Can I get my job back?

  • I know I've been bugging you guys for help to figure out if I should take a job offer and relocate....and a while back the wisdom given to me was once I made my decision the universe would either get behind me or show that it wasn't a good idea. Well I started looking into the relocation and thought it was going well and now every plan I made is unraveling... so I am trying to get my old job back as my supervisor was upset with me and instead of letting me work my notice he asked me to leave right away. Any insight would be very helpful.... thank you! DOB 11/19/1964

  • Actually I am getting the feeling you should try working from home if you can. Ever tried selling on ebay? That just popped into my mind...that you could be very successful at it.

  • Dear Hunnybunz,

    I asked your angels what they have to say about your job situation as well, and they say: "Your direction needs to be based on an intuitive level rather than what your mind "thinks" is a good idea. Just stop. Stop chasing the old job. Stop thinking about all of the unraveling going on in your life, relocation, maybe this, or maybe that. Breathe. Get back in touch with your Divine self because your inner Spirit is who will give you the direction you need at this point in your life. Instead of chasing jobs, why not ask your angels to bring the jobs to you? Can we? Absolutely. BUT, you have to be clear on what your direction even is. We are watching you act like a ping pong ball and know you need our help. You must ask us for our help though. So ask. And listen to the silence for our whispers or for repetitive thoughts that may just "pop" in to your head. That is our guidance for you.

    Why would your Divine guides ever want you to take a job that is wrong for you? We want you to be happy and successful. YOU have free will and YOU are deciding which way to go in your life every single day. The universe is going to continue on its natural rhythms regardless of what you choose to do or not choose to do. Where the universe gets in sync with you is when you pursue your life's purpose and get in touch with your Divine self. Things run smoothly. things fall into place easily. Your life's purpose will always bring you joy and happiness and help the most people. That is the path you need to be on. What brings you joy? What are your God-given gifts that you were born to share with the world? Start there. And ask for our help."

    Whew! That was a long one. Sometimes when I talk to your angels they get quite animated and adamant and just keep talking until they get talked out on the subject matter.

    That is their insight today for you.

    Angel blessings,


  • Thanks so much for the words of wisdom. I have found myself at a more peaceful place since I have given up the idea of relocation. I am trying to quiet the pings of anxiety and panic for now being unemployed with a family who relies on me and financial obligations. Hopefully my guides will speak to me so I can get on track without losing ground. Thanks again it has been very helpful.

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