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  • Hi again!

    First of all thank you for your help last week! I was fortunate enough to get what I had been waiting for and might I add it is the WORST one I have EVER had in my life! Ugh...That being said, I was wondering if we could look at my book a little bit? It's a young adult series..."JADE"...let me know if you need any further detail. Will it go to publication this year and if so can you give me any info on my agent that I query for representation?

    I also just really want to thank (I know you get it a lot) you for being an aide to all of us asking for help! I wish you the best!


    Molly 5/8/72

  • Hmm, I am feeling that there is a problem with the ending - that it will need to be changed in some way to achieve publication.

  • k...I will see what it looks like when I get it back from my editors...Happy Friday to you!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hello Captain.. Although I want to talk to you about a different topic than what you have here I hope you don,t mind see about 2 wks ago you posted about soulmates and i wrote to you there it was such an interesting analogy that you presented to us and I was very interested ..but I failed to give you the question that was concerning me ...Wow any how I have reposted on that page explaining what it is I wanted to know I was on page 1 and am now there again on page 3 I hope you can find the time to answer me. Thank you ............... Leonida

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