Hanswolfgang please guide me

  • i feel deep love and attachment to F. we see eachother every month or so for the past 5 years. he is the most brilliant person i have ever met. we can talk for hours, have similar interests, etc. our physical attraction is huge, as is our laughter together. we have never had sex, as i dont take it lightly. i need to know how he feels about me, and what our future relationship will be. me dec 6 1956 midnight new york city. he feb 2 1966 11:48 pm new york city

    thank you

  • I need to know how he feels about me: he feels like a child, being playful and spontaneous in the here and now.

    and what our future relationship will be: your suppressed natural being will manifest itself in the form of material desires and sexxual compulsions. It takes possession of you, but your thirst will never be quenched, because you are not living your true greatness.

    me dec 6 1956 midnight new york city: That means a union or partnership in work or friendship. The partnerships will be ones where you and the other person actually spend time doing things together, whether it be work or things such as hiking, exercising, camping, biking or other sports.

    You will be feeling the need for others in your life and as such will likely attract someone with whom you can have a pleasant friendship or working relationship. The key to success is cooperation. Close relationships always require a bit of give and take for success.

    This is such a pleasant influence that you may be inclined to sit back, enjoy it and do nothing. However, this is really a very important time in your life because you can reach out into new areas of life and have new and rewarding experiences. Your creative potential is enormous at this time, and you can very easily accomplish a great deal that would be difficult at other times. Your inner energies are strong, and you are full of self-confidence and the feeling that you can do anything.

    This influence usually indicates good health and a feeling of well-being, although you may be inclined to put on weight if you are not careful. You may not feel inclined toward physical activity, but it would be a good idea to get some exercise. Make a particular effort to be outdoors. Hiking is a very beneficial activity at this time.

    If you are inclined to physical activity, especially athletics, don't take foolish risks through overconfidence. This influence tends to make you overestimate your energies.

    This is an excellent time for all financial matters. You will feel like making your surroundings appear more elegant, and you may spend quite a lot of money doing so. This is perfectly fine, and you should think positively in all ways, but don't let this concern with material acquisition blind you to some very real possibilities for inner growth.

    Travel, either physically or mentally, often accompanies this influence. Take this time to broaden your understanding of the world around you. You have a strong interest in ideas that are different from what you normally know and encounter, and you are much more tolerant of different ways of living. Even people's usually irritating traits do not bother you at this time. Also your sense of humor is much greater than usual, and you can appreciate the dance of life in all its glory.

    Give up.

  • Thank you Hanswolfgang for you guidance and insight. I do not understand what your last statement meant. " Give up "? If you could explain this i would be grateful.

    thank you for your generosity


  • I do not understand what your last statement meant. " Give up "? If you could explain this i would be grateful: Do not envy other who seem to have more than you. You have all what you need.

    When you are born you are born only with the potential to exist, to survive, not with the art of making life a joy, a bliss, a celebration. That art has to be learned.

  • thank you, Hanswolfgang your insights have inspired me.


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