Need Career Reading Please!

  • I am losing my job at the end of this month and have an opportunity to go back to school. I really would like to do this but I am at crossroads on what field to go into. I have been bouncing between a career in the medical field or the criminal justice field. It will be easier to get into criminal justice but my past hasn't been stellar so I worry about being able to pass a full background check. No convictions but years (decades ago) there were issues and I worry that they may come up. Its also a very negative energy field and I worry that I will absorb too much of the negativity and not be happy. I originally wanted to go into medical but worry that all the programs will be too hard to get into with so many people in my state going back to school for retraining. If I get approved for training, I cannot change my area of study. Can someone please give me a reading and help me figure out what direction to go in?

  • I feel a pull towards the law.

  • Thank you Captain. I know when I look at the classes for a criminal justice career they seem way more appealing to me than the classes for medical. I was a legal secretary/assistant for 10 years so I already have some of the background I would need for this. Thanks for your insight. Much appreciated.

  • I sense in you a strong desire to bring justice to those who are being used and abused.

  • You were mulling over medicine because you also want to give healing to those in need. But you can do better healing your particular way through the law.

  • Ironically enough....I was thinking of going into investigations to prevent people from using and abusing the system. When I worked in the legal field before it used to just depress/anger me to see how many people were sue-happy and willing to take advantage of benefits that they weren't entitled to. But....when researching job options, I was leaning more towards an evidence tech or forensic tech. That would be more in line with helping those that have been used and abused. Thank you again!

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