Mum's going on holidays in Chile-Should I be worried?

  • Hello there my forum friends,

    On Sunday 7th March, 2010, my mum Margaret (1st November 1943) & her husband Paul

    (27th March 1960), fly out of Launceston, Tasmania to Sydney, to South America, where they will spend a month flying across the continent, and living out of a cruise ship touring up the coast of Chile.

    Given recent natural disasters there, I'm sure you can understand why I'm a little concerned.

    I would greatly appreciate any insights any of you may have.

    Should I feel unsettled as I do?

    Is the nausea I feel when I think of them stuck there intuition or just undue worry because it's my mum?

    Thanking you all in advance, warm friendship:-)


  • Hi Witchwoman,

    My ex husband is South American, but Uruguayan not Chilean. Look from my understanding and my ex in laws have flown there many times, I would say that these people are very friendly and find more joy in life than our culture. These are poor people who have so much less yet seem to have so much more happiness in their lives. The thing I would suggest is to leave jewelery at home, they see a tourist and they see you wearing jewelery it's asking for trouble. And be careful carrying around cash, watch for pickpockets or someone looking to relieve you of your handbag. Apart from that they should be fine. As for the natural disasters, once there has been a major natural disaster, it's usually a while before they have another one.

    I think they will be fine, and think your worry stems from them being your parents. Why don't you ask your clever friend what she feels to put your mind at rest.

    Wenchie 🙂

  • Hey Wenchie,

    Glad to hear from you:-) Thanks for sharing that bit of insight from your own personal experience, I shall pass it on. I was mainly concerned because there was a tsunami there last week off the coast of Chile, and they will be on a cruise ship in that location next week. Call me crazy, but that kinda unsettles me!:-)

    But yes, you're right - I shall ask my clever friend what she thinks:-)

    Warm FriendshipXXX

  • This post is deleted!

  • I agree - they will be fine and have a great time!

  • Soapmaker & Captain,

    Thanks for your reassurance, it means a lot coming from such fine and insightful readers of your calibre:-)

    Warm friendship & cyber hugs,


  • Dear WitchWoman,

    If you still have worries or concerns about your Mum's trip, call on our "chief" Angel of Protection to be with her during every step of her trip. That is Archangel Michael. You can call on him yourself, in whatever way you'd like -- outloud, or even silently in your head. Use your own words, and ask him to be with her, that you have unsettled thoughts about the area she is visiting, and want him to watch over her from the time she leaves to the time she returns. And if you'd like, ask him to ensure a smooth trip for her...that her luggage will be with her and not lost, that her flight will be smooth, that her accommodations will all go smoothly for her, etc. That her vacation will be everything you want it to be for her! Then ask her own angels to be with her as well to watch over her. Yes, you can talk directly to her angels!

    During her trip, if a worry crops up, ask Michael to be with your Mum again and again, as you need to, and cast the worry aside. Have faith and trust he is watching over her. Because he is. As he watches over and protects you.

    Angel blessings to you,


  • Dear Angelreader,

    Thank you for reminding me that we are never alone & always have the angels to speak directly with to reassure us and calm our fears.

    All too often, I forget to speak to them myself - I think it's human nature to not trust our own connection when in fear and seek out someone else to tell us through their connection - strange, us humans; or me at least:-)

    I shall heed your advice and keep Archangel Michael in mind and their own personal angels.

    The thing is, if something dreadful does happen, I will just have to accept that 'dreadful' is my perception, and they must have preplanned it for reasons perhaps not obvious.

    Thanking you for taking the time to share your thoughts and kindness with me,

    Warm friendship and many blessings to you


  • Dear Witchwoman,

    Keep your thoughts positive and full of love as your Mum goes on this trip that she is excited about and looking to enjoy. By bringing Michael in to her side (unbeknownst to Mum of course!), she will be protected and have a safe journey. Don't even entertain "dreadful" in your mind. Just have visions of her having angel wings around her at all times, and ask Michael to be by her side every minute of every day while she is gone...and even back home if you'd like. He can be permanently by her side (and yes yours!). He's remarkable that way!

    Archangel Michael is coming through for me to tell you at this moment "Mum is fine. She is going to have a grand time and you will hear all of her details when she returns home. I am right beside her now and you can relax knowing this is true. Now, go have a cup of tea and add a bit of sweet and reeeeeelaxxxxxxxxxx."


    Michael is quite funny at times as you can see!

    Angel blessings to you AND your Mum!


  • Dear Angelreader,

    Thanks so much for this reassurance, it means a lot that you take the time to share this with me.

    Warm frienship & cyber hugs,


  • Dear WitchWoman,

    Just thinking of you and your Mum. Hope she's having a fabulous time! And my call out to Saint Michael to be with her every day!

    Angel blessings and hugs to you,


  • Hey there Beth,

    Thanks so much for thinking of us, that's so sweet & kind of you my friend:-)

    (((((((((((((((((((((((((((Angel blessings & hugs to you)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  • I'm sure yoiu've all lost interest by now, however I just thought I'd let you all know that Mum & Paul are back home now and did indeed have a wonderful time. They experienced some after trmors in Chile, but nothing too serious, just the bed and windows shaking in the middle of the night, that's all:-)

    Thanks again for all of your reassurance and well wishing, it really means so much:-)

    Warm friendship and blessings


  • hi there

    she will be just fine.


    guess who

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    love ts

  • Dear Witchwoman,

    I'm so thrilled she had a wonderful time. Thanks for letting us know she was safe during her trip -- I had no doubts of course but hope your angels kept reassuring you during her trip.

    Angel blessings,


  • Thanks Girlfriends:-)

    Still waiting for postcards, mind you:-/


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