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  • Hi,

    I am still in the learning stages of meditation. I suppose you could say that for years. Anyway, tonight I was meditating only briefly and would just like to get your take on what I saw and felt. I saw very distinctly the right eye of a Lion, it was as if sunlight was shown on only part of the face and from the shadows I could see the eye very clearly. For some reason it seemed important for me to take note of which eye it was. Not sure if the lion was male or female. After that I saw vividly brilliant what I would call an indigo blue sort of swirling about in and out of the meditation. Someone told me once blue was healing, not sure if that is true in this case. Lastly I felt like I was being pushed or swaying as if I were standing in the ocean and as waves come to shore you are sort of moved by the waves. Kind of like when you feel the current pulling you to and fro. Anyway, that was it, nothing fantastic no definitive messages......your thoughts would be appreciated.

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  • Dear RCdreamer,

    Just relax and let the images and feelings come and don't try to dissect them and analyze them. They are what they are at this point. Normally, Archangel Michael has a deep blue color to him...though I've been told others see other colors so you can't really go by that. What colors you see may be different than what others see. Meditation helps you relax, it helps quiet your mind and bring you inner peace. All the while focusing on and increasing your deep breathing. This state allows the Divine to enter and give you guidance in whatever way they can. It may be your third eye is beginning to open. You can work on this by asking your angels to come and help you open it more. Again, don't force it. Don't strain. Just let it evolve as it's supposed to.

    Hope this helps!

    Angel blessings,


  • Hi Beth,

    Thanks for your reply to my posting. I don't mean to ask silly questions or push for answers to what others may seem as normal or not overly important. But I'm in a very different place in my life, trying to find my way on a new path, a path that I have no idea what it is, kind of scary really even at my age. I started meditating years back but just as I got into it, life threw me some curves and having a place and time to meditate was no longer available. I'm trying to get back into it now. I very much appreciate the information you shared with me. Like many I can read about this stuff but it seems a whole lot easier to understand when someone who has experienced some of it can explain.

    I suspected the wave like motion might have been a pre-curser of sorts to the spinning I experienced in the past. I guess I'm over analyzing a bit looking for so many answers. You're probably right that I will get more out of it if I just let it come to me. Thanks for the input, I really appreciate it.

  • Vipassana meditation is the best form to learn. There's bound to be a retreat in your area or close by as they are worldwide.

    Retreats are by donation and you get initiated into the meditation through the retreat. It can be intense but very rewarding.

  • RC dreamer you said you experienced spinning in the past. what do you mean by that. when i was a litle girl every night i would lay down to bed before i fell to sleep i would see the room spinning. i never mentioned it really because i thought nothing of it. i wasnt dizzy and it didnt scare me it just was that. but i do remember enjoying it. it was sort of peacful to me. is that similar to what you were talking about? im just trying to figure out if there was a meaning behind what i used to feel. or if it was nothing.

  • ShawnaKS Good question. I'm not so sure the room spinning sensation you describe and my "spinning" are the same thing but allow me to try to explain. It could be perhaps just your perception as a child made it seem like the room was spinning. Anyway, here is my take on it, on my first successful meditation several years ago I did a guided meditation where focus on your breath is the key factor along with stair steps of color, it was by John Edward. As I followed his guiding voice I had the sensation that I myself began to spin in an upward motion but very erratic. I can only describe it as this, imagine you see a helicopter in flight, it has that upward motion on lift off and then suddenly something causes a turbulence of sorts and the helicopter begins to spiral, sort of uncontrollably, lifting and dipping as the pilot tries desperately to regain control and have a smooth flight. That's kind of the sensation I had I was like the helicopter sort of tossing about, trying to hold on to the recliner chair I was lying in at the time. My experience may not be the norm at all. But from speaking with others and reading about it I have been told that the sensation I experienced is in a sense your spirit rising to another a level. Once the spinning kind of got under control then the images of my meditation began to come through.

    I'm learning first hand that those images don't always make any sense, at the time anyway. But I can tell you this in my first successful meditation I saw my uncle. Probably about 20 years before that he had committed suicide. The real reason was never discovered. But in what I saw it was his face coming into focus if you will, he was still an older man, I remember seeing his whiskers as if a few days had gone by and he hadn't shaved and he just seemed to glisten in gold kind of like when sunlight shimmers on something and it takes on a bit of a sparkle. I'll never forget that image. It was definitely a defining moment for me. I knew then I could communicate with "those" no longer of this physical world of ours. Mind you as a human I wanted to hear some profound message. I didn't get one in that way. But I knew that after seeing him he was ok and that meant a lot to me. There were more images but that was the most significant to me at the time. As I came out of the meditation I felt as if I dropped into my chair. Some have described this as an out of body experience. Others just said I lifted my energy to higher level allowing this communication if you will to take place. Either way, I hope to get there again to that level and be that receptive who knows what will come my way. I hope this answers your question.

    If you & I experienced the same thing I can totally relate with your saying it was a peaceful feeling, well for me it was too once I got passed the piloting wobble sensation....LOL

    Let me know how you progress, it's nice to have someone here who is sort of on my level in this experience.

  • I'm just learning also and have seen nothing yet, I heard it takes time, I've been trying for six months. Thanks for sharing.

  • poetic, have patience, it took me a long time to see what I call my first successful meditation. The great reminder I keep getting is "it's not in my time" which I gather means I can't force it because I'm not the one in control of it.

  • Well Spoken RC, I've heard that before and I have to learn to be patient. I'm happy for you! 🙂

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