A voice in the dark

  • Hello, I'm a person who is intuitive, and have been reading tarot cards for myself and a few friends here and there. What i'd like to ask is if anyone has an idea or a sense of whom I heard a couple of times in the night. I was a sleep and awoken by a voice saying mom, in a whisper. I thought it was my daughter but there was nobody there. It happened again months later, the same way but when I started back to sleep I felt a slap on my knee. I'm wondering if it's just a spirit visiting me, or ,what do you think?

  • i think either you are imagining it, or you are dealing with a spirit. i've read about spirits and demonic presences. it is possible. i would call someone to check it out. like presences in your house.

  • Hi Linda,

    I have had similar things happening to me lately. I thought I heard my stepdaughter calling me one time and I heard my husband say my name but he wasn't around. There are other instances like I would hear a loud "thud" upon trying to fall back asleep. I'm not sure if it's another spirit but if it is, I don't feel it's negative. Perhaps, it's trying to communicate something and I'm just too dense to understand right now. But I'm not worried about it all. i used to have these experiences as a child and was never harmed or frightened. Imagination? It's a possibility but I'm pretty sure these instances are real for me.

  • I too have had experiences with a presence or spirit. One did not turn out very well for me and my ex-husband. If you want to know more when you feel it let it know that you know it is in your presence. Believe me though you may not want what you ask for, just because it does not feel bad now does not mean it is good. We acknowledged we knew someone was with us and it turned out to be the worse experience i have ever had. Every night at bed time it would invade the apartment and was not friendly it torchered our cat, dog(the dog is actually the one who helped us to know we had a visitor, there were things with the cat as well but we just thought it was crazy, climbing the walls and hissing and clawing the air) and eventually us to the point we had to move out. On the last moving day it tried to lock my ex-brother -n- law in the laundry room, made a believer out of him(who thought we were crazy). I know this sounds unbelievable, but it was a really horrible and scary experience. I felt other things after this and just ignore them for now until i regain my courage.

  • Hi Linda, Just had a wisdom tooth out, dealing w/that. I think you are dealing w/a spirit. I don't have any experience in this realm, only what I have seen on TV. There are places were these spirits inhabit. I have heard that these spirits will gravitate towards weaker people. I am not saying that you are weak. I do not know what your spiritual beliefs are concerning a higher power etc. I would not try to communicate w/ it. Although, I would pray in the place where it happens and in your home. See what happens. Would you let me know what the outcome is. Thanks.

  • And here I was think I was the only one to hear these things. While it may not be of a danger to you it may be to others. I have a sprit in my home, I call him Michael, he has never done anything other that open and shut doors or turn on the TV, at least when I or my children are around, but we do not have a fear of him (or her). My husband on the other hand has been slapped during the night (no I wasn't sleep slapping) and he cant stay in the house alone. I bless my home every 1st Friday of the month (this comes from my mother, she tells me to do it and so I do) it is strange because I have lived in several states and homes and Michael has been around for years. I too thought I was imagining it but my brother in law stayed over a weekend we were gone and he won't do it again, He swears he heard furniture moveing upstairs, which is normally were he slams doors. Dont fear it, but if it is bothering you find some help with it. Let me know what happens.

  • Hi , thanks for all the responses, I'm sure glad others have had simiar experiences. I'm a firm believer of Jesus Crist and I also believe in the spiritual realm also. and people communicating from the other side, I often receive messages from my mother and sister and of their precence at times,whom have passed over. I'm still always trying to understand how it is all happening, I've always been facinated by the spiritual unknown, since I was 14 and my first card reading from a medium, and more so after an outer body expeience at 23yrs. . I have absolutely no fear of any of the spirits, I will not try and communicate with them. Yes I have prayed in the past for the lord to clean my house of any spirits that were not invited, For I have invited all family spirits here on Dia De Muertos. I guess someone decided to stay....

  • If it hasn't hurt you by now, it probably isn't going to, so I wouldn't really worry about it.

    I work with demons and spirits on a regular basis due to my religious beliefs, and the former wouldn't really bother with that sort of a thing; it a waste of time and energy, no offense intended at all. It might be a spirit, or a ghost... probably a younger one, seeing as how you heard "mom" and slapping someone on the knee seems a bit like something a child would do.

    Personally, I would just tell whatever it is to leave you alone in a polite way, and focus on bolstering up your confidence and personal power. Things usually don't mess with people who are confident and have a certain aura of strength about them. Don't try to "mess" with it, just tell it you would like to be left alone... and then don't take no for an answer. If it continues to act up, treat it as you would a child-- say NO firmly and explain why. It should stop eventually.

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