Lost Wedding Ring2

  • I had posted a while back about losing my wedding ring. I've taken some time to gather myself and let it go. I still have lingering thoughts about it here and there and just really need some closure. If someone could help with that, I'd be grateful. I'd also like a reading as well. Bday is 7/24/1985

  • Hi,

    I know it has been a while since you lost your wedding ring. I hope you have found it now. If not, I do have some suggestions as to where you might locate it:

    In the kitchen? Near the washing pile, washing machine, a water source, near something blue? Middle height or level, near a wall, near a fire or heat source, near something iron or steel, a heating boiler? Near the doorway? Something sharp. Where you spend most of your time? Near steps/stairs?

    Hope this will help. I have located several lost items in the past and would love to know if you find it. I know how important my wedding ring is to me.



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