Dear Twinsoul, WitchWoman here:-)

  • My Dear Twinsoul,

    Hello there! Thank you for 'returning my call' & I'm so honoured that you have invited me to start a new thread for my cyber crash course in manifesting and fine tuning that aerial!

    All of this kind of talk is very familiar from a theoretical point of view, however I could really benefit from some personal direction here.

    And I am VERY interested and curious about your feeling that we are in the same soul group and know each other quite well from home - I feel like I'm on the verge of remembering something significant but can't quite without a little prompt from someone, like when something is on the tip of your tongue.

    I would love to hear anything you can relay to me about our relationship, home, other people from there or here that are also in our soul group, other lives that we have crossed paths in, whatever!

    I feel like I have been on a search for my 'family' my whole life, and after 5 years of IVF, my 11yo daughter Emily is the only one who has surfaced. Hence, I would be delighted to have soul family connections, so thank you from the bottom of my heart for reaching out to me; please understand that this is very significant and a very emotionally charged personal issue for me.

    So looking forward to hearing from you, warm friendship and hugs


  • hi andrea

    found you, thanks for the cyber road map. i do believe that we live on opposite ends of the earth. i am in the new york city area, and i believe that you live in australia. i would love to tell you my real name, but i cant because of my very visible day job.

    The first thing i want you to realize is that all of this is science, not magic. Quantum physics. Have you read the book, or seen the dvd, "what the bleep"? If not may i suggest that you do.

    Where are we from? Most of the time we reside in the fourth dimension. That is what most people refer to as heaven. We use 100% of our intelligence there. In the third dimension,earth, we use less than 10% of our intelligence. so basically we are a bunch of blithering idiiots,lol.

    time to shower and hurry off to work. blessings and have a great day. One question at a time K. Scrolling up and down makes me dizzy, lol really. so glad to help you navigate this loonie place

    xx and blessings


    ps what we call a soul group in the third dimension, is actually those of us from the same neighborhood in the 4th dimention. we probably are friends, coworkers and neighbors over there.

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Thanks so much for replying to my thread. I am indeed in Australia - Ballarat is an hour NW of Melbourne.

    "What the Bleep?" & "Down the Rabbit Hole" are 2 dvd's that have been on my list for quite some time, however now that you have suggested it, I shall endeavour to track them down next pay - Already tried the dvd rental shop to no avail.

    I'm not really that familiar with Quantum physics, other than it is the scientific explanation/theory behind freaky stuff:-)

    Question - I feel ever so slightly that I am either becoming more intuitive/psychic or just more aware of my intuition (if that makes sense!). Can you tell me if it will just skyrocket one day - like hearing my guides, doing readings - I get a sense sometimes about some people or events, but I really want to be a lot clearer, and also, if I'm on the right track.

    Hope I haven't made you too dizzy!

    Really looking forward to getting to know you, thanks so much


  • Andrea

    hi there, of course you are an amazing psychic. If you were not I would not give you my time. Not that i dont want to help everyone i can, but i work 80 hrs a week at my day job. ARUUGGGHHHH. Yes you have a huge antenna.

    A few questions for you?

    Did anything happen to make your mom really sad and upset while she was pregnant with you?

    When you were a little girl was there a big upheaval in your family.

    How correct is your intuition about situations for others?

    Do you feel as if someone is standing behind you, and when you look around noone is there.

  • oops pressed the post button

    have a lovely and magical day, glad we met. I have never done anything like this before, speaking to people on line or haveing cyber friends, i feel that this is something good.

    do you have snow where you live , i know zippo about the land down under. probably will never get there either, as a plane ride that long would freak me

    love and blessings


  • Hello there again!

    I really do appreciate you taking the time out of your busy schedule to give me some of it, as many others on your threads have also expressed. It is very generous of you:-)

    Was my mum upset while she was pregnant with me?

    • I imagine bleeding for the 1st 6mths and being pressured the whole time to abort from the doctors - I don't know about my dad - would have been a little upsetting:-)

    When I was little, I remember my mum being 'sick' a lot, and not being allowed to 'bother' her, as she was 'resting'.- I suspect she was very depressed and feined a lot of illnesses to get the break & attention she needed. I remember having to be very 'good' & 'quite', as my parents ran a funeral parlour from home & had a lot of the public coming in to arrange funerals. My pop (mum's dad) also died when I was about 2, whose loving, warm presence I remember, in fact, I sense him with me sometimes. Imagination/wishful thinking? Perhaps some of your friends may be in the know:-)

    My intuition for others is pretty good. It's often my own situations that fear sets in & I stop trusting or the waters are muddied.

    When I was little, I liked having my bed against the wall to sleep, because the sense of someone there was too distracting to sleep - no matter which way I turned, it still felt like someone was behind me! When I get that now, I conciously think that it is my angel/guide there protecting me and supporting me.

    Where I am in Aust, we are in a drought, and Summer weather of really hot & sticky days have just ended. Fortunately, it has been raining really heavily here, not so fortunate for those not on a hill like me, as their houses have been flooded. And Queensland & parts of NSW have flooded badly too. One extreme to another. In Winter, Ballarat is known as a cold, rainy and sometimes a snowing place, but I haven't seen snow here for a few years. Ballarat is an old gold mining town and Sovereign Hill, a tourist attraction, is like an old gold mining town of the 1850's, pretty much behind my house. If you google it, it will give you an idea of Ballarat.

    I have an idea of New York from telly, if thats anything to go by! Somewhere I've always wanted to visit is the NE - NY, Maine, Vermont, Massachusettes (?). I think I may have been a pioneer or a Salem witch, perhaps:-)

    Anyhoo, must dash to work myself (special needs adult literacy & numeracy).

    Wishing you too a fabulous & magical day,


  • Hi there andrea

    good morning (my time )

    Yes your in utero experience with your mother bleeding for 6 mos, confirms that your pineal gland hyper developed . The fetus always tries to save itself and the mother during a time of stress for the mother. The fetus does this by excreting endorphins and other fancy chemicals back into the blood stream of the mother, hoping to calm her and save her. The fetus does this by allowing their brain to grow larger than most other babes, especially the pineal gland. This expresses itself in life of the child as being very bright and intuitive AND PSYCHIC. Those of us who use more of our brains, because of the chemical stimulation inutero, have the ability to "see " through the dimensional veils than others with normal brains.

    Now for the kicker. I too am very involved with mentally challenged adults. It is a part of my daily life. lol The population you deal with sounds very high functioning.

    blessings and have a great and magical tomorrow



  • Well isn't that interesting regarding the inutero babes...I have wondered if I lost a twin during mum's bleeding. I remember being very young and 'missing' another little girl and longing for a sister to keep me company. I would 'pretend' that she was there with me and play with her. And then feel lonely and sad because I was alone.

    I have never heard anything about this phenomonom before about foetus' brains secreting hormones/chemicals to self-preserve by calming the mother. Very interesting and makes sense. I have heard about the pineal gland being related to psychic development/awareness.

    I am also studying to be a naturopath, so I find the biological aspect of psychic ability, plus what you mentioned about metaphysics all very interesting.

    So how's that for a coincidence, hey?!!! Just amazing that we both work with specicial needs adults! The folk I work with are very high functioning; a few live independently and have a carer call by each day to assist, but a few still live at home with their families. I never dreamt I would be teaching literacy to this group of funny, kind hearted people; I have learnt so much from them and they always make me laugh & smile.

    I would be so interested for you to tell me more about what you think about us belonging to the same soul group - do you have any impressions or memeories you can share? Such as our relationship in past lives - friends, partners, family members; era, culture, country, dimentional plane - whatever. I have a burning curiosity and hunger to know about past lives and how it all impacts on this one.

    Be SO interesting to hear what you have to say, and see if it triggers a memory or recognition in me.

    Look forward to hearing form you - you too have a fabulous and magical day,


  • Can you please tell me if your guides can relay a linear time frame for how much longer I have to do this on my own? I'm not sure how much longer I can keep all these balls in the air; a little insight may just give me that extra boost to keep going.

    I can't express my thanks enough, warm friendship and blessings to you,


  • hi andrea

    i can give you your psychic answer today, but have to wait for the weekend to write to you about our past connections, and thus tell you how we know eachother. work has me SWAMPED my day job is not with the disabled, i volunteer as an advocate for those who cannot help themselves. Many times this population is abandoned by their families, they need help with medical decisions. thats where i come in.

    guess what dearie i am an nd and a phd lol the plot thickens i was a single mom for a looooong time. what doesn't kill you makes you stronger. promise. yes you will have a mate, just when you wont really need one. life on earth, a real tough ride



  • Hello there cyber friend,

    Pardon my ignorance, but is the phd a dr of medicine? Not sure about nd. Maybe diff terminology here. Sounds like you have a tough job, but I'm sure highly rewarding at times. The world could do with more souls like your good self, going out to battle & supporting the less fortunate.

    I have found withe the passage of time that I am indeed stronger, just going through a "fortifying through the fires of adversity" stage I'm guessing at the mo. Again.

    So am I to decipher that I will get a mate when I'm beyond having more children and a wealthy Lady of the Manor?lol...No really, I feel a deep sense of loneliness at times and yearn for a mate to share my life, dreams, body&soul with. It's not a matter of financial security, although that would surely help to free up my brain with this perpetual juggling act and share the load- Together with a partner, in the true sense of the word. I'm sure I don't need to write an essay on my longing for a sense of family and the intrinsic need to feel the touch of someone you love.Sigh...

    Anyway, enough of my yearnings..I eagerly look forward to hearing from you and discovering our past connections.

    Have a fabulous & joy filled day,


  • dear andrea

    AH so the plot thickens ND is doctor of naturopathic medicine. PhD stands for doctor of philosophy, highest degree they give out in america. That degree is in psychology. I know that the people in my sould group have all volunteered to come to eath at this time to help those through the great transitions our earth is beginning to go through. It is going to be a very difficult time, for those with little antennas, so we will be here to help guide them.We dont come to earth often. My last incarnation was at the time of Jesus. These trips to earth are always trying and exhausting. good night my cyber friend. will write tomorrow.



  • Hello there,

    Well, how is that! I did hazard a guess that nd was perhaps naturopathic doctor, but I thought that surely that would be too much of a "coincidence".

    This "trip" is indeed trying and exhausting; I often think that I'm just not cut out for the challenge. But having found other like minded friends such as you on this site, has indeed been a blessing. I have found recently I am somewhat short on friends, I have no family other than my mum who lives in Tasmania. Apart from the geogaphical distance, we are worlds apart in our outlook and beliefs. Although it has been difficult not having a support system, I have put it down to the fact that there just doesn't seem to be many people about to have these dicussions with. I'm so glad I have been guided to this site to be assured that I'm not alone-it's almost like a secret club, but it's on the world wide web for all to see!lol:-)

    Things seem to be falling into place as far as making sense of the spirit world, past lives, guides, etc. I have this strong desire to 'know' much more and am so excited to hear what it's all about, where I fit into the scheme of things, why I'm here, what my role is, how can I connect with my guides. I want to know it all now! I'm very impatient, it's like when you know something that's not quite coming to you - it's on the tip of your tongue. When I was little, I used to wonder if perhaps we were living simutaneous lives in another time or world that we just couldn't remember. I have since read that we are not limited by linear time. What's your understanding of this concept?

    Why do you think we've made this connection at this moment of time?

    Questions, questions!

    I so look forward to hearing from you and gaining more understanding.

    Another question for you if I may-will I be successful in hearing without from my guides soon & can you tell me who they are?

    I'm sorry if this is all too much and making you dizzy:-)

    (((((((((((((((((hugs))))))))))))))))) X

  • hi andrea

    so many questions, i love how inquisitive you are. Your guides are with you always right now you have six of them, but the amount varies depending on the situation that you are in. I do not know who they are because i have to go into an altered state to talk to them, and then i wont be able to

    It is difficult to be friends with just regular people ( those without spiritual knowledge ). I have hundreds of aquaintences and 6 dear friends who are on a similar path to mine.

    Start keeping a journal of your spiritual knowing. anytime you get a spiritual thought write it down.

    Why have you chosen to live in the area that you do. You would have a better chance of meeting like minded people if you lived closer to a city. There is a group in the US called the Metaphysical society, look them up on the internet, maybe there is a branch on the other side of the world.

    I am sorry that you dont share a like mind with your mum. surprise, neither do I. My mom thinks that i am cracked.

    In the mean time, Read Linda Goodmans Moon signs, if you haven't already done so.

    Have you read any of Sylvia Browns books? She's a bit commercial, but her guides tell her things that i know are true. Read her books about The Otherside, dont remember exact titles, right now. You need a fundamental basis of knowledge before we get into the meat of things.

    I know that you are so special. do you read cards or give any type of readings yet. Dearie, if you dont mind me asking, how old are you.

    I am leaving for a week long seminar in my field tomorrow. I will check in, I will be so busy, so ill just say hi, till i return home .

    again best if you ask me one question at a time, however chit chat, can be as long as you wish. i also love to gab about anything from kids to cooking.

    blessings my dear


  • How special YOU are!:-)

    I have read Sylvia's book titled "The Mystical Life of Jesus" just recently and devoured it. I ound it SO very interesting, I just knew there was more to the story. I feel emotionally tied to him, not in a churchy Christian sense, but like I knew him or of him or perhapswas an Essene at the time. I think I may have been a woman then. I found it interesting that you said your last life was then - can you tell me if I was indeed there and if we knew each other & how we were connected to him if I was, that is?

    I will leave my questioning there, for now as I don't want to wear you out:-)

    I've read a number of Doreen Virtue and Diana Cooper's books, but they don't seem to be satisying my thirst for knowledge anymore - not to be arrogant, but they seem a bit kindegarten now. Angel cards are vaguely interesting, but I'm desperate for deeper knowledge. I googled What the Bleep & downloaded the first four chapters which were very interesting and still digesting them.

    I am 38, 39 on the 31st August. I have been fooling around with tarot cards for about a year or so now, and although I have given a few readings which were fairly accurate to someone I met on the forum, I'm not overly confident as yet, but it's building. I seem to go through weeks where I can't leave them alone, and then dry spells where I'm not very interested.

    6 guides, hey? How very interesting. Would love to know more if I ould only fine tune this confounded aerial:-)

    Have a fabulous time away, and I look forward to hearing from you when you find the time my lovely friend:-)


  • andrea, omg you have got to be kidding,

    Yes we knew eachother then ( you freaked me out because you do know ). Not too easy to freak me out, congrats you have done it. I believe you were a woman then, as we are now. Yes you were the wife of Peter. We did travel to visit the Essenes. OMG OMG OMG My dearest sister, how the heck did you end up on the other side of the world. Be a quick study, we have so much work to do. hahahha. I"m freaked out. Start reading Runes. Then go back to tarot. Read Sylvia, write down all of the things your knowing tells you.

    At 40 is when your antenna will open up more, until then, study , study , study. I can't fn' believe this. Holy C--P. sorry to be cursing like a fishwife but, so happy to find you, even more.

    blessings my dearest sister of the spirit

    off for coctails with friends



  • Peter's wife? What the...Does that explain why I consider him to be a bumbling, loudmouth fool?LOL!!! Seriously though, I've always rolled my eyes in regards to Peter, presuming it's the Peter with the cock crowing three times & the "no I"M the greatest disciple..."

    Peter. & the jealous of Mary Magdelene Peter.

    I don't know how much of my view is prejudiced from reading Da Vinci Code and other accounts regarding Peter's dislike of Mary, a mere woman. Also, I was a Jehovah's Witness for 11 years - if you're not familiar, (you'll probably tell me next that you were too:-)) JW's study the Bible a LOT, individually & in study groups. I wasn't raised this way, I was just searching for "the truth" about God & Jesus, as I felt a connection from a very young age. I was disfellowshipped - fell in love & 'knew' a worldly man, April 2004. I was treated like a whore & trashy after that, as well as foolish & naiive to believe that God would be showing me any favour, as he would have 'withdrawn his spirit' from me, clearly. Other witnesses were no longer allowed to associate or speak with me, as I may have corrupted them. So reading about Peter's disdain for Mary strikes a nerve in me. If this is true, and not just a theory.

    Funny you should mention Runes, they have been on my mind lately. And my father's mother's father (my great grandfather) was Swedish, so the whole Viking thing appeals to me. I did wonder if it would actually come quickly to me as I was told by Soapmaker, that I did indeed have a life as a Viking woman. Interesting...

    I had to laugh when you referred to yourself as a fishwife...that would be ME wouldn't it?(as in Peter's wife:-)

    So who were YOU in all this & how disd we know each other - Martha perhaps?:-)

    Enjoy your cocktails Soul SisterXXX

  • andrea

    quick note. im am so late and im going to be on the tele this am. I look like a pile of cow poop, and obviously i'm procrastinating. JW, my opinion, be grateful they threw you out. any religion that contains RULES other than " be really wonderful to one another and the earth " is full of poo. Peter, did not like that Mary was smarter than he. Bit of a chauvanist and jealous of the Magdalines mystical talents. He was an ok guy, Scriptures have been written and rewitten over the years. Remember Jesus and the gang were Jewish. Jewish women were not allowed to participate in intellectual studies. Peter was offeneded by Jesus' inclusion of women, that's all. Mary shoved Peter down a notch in the pecking order so he was pissed and bratty. You were also of great intellect, and he kept you stifeled, but not really, we spent alot of time together talking and writing. You loved Peter, he was just pissy.

    I do not know who i was. so frustrating....

    must go now, learn your runes my dear sister

    blessings for a happy day



  • Well, now you're a tv star - is nothn' you can't do?:-)

    Hope that went okay for you.

    Peter, hey? That's a bit hard to get my head around. I'm surprised that I was part of the scene, in fact, I reckon I may have gone to France as part of the entourage after He was "crucified". When I read about His death at that time being a hoax to slip off to France with Mary & co, I felt a big "Yes! That's right" in my gut, it made sense & really resonated with me.

    But Peter stayed behind in Jerusalem and got Christianity cranking., according to Sylvia Brown if I remember correctly, so it's likely his wife would have remained with him. Unless we visited or were kept posted, so that's why it feels right.

    How very interesting. Reading about the mystical Jesus , was like a veil being lifted - well DUH! What did everyone think His miracles & prophecy were! It just made the whole psychic thing completely obvious when I viewed Jesus from another angle. I KNEW there was more to it, the whole church scene never resonated with me, (strangely, since I couldn't stay away from 12yo). And I have since read a lot about the scriptures being rewritten to suit men at the time for political/status gains, which I knew, but had been programed to never doubt they were God's word. Yeah, they did do me a big favour, I have grown so much since then; I would never have had the strength or ability to do otherwise. I feel as though my years there served me well in some aspects, however it really was time to go - I had outgrown the mindset and needed to expand. Funnily enough, I didn't want to be disfellowshipped, but I see it now as a natural progression and an honour really, that I was ready to 'go out on my own' so to speak.

    I have started another thread asking our forum friends for any info/experiences they have had with runes and I've had a read on the net. I'm working on an assignment at the mo, so once that's done, I'll start my rune education:-)

    I have a problem I would like to share with you, from the perspective of one mum (mom) to another, and also hoping you may have some psychic insight you woudn't mind sharing with me.

    My daughter 11yo Emily (5 June 98, 2:53am) hates school, sobs in the morning, is miserable with the whole idea. It's not an academic issue, she just can't cope with her friends being friends today, maybe tomorrow, maybe not, or I could be someone else's friend & ignore you altogether. I have taken her to a child psychologist before with limited success, her teachers are very kind & understanding, and are currently organising school system counselling help. I just don't know what to do, she is sorry for the fuss it is causing, but swears she can't help it and would rather be sick in hospital than have to go. It's so hard to know how to handle it; I've tried different approaches and even a different school for a time (worse!).

    Are your guides able to talk to her guides and pass on something for me to work with please?

    Any little insight would be a help at this stage.

    Thank you my friend,


  • Hi Andrea,

    Ah yes, another similarity. My daughter had the IDENTICAL issue when she was young. She would cry hysterically all morning, scream in the car on the way to school and then refuse to get out of the car. Daily the headmaster would have to come to the car and almost drag her out.

    School girls of that age are fickle and cruel. Your daughter is sensitive and kind. One day a girl will be your daughter's be friend, the next she will turn the class against her.

    Sooooo, what to do. I am now putting on my day job cap.

    Firstly my dear sister from down under, IT WILL PASS

    Sending her to psychologists just blows smoke on her behavior and makes her justified in her actions. She will grow up thinking that there is something wrong with her. Too many children are brought into my office for behavior issues.

    How does your daughter behave around other people ?

    Is she of normal weight and appearance?

    Is she on par with her school work?

    So funny, I really can help you guys with this. So i will take off my spirit hat for our next few correspondances and we will get through this together.

    Just to make you feel much better. As I mentioned before my daughter was a child who hated school. In all my years on this earth, I have never met a more crazy child than my own. she would scream and howl in the waiting room of the dentist, doctor,you name it. She was full of fears and anxiety with no known cause. This behavior lasted until high school. In high school she was a total pain in the bum. She was impossible with doing her school work, her grades were not up to her capabilities. If you ask her now about her high school years, she will tell you that she had none because she was grounded the entire time,lol. She went to college. She majored in her sorority and beer. She met Michael. She graduated. she and Mike now live together, and are very happy.

    She was and still is a very sensitive person, which is wonderful. She is 25 now, is a musician, about to go on tour with the The Jazz Greats Of the World Tour. She was just IMPOSSIBLE as a child, half the time she tore my heart out with her hysterics and tears, and the other half of the time I just wanted to pull that pony tail right off of her head!!!

    She has morphed into a wonderful and very successful woman. It will happen to you.

    At home , when your daughter behaves badly , yes it is a behavior issue, like an hysterical nut job, say " I am sorry you feel this way and i understand". THAT's IT ! Nothing else, no hugs, no comfort, you are conditioning her to recieve love for displaying hysterical behavior.

    Make her the most popular girl in school. Have a party for her friends. Host sleepovers. Make her classmates look forward to the next event that she will host. They dont have to be expensive things, just really fun. Have jewelry making parties. Bake off contests. Host a beauty pageant sleep over. Females always want to be included in the event of the month. Her classmates will be afraid to put her off because they will lose their invitation. she will become the most popular girl in school.

    Your daughter does not have to earn these parties with good behavior. The good behavior should follow acceptence into the peer group. However, her studies must not suffer. work before play keeps poverty away,lol.

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