Has Pisces a been detached/different or just weird latley?

  • Has a pisces been different or weird to you lately? If so what are their moon in?

  • My mother and sister are Pisces and they have been fighting like cats and dogs lately. But then they are always a bit flaky. One is Pisces/Aries and the other is Pisces/Taurus.

  • I can tell you about myself, if it will help. I have a Capricorn moon and Capricorn Ascendant (but it is so late that it could be Aquarious Ascendant) I have No othe planets in Pisces. Lately I feel horribly overwhelmed. Almost frozen. Standing in a sea of issues, I cry a lot because I feel there is so much conflict and confusion. I feel like nothing I do gets me anywhere so why am I trying.

  • Marias1224,

    Yes! My husband is a Pisces/Aries and has been weirder than his normal weirdness, LOL ! He seems to be looking for an arguement where none exists and somehow stressed. I've been chalking it up to planetary alignments and him sensing different energies. None of which he will acknowledge, of course!

    I'm curious --- why do you ask?

  • I am a picses and do not know my birthtime. I do know that no matter what I am greatly affected by the moon. I am an empath so the emotional part is just compounded. This moon cycle seemed to hold a lot and I found myself just by myself and could break down in tears and then be ok a few minutes later.

  • Well I am a Pisces. Moon in Leo, Ascending in Capricorn.

    And I GUESS I have been acting a little more stranger than usual lately....

    My ex even stated in my my myspace truthbox: "I wonder what made your brain explode...."


    But I also haven't been getting much sleep, so who knows what my problem is!

  • Hi everyone, I am new to the forum. I am a Pisces with moon in Leo, I can be fine and then out of nowhere in tears moments later all is okay. I can not get enough sleep, I feel like my emotions are on a roller coaster and can not figure it out it has been like this for the last week or so. If anyone has the answer or can help explain it would really help.


  • hey, thanks for answering Laie4. I asked because my pisces friend has been acting very strange lately. I cant help but to take it personally so, I am wondering if this is just happening to other Pisces in general. I don't know why hes acting strange, just know he is.

  • It is definitely something in the moon. You fish have been extra perceptive lately. Hopefully what ever it is, it will pass soon. Have any of you pisces been avoiding talking to certain people too?

  • It is definitely something in the moon. You fish have been extra perceptive lately. Hopefully what ever it is, it will pass soon. Have any of you pisces been avoiding talking to certain people too?

  • Hi im a pisces and i dont know my birth time either. I have been different lately. I am in the process of getting divorced with my husband. For the first time ever in my life i havent been crazy over calling or talking to my husband. I usually cry the whole night or even the whole day, and i couldnt get through a day without talking or calling my x husband. I am avoiding him. its been three weeks and its an accomplishment i must say. I get more sleep these days too and ive been very strong on my decisions lately. I feel so different.

  • wow, this is very interesting. My boyfriend is a pisces and he has been very stressed and kind of down lately. I know its because of job stress. When he's like this, I let him know that I'm there for him when he wants to talk. I try to not to press him and to give him his space. But then he'll complain that I don't care about him, etc.... Sometimes I don't know what to do.

    When he complains, I give him love and attention and then he's fine. I just chalk it up to moodiness and try not to take it personally.

    Pisces, is this the best way to deal with you when your like this?

  • I am a Pisces with my moon in Taurus and Leo Rising. Boy; this week has been hell! The ups and downs are similar to the roller coaster of emotions I had as a teenager (and I am now in my mid-forties). I thought it was just a really bad boyfriend thing! I wish I had found this forum sooner--I feel better already. And to those of you who are in relationships with Pisceans, bless you. Leonessa has it right. Hug us, love us, and keep your shield handy. We do understand our duality and really appreciate those of you who just make an effort..........unlike the really bad boyfriend. (who is moving out by 4/1 btw šŸ™‚ )

  • OMG this is SO WEIRD. I thought that this past week was supposed to be a winner for romance with PISCES but look at all these Pisceans in emotional messes. It must be the Moon or something like that. I am also in the end stages of a divorce like noafeb21. I was doing okay until something upset me earlier in the week and I had to call him in tears. TOld him I couldn't deal with taking care of the house all by myself and he could have the house and the kids. I just wanted to leave. I really needed him to help me out. He drop off my youngest little girl at the house and just drove away. Wouldn't even listen to me. I contemplated doing myself in. I only have about 3 or 4good friends do I wrote them all letters intending to put them in the mailbox. I wrote a couple of emails. All I had to do was hit SEND. I have also been very sad because my one friend that live near did not make his weekly call to me or answer my phone calls to him. This also make me cry. Then I got really upset with my little girl about something stupid and she doesn't deserve that and that made me really cry and wonder if she wouldn't be better off without me. Just a sea of emotions. But at the same time, I seem to be picking up all these other signals from a few other people - like if something is wrong with my friend, I can feel it and it keeps me up at night and it makes me feel so sad.

    Anyway, I was sitting there with this pseudo-suicidlal email message ready to send to my friend but something suddenly came over me that said. "No this isn't right. DOn't do this. It would be too much. He wouldn't be able to deal with it. " So I sent the stupid letter to "draft" and went to bed with my little girl. The next day I got a call from a friend of his returning my call about something. He said he couldn't meet with me about it this weekend mutual friend of theirs had died on Monday and they had to go to the services. It came out that this mutual friend had killed himself (for what reason I do not know) and he left 3 kids (he didn't say anything about a wife). NOW THAT IS WEIRD. I probably would have gotten distracted by something else before I ever got around to figuring out how I was going to kill myself - making my email and letters just a bunch of stupidity anyway. But just the feeling I got that this would be "too much" was clairfied because it would have been "too much. "

    It's been 4 days since I thought about that craziness and now - yes I am sad - but not nearly suicidal. This is all just too weird. I hope it goes away. It must have been the full Moon.

  • turtledust.. im just about to go through divorce.. i havent even started it yet.. but were in the process of doing it.. my husband is not in the same country as i am, i am in europe while hes in asia right now for business... we havent spoken for 3 weeks already, coz i found out he was having an affair with a thai god knows if she was a prostitute or whatever coz they met in this place called pattaya in thailand popularly known as the red district there.. i have a daughter with him and i dont have a job and im going crazy also sometimes when i dont know what to do anymore... we all have problems and since pisceans are way too emotional what i do is i practice yoga.. the breathing calms me down and it helps me stop crying.. i can concentrate more on whats important and what to do. and yes when theres the full moon i do go extremely emotional.. and the feeling sometimes is unbearable.. just find time to talk to your friends who knows how you are.. my bestfriend is a leo and everytime i break down and cry the lionness in her gives me the encouragement to face the problems im dealing with and then id stop crying..

  • Hi Turtledust,

    Being a pisces right know seems as if life has been to much to handle and ending it would be more peaceful, to top it off you are going through a divorce. He may have found someone else, but it wont last long because the grass is not greener on the other side, he will regreat he lost you. I just finished my divorce, it took 5 years. We have 2 daughters which he treated like sh**, treatened their lives, kidnapped their dogs among other things. The girls were with me through out the divorce, I took care of them we had to file every 3 months because he would not pay the mortgage or my alimony. Needless to say I just recently kicked my daughters out because they did not want to follow the rules or pay their own bills and I just bought them each new cars. So I have those thoughts of ending it many many times, but that is what they wants you to feel. I know live by myself, yes it is lonely at times but I do not have to take care of no one but me. They all wanted me to fail and beg to have them come back. I am standing on my own in my mid fourties going back to school and my ex has financial problems an alcoholic, destroyed the business. I have my bad days but I am still going strong. So love yourself, take the bad days and feelings ang know it will make you stronger. No fun intended, but what does not kill you makes you stronger. So never give up, love yourself first, do not let your soon to be ex think he has the upper hand.

  • My partner is a pisces and he's been more attentive, loving and affectionate lately so much more more influences at work that just the sun sign.

  • Just been readings your posts about Pisces and you are all describing me. I am definitaley weirder than I normally am. I just dont know why? I am not sleeping either. Mood changes one extreme to the other. Totally weird. Glad you are all feeling the same.That's all Hope we get better soon !

  • Yes give us as much love and attention as you can. That is the best way to deal with Pisces when we are like this.

  • OH MY!!!...my eldest Daughter is Pisces, she has definitely been more quieter and moody lately...

    I suppose it could be said "weirder" ?....but I don't know her Moon sign is though, she was born 27th February 1969....

    this is interesting topic and I will pass it on to her....

    but hope things get better for all you Pisces very soon, x

    much love and joy to you,


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