Isn't it great!

  • I am thankful for this website for giving me the opportunity to be thankful.

    I have the health to do pretty much anything that I want to do.

    I have a home although not where I want it to be. Home is where I make it for now.

    I have a family and the lessons learned to get that family...

    My son although I am divorced from his father of 16 years, I don't regret the marriage since my son was the greatest gift I could ever receive.

    My new husband for: his love, understanding, patience, kindness, trust, ability to make me laugh, warmth, tenderness, listening, tolerance, acceptance, and most of all being a father and all that that entails to my son.

    My Mom, although she has just recently passed: for teaching me the greatest lesson in life which is love; her words of wisdom; her passion for animals and crafts; her smile.

    My sister and brother whom I hope to get closer to.

    My friends old and new and haven't met yet.

    My 4 cats who: make me laugh, show their love unconditionally, keep me warm, get me out of bed in the morning when I don't always want to.

    My goldfish Robby who shows me tranquility.

    My son's guinea pig Fingers, even though that makes me a grandma pig, he is cute and gives my son pleasure and responsibility.

    There is so, so much more but these are the ones I think of the most often.

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