Help with dream

  • i was standing on a cliff every thing was black and gray other then the man behiend me he was white in the air in front of me apered to be saitan he said come with me the person behiend me said do not go he is lieing to you at that i took his hand and we went over the clif he then let go i said to him why did you lie to me he said i did not this is how it must be one must die first i told him ok as i was falling i then woke up

  • Hi Birddog!

    This is actually a good dream, very courageous, even if it seemed a little scary. Satan represents your inner fears and the person behind you is your self, worried about being "lied to". Your subconcious wants to "leap off the cliff & let go" of your fears, but you are worried that you may "die" if you do.

    Telling " Satan" okay and letting go means whatever fears you have right now, letting go of them will make everything better. Sometimes, we have to "die" to live!

  • haveing to die to live was my thought i need to listen to things like that more there is a lot things i have had happen that i ignored that use to scare me thay do not any more twice now i have had spirts contacact me for help and i did not .i wish i would have , one keep contacting when i drove by a wooded area for allmost 3 yrs then one day on my way home thay had the road closed thay found the body of a man in that spot he had ben there for almost 3 yrs thay said

  • Birddog,

    Yup, you already had the answer ... sometimes we just need a little help to affirm what we think so we can trust ourselves more in the future.

    We've all been there : ( Put the guilt away over the fact you haven't listened in the past. Forgive yourself for that, we're all human and learn as we go. Just try to be aware from here forward ... Its all anyone can do.

    May you find peace & joy going forward!

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