Hanswolfgang...could I please ask for a reading?

  • Hello Hans,

    I have just been reading some of the posts that you have responded and given readings, I just love the way you conduct them!!

    So if it's ok, could I request a reading from you concerning my home...I'm having a difficult time of things at moment and would love to know if you see me moving in the near future.... I would love any insight and advice you could offer me, I understand if you are unable to do it at this time as you must get so many requests.

    much love and joy to you



  • I'm just giving this a bump...In case Hans misses the thread.



  • Sorry for bumping this again, please forgive me!!...I just need Hans to see it



  • I'm sorry if I'm annoying people on keep bumping this, but I just noticed Hans is on line....I hope you see my request for a reading Hans...

    thank you


  • bump

  • Hi Hans, Im not sure if you miss my post when you come on line or that you would prefer to not do the reading for me, if you dont I will understand, but could you just let me know because I really dont want to get on every ones nerves by keep bumping up my request...

    thank you


  • PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE!!!....could someone just put a little reply for me just to let me know this thread is really here when I bump it....please let me know I'm not imagining I started this topic....lol....

    or Hans really just don't want to do reading for me?, to which I would understand if he doesn't!!....I just would love to know if it's a case of him missing this thread when he's online, I have tried to bump it when I noticed he was on line?....but I would be grateful to him to just write a couple of words and tell me if he doesn't want to do reading for me....

    then I will let this be, and I will stop bumping this thread and getting on peoples nerves

    much love and joy,


  • Denise,

    I really missed that.

    a reading from you concerning my home: it is inviting and welcoming.

    would love to know if you see me moving in the near future: no.

    I would love any insight and advice you could offer me: the only one what remains for you, are your problems. Just wait, it is not your home, it is your problems.

    And you create the spaces. Don't miss! You

    will have to be a little courageous in the beginning, because the old habit is there.

    You will have to

    push yourself against the habit. Try to let everything come out, and once you start

    coming out, the joy of it, the freedom of it, is such

    that you will never hide again. In hiding you are

    living in stale air; in hiding you don't allow the sun

    to reach you, the wind, the rain, to reach you. In

    hiding you don't allow peoples' love to reach you; in

    hiding you are alone, a prisoner of your own fear when

    so many beautiful people are available, when so much is

    possible, where you can have so much contact, warmth,


  • Hello Hans,

    Thank You for replying to me, it means so much!!

    You are so right, I feel I have been in hiding for many many years, and as you said,

    "You will have to push yourself against the habit"....

    I do feel very ridiculous about my fears, I'm worse than a child, why do I feel so scared of my own shadow at night time, I have had this fear of being alone in a house at night time since I was a child, I even remember seeing and hearing myself saying "I will never be able to live on my own!!"... that was about 48 yrs ago, so really, I need to find a way of ridding myself of that childhood fear.....and like you said I need to find some courage, maybe then when I have truly faced my fear I perhaps will move on to a more pleasant home ....

    THANK YOU Hans for saying the things I've needed to hear....I'm SO going to work on coming out of hiding..

    much love, joy and peace to you,



  • Thank you Denise,

    I think I know now, why I missed this thread. As soon you posted the second time in this thread, the thread disappeared from "Topics without replies", so I could not see it any more.

    why do I feel so scared of my own shadow at night time: because you are scared of being alone binding the hearts of others to your heart. Accepting your aloneness would make you feel contented and independent.

    God has heard, your prayer has reached. Rejoice, you are no more alone. Rejoice, you are at home.

  • Hello Hans,

    This was beautiful to hear!!!....I can't thank you enough for all the help you have given me,

    I have even had a pleasant dream for the first time last night in ages, it wasn't full of clutter and mess, thats what my dreams have been like for a while now, everywhere I was it was so messy and untidy, because in my waking life I have a tidy home, this made me feel very anxious in my dreams, but, I think there has been a big shift in my thinking and my mind feels a lot clearer, .....

    It really is a time for me to rejoice!!

    Once again, thank you Hans!!

    Much Love Joy and Blessing to you,



  • If you love deeply, by and by you will become aware

    that your love is becoming more and more meditative. A

    subtle quality of silence is entering in you. Thoughts

    are disappearing, gaps appearing -- silences. You are

    touching your own depth.

    Love makes you meditative if it is on the right lines.

    Meditation makes you loving if it is on the right


  • Hello Hans,

    Please forgive my late reply, I still have a bit of a problem in finding things on here!!....

    what you say about the "Silence" "Thoughts and "Gaps Appearing"....I am getting to know what you mean!!!....I SO WANT to reach the ultimate Meditative State....I feel I'm about to get there....YOU ARE SO RIGHT....in the fact I know I'm on the right lines!!!....I feel VERY ALONE...but certainly NOT lonely...don't get me wrong, I still feel I have a LONG way to go yet, but, my excitement is in knowing I am getting there....



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