Need help with this dream!!

  • I really need someone to help interpret this dream that i had last night. I get the feeling that this dream is trying to tell me something but im not sure what it is!! Here goes.... i was back in my old blue house that i used to live in and i was in the backyard. I was reading this big black book telling me that i was going to be murderd many times. When i closed the book a man comes from behind and stabs me in the back, the back of my head and then he carves out my right eye! in the dream i felt myself floating away from my body but instead i stayed alive and so i went back inside the house and ran in the room that i used to sleep in. My room looked different...the window was facing north where in real life that window is actually on the east side, anyways my bed was under that window and i was hiding from the man that killed me because i felt he knew that i was still alive. Then i saw the mans shadow peeking thru that window. i ran out and went back to the backyard again. Then i woke up. I fell back asleep and the dream continued.... i was still in the backyard and i went to knock on the back door and then this chinese woman with black hair and white clothes opened the door and she was crying.... she told me i will be safe if i just stay inside the house. i went inside and there was the man that killed me. i remember he had on a black robe with black top hat with a white jewish star upside down on the middle of his hat. i ran outside jumped this iron gate and i hid myself behind this red fern and that was the end of it. i appreciate any help that i can get and am open to anything anyone has to say. i feel this is a very negative dream.... please help me!!!

  • this dream is not so negative, just scary because of all the dark symbolism. Your survival in the dream means a lot on a positive note. The dream is trying to get you to see a pattern you have of self defeating thoughts--you can imagine the worst and worry a lot and must be careful that your worries don't become self fullfilled by the laws of attraction. The old house represents a past way of thinking so could be you are leaving this fase of your life behind. Have you been more positive thinking conciese? Or reading help books a lot. Often when we are really on a positive upswing sudden negative looking dreams surprise us but aren't always so much as about the future as much as a realization of our past mistakes. It seems like you are reflecting on how you selsabotaged yourself in the past and have been realing telling yourself you've had enough of that and lately you are feeling energetic about moving forward in a positive way like never before. You had trust issues in the past--trusting in relationships and in yourself but you have working on that. Spirit says stay positive. Trust yourself.

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  • thank you so much blmoon! i really appericiate it. i believe you are right because i have moved into a different phase of my life where positive things and people are surrounding me. its that when i had this dream it caught me off guard. i had forgotten to mention another part of that dream where when i was reading the big black book it told me that someone with a green hat was also going to kill me. and i understood that as someone that is envious of me for whatever reason was going to back stab me. in a way i thought that this dream had something to do with karma. maybe some kind of undue karma that is going to start its cycle again and my positive thinking will move me into the right path where as if i let that bad karma come back and i start doing the same old bad patterns that i used to do it will just bring me back down.... but i like your idea better! once again, thank you so much for help. i know that dreams are constantly trying to tell us something that our conscious mind cant comprehend!

  • The added detail does go along with what I pick up. As much as we want to move forward and succeed there is that underlieing fear of the unknown that comes--that if we are too happy or too successful people will not like us always--it's harder to make everybody happy when we live our truth. People do get jeoulouse and then you have to deal with confrontation and it is this fear of the unknown that comes with entering a different phase in our life. It is comman to have at least one scary dream after a positive leap and it can startle because we let our fear worry it might be a warning. The realy good telling part of the dream was you always escaped. Blessings.

  • PS--The backstabbing image has a double meaning--the one part being the fear of success and the other is the warning to not let this fear lead you back into selfsabotaging behaviour--kind of like stabbing yourself in your own back. Spirit says your fear of confrontation will be fine and you will begin to look at sticky situations with holding your ground will suddenly seem more like oportunitys to get better at it. You are ready to temper your emotions and not let your mind race ahead and think the worse. Remember--even when people confront you in a offensive way if you don't react from your emotions and think the worse you can often convince the person overreacting to change their energy.

  • blmoon thank u for your understanding. from what i now know i must forward in my life with positive thinking and without fear. ever since i was a little girl ive always felt that i have a guardian angel by my side constantly. im also practicing my tarot cards to improve my intuition so hopefully that goes well!

    may love and peace move you in your life! Amen! 🙂

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