibility

    1. 9 Pentacles -Self made woman; comfortable; can sit back relaxed in the knowledge

    outcome that you have earnt your rewards and comforts

    Now, what I made of all this as an overview............

    Currently, you have a number of sucessful and promising projects on the go, with no real material concerns, just concerns about holding it all together and the public scrutiny/intrusion that is/will accompany public acclaim as a result. You have everything your heart desires spread before you like a fine banquet. Need to reconcile public aspect with private. (material/heart)

    Charlie is a behind the scenes 'quiet achiever' who has their own projects/endeavours currently being worked on. You share a soul-mate/destined relationship, which needs nurturing in order to thrive, and you are a self-made women, deserving of your earnt security and luxuries.

    I'm unclear as to whether this is an intimate/romantic relationship you share with Charlie. I'm getting the sense Charlie is a 'he', although I'm not 100% sure.

    I've positioned 9 Pent, Judgement, 8 pent in a row, 9 cups under & Page Swords on top. So could read - you & Charlie have a karmic bond/marriage, which had been slashed with the Pages swords, or conversely, needs nurturing. May be a business arragement, eg manager which could go 1 of 2 ways - nurture or slash.

    Phew! I'm most interested to hear some feedback on this, see how close or way off I am.

    I'll let you go there, that's heaps to take in I'm sure:-)

    So...........What do you reckon about meeting someone online dating site? Yay/Nay?

    Love & Hugs XXXX

  • P.S. Have fun with Mr London:-)XXX

  • Andrea OMG

    You are soooo gifted. You nailed it witch woman. I am more than impressed. Yes he and I have a work play intellectual spiritual relationship. He is as good a knower as i am. You are right about everything. We are in a difficult place with our friendship, yes we are friends only. I dont want to lose the relationship as i believe the world will suffer, as our work together is beyond magical. So i will take your advice and nurture the relationship. Yes I am self successful. Bravo for knowing that too. Yes half the people who know of me, listen carefully to what my big antenna says. The other half think that I am looney.

    As per your dating difficulties, no worries. I think that you should try e harmony. I know quite a few wonderful people who have met their mate through this venue. couldn't hurt. Still dont have an address from you, so that i may send you your runes and other fun witchy stuff.

    Hope you had a great experience on the tour. Met a guy there did you?

    Good night sister from down under

    we will meet i am sure of it

    blessings my dear


  • Hello Andrea

    Is all well with you? Feel like you are on a small holiday?

    I am sure you are busy and that is why i have not heard from you.

    Not much going on here. Busy busy busy at work, and busy busy being a spiritual counselor. This site keeps deleating our posts. shame.

    keep in touch witchy girl.



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