Dear Twinsoul, WitchWoman here:-)

  • I assure you, this behavior will end. I promise.

    My daughter is now 25, college grad, lives with her college sweetie Mike. Best of all she is becoming quite the rage in the american music scene and is going on tour with THE JAZZ GREATS of the WORLD in August. Imagine that. She is also the nicest person I have ever known. If i only were half the woman she has turned out to be....

    So no worries dearie. This too shall pass.

    By the way I am not a TV star,lol. I just was on one of those talk show things. OMG I look so fat on TV, a real pig and i was wearing a pink suit to make matters worse. lol Wow digital film puts on 25 lbs. wish they had told me that in November when they invited me to do this. Perhaps i might have eaten one hundred less christmas cookies. Jeeez.

    have a lovely day



  • You would think, Surely, with all the technology abounding today, someone would have devised film that actually Removes 25 pounds, now Really! Perhaps that's where my fortune lies, hmm...:-)

    I have no doubt that Em will be a fantastic young woman, once we get passed this hiccough. Fortunately, her grades aren't affected from so much missed school because she's smart, however it's off to High School next year, and I'm very concerned.

    She is kind and exceptionally sensitive, and it does her head in why other kids are besties today, but not tomorrow. I think that's a Fabulous idea about making her "Miss Popular" - bit manipulative, but everyones a winner hey!:-)

    About 2 yrs ago, after another episode of car bonet surfing, hanging off the window wipers, hysterical face glaring in at me (glaring, because I was laughing hysterically), we went off to Dr Simone, child psychologist. There were a few other issues then, like giving me a running commentary of every thought going through her head, having to cart around certain items, checking locks, irrational fears eg what if there are robbers in the roof at night that crash in on us? etc. Dr's diagnosis - OC. Her sessions were Very helpful in helping Em & I to understand her behaviour & get a grip on it. If it pops up now, she knows what it is and has coping strategies to draw on. Yey.

    As for the school issue, I had not long sent her to the Steiner school where picking on wasn't addressed, because of "we're all lovely friends, here" mentality.So, Em refused to go, but said she'd like to go back to her old school. I had removed her during a feral spell, but seeing as certain families had moved on, I sent her back. Her teacher is great with her, takes an understaning but firm line, is encouraging and positive. And they address bullying. I had to laugh when I read about your wailing banshee girl. Dr's etc have never been a problem, it's just school. Drives me nuts. I could just grab hold of that pony tail some days..:-) It's so nice to know that you too had the experience and Jazzgirl emerged:-) I was down the street yeasterday with my truant girlchile, and we sat down at the mall, right in front of the "mall kids" - you know, the ones that are meant to be in school. Em was wanting to know what I was thinking sitting down in front of the naughty kids who weren't at school, smoking & mucking about. Then the penny dropped and she got the point.

    We have school hols here soon for 2 wks - good opportunity for Em to 'raise her profile' .Thanks for the pointer and reassurance that your uncooperative caterwalling girl turned out fabulous:-)

    Love her to bits but she drives me insane!


  • Forgot to add - she is a bit overweight, which we are addressing together. This does colour her view of how she 'thinks' she is viewed by other children. We have been involved in the Mend program for about 6 mths now - a UK healthy lifestyle program run locally for overweight 7-12yo.

    Em is very polite to adults, friendly and cooperative generally. Apart from the school aspect.

    Her friends like coming to our place and they have a great time together, usually.

    Her grades are average for her age/year level, but she is capable of far more. Just flying by the seat of her pants at the moment, due to missing most of this term. Apart from her refusal, appendix came out a few weeks ago, she thought it Wonderful to Have to miss so much school.Little minx:-)

    Oh - so I'm not alone then with having to get the teacher to help coax her out of the car!lol


  • witchwoman andrea my dear friend

    all mothers want to strangle their kids. oc, big deal! poor dear apendix out. OUCH. Em lol, our plot thickens, my daughter's name is Rem. Too much. Anyway if you speak to me in Aussie english i lose half of it, so stick in a glossary of

    Psychic hat on now says em is a great kid. Very talented in art and quite the actress. Lets boost up her talents through after school lessons. Hmmm she can sing as well. Do you have Weight Watchers down in aussie land. Adolescent girls love that diet plan. No sugar or wheat for em, she has low level allergies to these things which can cause behavior issues.

    i am home after a boring conference and grand humiliation with my fat arse in a pink suit, looked just like miss piggy. Delightful!

    Do you know a guy named Dave? his name keeps coming up for me concerning you and your life.

    anyway we have known each other for centuries.

    You are an old soul.

    You are a talented psychic

    why do you call yourself a witch?

    nitee my dear friend, my eyes are heavy, dont like hotels. lol I keep wondering who slept in the bed before me? speaking of oc.



  • Was meant to be WitchyWoman, as some of my friends have called me that & Em, because of studying naturopathy & making up witchy brews:-)

    Yes indeed, Em is a natural actress, sings like Alicia Keys, has the moves girlfriend:-)

    She has had lessons on & off over the years, highly dependant on my income at the time. Most of my employment has been as an integration aide (teacher's aide) for the last 7 yrs, and my income fluctuates so much as it's dependant on government funding. I am waiting to have an interview next week at a local high school. I'm trying to not pin all my hopes on it to solve my current financial issues, however, it will make life a whole world easier if I'm successful.

    Point being, Em can have her singing & dancing lessons I've been promising her for over a year. I'm not at all surprised that you picked up her talent; it's such a huge part of who she is - always belting it out & dancing around.

    The OC thing doesn't worry me as such; I reckon everyones a bit OC. I know I am! Don't DARE come to my house & not wash your hands after the loo or Look Out!!!(wasn't refering to you:-)

    Isn't it funny how we can think something is a fabulous idea, then after the fact, wonder "what on EARTH was I thinking???" (re:pink suit) I'm sure it wasn't that bad, you're too hard on yourself:-)

    Hmm, Dave hey? I shall be keeping my eyes & ears peeled for him:-) Hope he's a nice Dave. I went to pay a parking fine at the Sherrif's Office the other day & would you believe, there was a Warrant out for my Arrest!!! It appears that I didn't pay an old freeway toll fine 3 years ago. So I've been a fugitive:-) Options - 4 days jail, community service (rubbish, public toilets, eew) or $400 due July. Fortunately, down at the courthouse I got served by a very nice man who played along with my cheeky references to "Sing low, sweet chariot" & told me I'd have to rip up railway lines in a chain gang. Sometimes under pressure, I get a bit silly and it all comes pouring out beyond my control (due to ascending sun & moon in Saggitarius I'm sure). I'm guessing you're a Sag if your icon is any indication?

    Anyways, I took the $400 July option.

    Can you believe, you have a Rem & I an Em? Amazing. And they're musical. Are you?

    I played the violin in an orchestra for 8 years, havent played for over a year but I'm planning on a revival this year. Taught piano & violin too. I had a bit of a 'music meltdown' 18mths ago & gave it all away.But I think it's time...Em isn't really drawn to an instrument. What about Rem?

    You know, as much as I'm So excited and looking forward to my psychic abilities taking off, it's so hard to imagine or believe it's true. & certainly don't consider myself to be a talented psychic. Can you explain to me why you think that? I want so much to remember past lives. Maybe one day I will be able to fill you in on who you were back in 'those days'. Perhaps you were Peter's sister & we were sister-in-laws?

    Anyhoo, I bet it's wonderful to be home after that boring, old conference. Have a great rest in your own bed & I look forward to chatting later.


  • hi there Andrea

    sorry for the delay in my reply,crazy busy at work. People go a bit coo coo when the seasons change.

    Whats up with you, my dear friend from the other side of the world. Not much doing here. It has been raining for days, and im am feeling a bit soggy.

    Do you know what dimentional leaping is?

    I would like to teach you.

    It is great and it really works.

    How is Em . How is the morning hood surfing?

    BTW Em can get free voice lessons on youtube. Check it out.



  • hi there cyber friend,

    Never heard of dimentional leaping, I googled it and all that came up were 1 site explaining Einstein's theory which lost me after the first sentence, and other physics sites - didn't bother. My elevator music went on. I think I'll take you up on your offer and allow you teach me:-)

    I started a thread "Can someone tell me about runes please" or something like that. One lady had replied and given me a little insight. I'm hoping to buy some this weekend.

    Another thread I started was "can someone tell me about the akashic records please" and that is really bumping along. If you get an opportunity in your hectic schedule, I'd love for you to post. I'm sure you would have lots of interesting insights to add.

    If I may ask, I'm a bit concerned about getting a job at the moment. There is a position at a local high school as an aide I have applied for. Without ant promises, one of the interviewing panel has indicated that it's likely I will get it, however the process seems to be taking so long. I may have an interview tomorrow(24th). Do you feel that this is the job for me, or am I pinning my hopes on this job instead of looking elsewhere? I would sure appreciate a bit of insight into this matter as I'm starting to feel overwhelmed by the uncertainty.

    Thanks my friend, hugsX

    Youtube unavailable as I can only afford dial-up internet, better that nothing!

    Em went to school today with minimum fuss & had agood day, yey!

  • Hey there,

    Update - Silly me didn't fill in the online Education Department job application....Therefore, I didn't qualify for an interview. Bugga.

    The guy Mat that I've been corresponding to in relation to the job said he was really disappointed, because he was fairly sure I would have got the job. HE'S disappointed!!!

    Shame they couldn't have told me 2 weeks ago when I submitted it. Damned computers! You would think they could have just asked me the questions that I somehow missed.

    Oh well, I'm trying to assure myself that something better will eventuate from my blunder.

    I'm a busy girl at the moment, brewing up a herbal preperation for my assignment. Making a beeswax ointment for my poor cracked foot, with almond oil infused with caledula, chickweed & lavender.

    Maybe I'll just stay at home, concocting all manner of potions & salves. and sell my wares at the local markets.

    How is your hectic schedule treating you? I don't know how you fit in your 80hr+ workload a week, and still find the time to listen to to all my rantings:-)

    Look forward to hearing from you,

    Love & hugs,


  • hi there dear Andrea

    so sorry to hear about the blunder with the dept of education. go in there and complain and tell them that not everyone has a computer and they are predudicing you because you cannot afford a cable line. Go ON, make a fuss and you will get the job. No Yelling just use your witchy wiles.

    YES YES YES sell your witches brew at local markets you will start a nice company and make lots of money. Yes do it !!!!

    I can help you from here, my family is in that business ( huge co ) largest in the world, ah how the plot thickens. Any advice on anything , i can have for you in 24 hrs.

    Remember the Nads lady? she's from Austrralia.

    dimentional leaping.

    close your eyes and imagine yourself walking up he most beautiful path that leads to your home. Keep doing it until the vision is crystal clear and nothing in the environment that you are visualizing changes. Every plant and every flower remains the same, each bit of moss between the paving stones is the same. Really be there. thats step one.

    Work beckons and Im still in pjs

    much love

    little sister from down under




  • Working on the vision, but my mind's eye keeps racing ahead to inside the house where I can see the kitchen, lounge & my room quite clearly. The front porch is clear as well, complete with my cat Gertrude curled up on a wicker couch:-) Currently working on backing up to the gate and path which are a bit hazy.

    I've saw an even better job advertised in yesterday's papar - sessional teacher at the local tertiary institute working with the disabled, which is what I already do, however the houly rate is excellent. Triple the rate of that other dumb job 🙂

    I have an assignment (herbal preparation) due tomorrow, but once it's complete, I shall be applying for this position & quadruply checking this new application to ensure I haven't omitted crucial information. Perhaps it was a blessing I mucked up the other job application after all.

    So your family is in the business of witchy brews, hey? Amazing. Em & I are on 2 weeks holidays now, so I was planning to entertain ourselves with making a start on our market endeavour. Em's so excited - she's been busily researching all manner of lip gloss recipes on the net, passing over the ones that don't use entirely natural ingredients & meet her high standards. I've just got to source some local little glass pots, and we're in business:-)

    Your last post was very encouraging in regards to selling our wares at local markets. I'm a little apprehensive to invest money in ingredients and jars if it's not going to be to our advantage.

    Sorry to nag, but just to check I've got this right, your guides can foresee that I will make a worthwhile profit from selling witchy brews at my local markets?

    Hope you are well and life is good, look forward to hearing from you

    Warm friendship:-)


  • darling brew mistress

    yes, my family not me, is in the pharmaceutical business. spoke to them on your account, their advice is to make something that fulfills a need. so lip gloss is prob not the best idea.

    Their advice

    Stuff for cracked heels

    anti-aging creams

    hand cream

    eye cream

    under eye cream

    baby products are huge especially

    diaper rash creme

    stuff to keep baby quiet

    seeing your room is great. now look for yourself. you will be there. you shoulde appear as your most beautiful self. Ask one question to your other self ( doppelganger ). something easy like how do I ........

    let me know how things go.

    Are you doing your runes?

    happy easter, happy passover happy happy happy



  • I finished making a cracked heel ointment with beeswax, almond oil infused with calendula & chicweed and lavender essential oil. I have had osoriasis & cracked painful skin on my left foot for over 20 yrs. I am hoping this will improve things (got recipe from a successful clinical trial), if so , I shall go into production. The other thing was a lavender/clover chest rub, & anuke honey/red onion/star anise cough syrup. So much research, hours! Em wants to make lipgloss for her friends:-)

    Thanks for the advice!

    This house I'm envisioning is really quite amazing and each time I 'visit', new lays reveal themself. I can't wait to go look for myself, how exciting!

    As 'coincidence' should have it, I was chatting to Michael last night, and he was encouraging me to look at myself laying in bed last noght. I had Em next to me, and Gertrude my cat. I could see them from a hovering above view, but when I looked at myself, I just got a glimps before it felt as though I swung back to the laying in bed (reality) perspective. He kept getting me to practice it, so I tried focussing on the girls, then when I felt I was able to hold them in focus, I gradually let the boarders of my view to broaden out to include me. I could hold this for a few seconds, to which I felt Michael was pleased with for now, but urged me to keep practicing.

    How's that! I was a little confused as to why he was teaching me this, as it seemed beside the point of what I was talking to him about. Perhaps he was preparing me to be able to look at myself in my "home", dimentionally speaking:-)

    As for runes, both shops were out of stock but getting more in next week. I am planning to have a bit of an internet study next week, as I have plenty of work to focus on until then, and really can't afford a book at the mo. However...looking forward to it:-)

    Have a safe & happy Easter/Passover/Mabon


  • My sister of the spirit from the other side of the world

    i am so proud of your progress with Michael. YAY

    the astral experience was outstanding. Keep traveling to your home

    on the other side, it is lovely isn't it.

    I have a cat also, his name is Robert.

    I would love to send you a gift of runes, somehow for your own safety encode

    your address into one of our correspondences. I would love for them to be from me. Also do you have an appropriate tarot deck?

    Dont be shy about this as if our situations were reversed am sure you would do the same for me.

    Of course the package will have my return address on it. I now trust that you are not a lunatic and will respect my privacy. Just promise me that this is so anyway

    as i tend to be somewhat naive, and I trust easily and then, BOOM.

    Runes are quite easy and freakishly accurate, They were my first foray into hands on divination.

    I have always had a huge antenna , i was born with that. But tools help to sharpen what we already extinctively know.

    As an aside, when you astral project always look down at your hear shakra, and make sure the silver or gold cord is connected to your physical body. k sweetie.

    Off to work.

    Have a wonderful day,



  • sorry meant to write " heart shakra" not hear shakra or chakra however....

  • Hello there my friend!

    No, I'm not a lunatic, however I'm sure many think of me as a bit of a nut:-) Not in a scarey way though!lol

    What a wonderful offer you have made - I would sure love to receive a gift of runes from you; that would be an amazing privilege and a very special link between us:-)

    & yes, I do feel a bit shy about accepting your generosity, but I've been conciously working on accepting gifts, however they may present, with grace and gratitude. Up until not so long ago, I would habitually knock back people's offers of help or assistance or gifts, as I thought it rude or somehow 'putting them out'. I've come to realise and although it's been a hard habit to break, that it's actually rude to refuse a geniune gift or generosity sometimes (not always!) So, having said all that, I would be honoured to accept your kind and thoughtful offer of runes thankyou my soul-sister:-)

    Thank you!X

    Oh- I promise not to betray your trust in me by behaving in an uncool fashion:-)

    As for my tarot deck, I bought a Juliet Sharman-Burke deck about a year ago which also came with a book, explaining the origins of tarot, the suits and card meanings. It took a little while to become acustomed to this deck, but now I feel I have learnt a lot from these cards, & can read them okay. I guess I've used this deck to learn, so I've become used to them.

    Astral travelling hey - well I guess that's what it is, although I never thought of it in those words!

    I have been practicing, 'looking' at myself which is really a bit of a strain. Hard to hold the focus of keeping my image before me, as the natural tendency is to slip back in to the viewpoint of my body, rather than be looking at it. I have been laying on the couch going into that inbetween conciousness phase, asking for assistance in being able to focus. I don't feel I have made much progress yet, but I spose everything comes with practice.

    Is the cord actually meant to be attached from heart chakra to heart chakra and is this like an add-on feature I can visualise, or should I just be seeing it there without conjuring it up?

    My 'house' is a very rustic and beautiful homey home, I have yet to have a meaningful encounter with 'myself', more just like a sensing that I'm there and a bit of a glimpse really. I'll try not to be disheartened with either of these practices and persist. I'm very impatient and want everything with minimal effort Now! thank you very much:-) Something else to work on, lol!

    I'm really looking forward to working with runes, they are brand new to me although I have always had a curiosty. I wonder how easily they will come to me and I'd love to know if my Swedish ancestry will have any bearing - like body-cell memory, encoded DNA or even a past life memory...

    Speaking of which, I was thinking earlier, if we were part of the Jesus entourage, surely this Passover time would have been an occasion to remember! I recently read Sylvia Browne's book the Mystical life of Jesus, or something like that, where she recounts what Jesus' life was Really like - his 'lost' years studying in India & other lands learning their mystical arts, and what Really happened during His trial, crucifiction & faked death, so He could be safely whisked off to France with Mary & Joseph of Arimithea and lived a lond, fulfilled life with Mary as his wife, teaching and healing and - raising a family. All very interesting, in fact, I'm going to at least re-read those particular chapters this weekend, and see if anything comes back to me.

    Would love to hear your viewpoint!

    Also, I started a new thread re: Akashic records a week or two ago, to which there has been a very good response. In fact, I mentioned to Angelreader how 'someone' advised me to read the Temple book, so she ran out and bought it, has explained a little and will share more of what it's about once digested. I'm sure everyone would love your views if you're so inclined:-)

    Anyways, looking forward to hearing from you,

    Love and warm friendship:-)


  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • hello my dear friend

    how are you it has been a while, our mail is being scrutinized by the Admin, prob for our own good, and your mail address was blocked. the last three post i sent to you were deleted by them also. BIG BROTHER>>>>> Any way think of another way i can send these things over to you as they dont want us to be in contact with each other any place else but here.

    Until we figure this out, please do a tarot reading for me. im going to give you an easy one to begin with and then they will become harder as we go along K?

    MY Question for this reading:

    What is my relationship with Charlie?

    Real psychics are familiar with the books interpretation of the cards, but never use the book during a reading. Each card will give you certain impressions and visions when you see them. No book, just impressions and visions. Dont care which cards are pulled, just write me a story, tell me what you see, all of it. first impression is right. i could give a #### if you are correct or not this is an exercise in antenna stretching.

    hope the weather is a lovely there as it is here. wait a minute, isnt our spring , your fall and our winter your summer? That always confused me? which months are your winter, spring, summer and fall. For instance, the month of July is summer over here and it is very hot. what season is the month of july in Australia? Ok so i missed that part of geography in grade school. lol


    and blessings


  • Hello there my elusive friend!

    So that solves the mystery - I was scrathching my head yesterday when I finally got one of your posts then it vanished! I managed to jot down your email address first though ...:-)

    I've been busy writing boring unit descriptors for a new permaculture (sustainable living) course I'm on the committee for and just started last month. Nearly done, yey.

    That's an exciting little project you've given me. Charlie, hey. As soon as I read that, the 6 Swords popped straight into my head. When I've got a quiet moment later tonight I'll definately get onto that task and post my findings. I must admit, fear of being wrong and looking so 'try hard' was there, until I read your assurance of it not mattering whether or not I'm accurate as it's an exercise, and this is what I need to build confidence and learn to trust 1st impressions without editing. Thank you for this opportunity:-)

    As far as seasons go - yep, seasons are vise-versa. Winter in June, July, August. It's Autumn here or Fall as you guys call it. My favourite time of year. I hate the heat, I really shut down. Sweating, flies, spiders, snakes, feeling blobby and having to reveal white celulite is not my idea of a good time:-) I'm all irritable too; no fun at all.

    Cooler weather is So much nicer; I love the way Gertude snuggles into a really tight Gertrude-ball, and it's so nice to warm yourself infront of a fire or heater (or someone else is even better).

    I love beautiful days with the leaves changing colour; when it's lovely in the sun but there's a slight crispness & coolness in the air. While my friends are moaning about it being cold, I'm in my element. I also get the feeling that I'm far more in tune when it's cooler too, almost like I'm close to discovering something; I feel enthusiastic about applying myself to life, but spiritual matters/practices in particular. I get the feeling I was a witchywoman in Europe/England at some time, and this weather appeals to me because that was the environment I was most productive & content in. However, I'm also partial to inclement weather; raining, overcast...Mmmm, time to get cosy and I don't feel the pressure to perform either - no ones particularly active, so I think that allows me to relax and therefore 'get on with it' as well. Spring's good too, however I spoil it for myself dreading the humidity that's a few weeks away...

    I'm sure you're enthralled by my weather preferences, most interesting reading:-)

    Easter time was spent alone with my computer and unit guides. Sounds as though you had a busy time catching up with family, from what I can remember of the last post I read before they rudely deleted it. Sticky noses:-)

    I shall get on with my tasks and your reading,

    Lovely to hear from youX

  • ah yes my dear andrea

    the plot thickens even further, as in my new book, i am writing about permaculture as the newest desired way of life. Oh My my,my,my.....

    Six of sword huh? And what does that card mean to you?

    I am so swamped at work, the office was standing room only....

    so much to do:

    finish book

    begin the veggie garden

    start to write syllabus for new course I am teaching

    Can you see auric fields yet. Start with plants, look at them and past them at the same time, tell me what you see.

    Cant wait for my reading from you

    How is Em doing.

    Rem is 25 and whiney this week. So glad she works in my office on her down time from being a rock star lol. I think i will pay her not to come in tomorrow. lol.

    Has that guy come into your life yet? I feel you coupling soon. Yay?

    blessings and xxxxx


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