Please help interpret tarot reading?

  • I am new at tarot cards and would really appreciate some help interpreting this spread ... the Celtic cross spread. These were my cards:

    Card 1 - Significator: Page of Swords

    Card 2 - Crossing card: Ten of Pentacles

    Card 3 - Distant past: Queen of Cups

    Card 4 - Recent past: Page of Wands (reversed)

    Card 5 - Near future: Page of Cups (reversed)

    Card 6 - Outcome of cross: King of Swords

    Card 7 - How I see myself: Two of Cups

    Card 8 - What my environment offers: Six of Pentacles

    Card 9 - Greatest hopes/fears: Nine of Wands (reversed)

    Card 10 - Head of staff: Knight of Swords (reversed)

    Thank you!!!

  • Anybody?

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