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  • PLEASE HELP ME! I need to understand how to tune in past the static fuzz. How to get all of this in to a form where like you i can help other people too. i need some validation and if you wouldnt mind helping me understand why I have super sonic hearing, feel every emotion like its full speed all at the same time. I cry about the beauty in the world.. My friends think I sound like Yoda speaking riddles.. Its because of that or I smother everyone around me cuz i love too much. It seems like people either dont appreciate me, they are scared of me or just humor me. Few actually understand me... Can you help me at all please.. I dont have any money.. because i dont know what kind of work i should do and quite frankly i dont fit into society, have voices in my head and am worried about my mental health.. i have severe parinoia.. and a hard time trusting anyone.. im scared all the time, feel like im okay with the visuals i still dont understand what or who they are but their not as scary now. Please anything helps! i would appreciate it immensly!

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  • Flyfreebird, it sounds like you have an over-active 6th chakra, or Third Eye. When the 6th Chakra is over-active or stuck open, confusion and mental fogginess often ensues. In modern times, many of us experience information overload on a continual basis. The onslaught of twenty-four hour news services, millions of websites, screaming cell phones and pagers, and the demands of job and home are enough to cause us existential headaches, never mind actual migraines! Adding spiritual and metaphysical practices to the information overload mix and we become severely “top heavy”.

    You are very much in need of grounding at the moment. When you are 'open' but not grounded to the earth, you can face an onslaught of impressions from everywhere that you cannot deal with or interpret well enough to make sense of them. You need to be anchored to the solid, practical earth.

    The quickest way to get grounded is to take your shoes off and go outside and stand on earth or sand - not concrete. Feel the strong deep power of Mother earth flow up through your feet and into your body. Imagine your spine is stretching down into the core of the earth and attaching itself there, drawing up the grounding energy. What could be more refreshing than walking barefoot through the grass on a warm summer day? Or jumping into a natural river to cool off afterwards? It's also all very grounding.

    Grounding consists of engaging in anything physical. Here are some practical ways to keep the 6th Chakra in check by introducing the elements of Fire, Water, and Earth, as well as the energy of Chakras 1-3:

    •Listen to rock music. The thumping, driving force will energize your lower chakras and ground your energy.

    •Participate in drumming, or listen to tribal, shamanic drumming CD’s. Again, this will help ground the “air headed” energy of the 6th Chakra.

    •Eat “heavy” foods such as meat. While this is anathema to many New Agers, the energy of meat is a grounding force. (If this offends your sensibilities, of course ignore this suggestion.)

    •Invest in body creams, massage oils, shower gels, and bath products. Engaging the senses in this way helps get you out of your head.

    •Exercise, dance, and movement helps distribute top-heavy energy to the rest of your body which helps snap you out of a 6th Chakra fog.

    •Having sex engages the energy of the 2nd Chakra, and will ground you in the experience of physicality.

    •Decorate your home with Earth tones, especially those with autumn overtones, to add Earth energy. (E.g. browns, olive, mustard, taupe etc.) Collect stones and rocks for display.

    •Wear grounding stones and crystals such as Tiger’s Eye, obsidian, hematite, citrine, amber, carnelian and garnet. These stones activate Chakras 1-3.

    •To activate Water energy, rent a sad movie or put yourself in the position to witness the suffering of others. The activation and connection to emotion will help get you out of your head.

    •Decorate your home or office with sea-foam green, sea shells, fountains, pictures of waterscapes, rain sticks, etc. to add Water energy.

    •To add Fire energy, take personal risks and exert your will in the world. Become an active participant in your life. Self esteem, confidence, and personal power are the realm of the 3rd Chakra which is associated with Fire.

    •Decorate your home with fiery reds, brilliant oranges, and sunny yellows to introduce Fire energy. Pictures and accessories featuring the Sun add Fire energy, as does candles and lighting.

    Good luck! If you need any more help, don't hesitate to ask here.

    From Janet Boyer's website.

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