The Lost Zodiac Part Two

  • I am expanding here on the previous Lost Zodiac post with more information concerning each sign, for anyone interested.

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  • December 29 - January 13:

    LYRA, the lyre of the great musician, Orpheus - Those born under Orpheus are romantics through and through, with their own vision of beauty and perfection, and they are quite happy to spend hours alone in their private inner world. But they are supremely able to put into words, or art, or music, the beauty of their vision, for the Lyre is the most imaginative and creative of the signs. When they do, like Orpheus, they often strike a universal chord which makes them fascinating to other people, for there can be something magical about them; a touch of other-worldly glamour which ensures that they will never lack friends or admirers.

    Their imagination is their greatest strength and their greatest weakness, though, for the real world often fails to live up to their expectations, and they have a tendency to turn their back on life and hide behind their dreams. Because of this, they can, at times, appear aloof, and even cold. But they are not cold-hearted. It is simply that, when they are bound up with what they are creating or with some dream of happiness that lies just beyond their reach, they hardly seem to notice other people. When they are not building castles in the air, however, they are loyal friends and lovers, with a lot of sympathy to offer, for, like Orpheus who journeyed to the Underworld, they understand the highs and lows of love. When they fall in love, they believe it is forever, but their idealized vision of life can make it hard for them to live in the here and now. Where love is concerned they sometimes find it easier to say goodbye than to admit that life is not a fairy tale. That would be too ordinary and boring, which is their greatest fear. Better to retain a perfect image of the beloved, all shortcomings forgotten, than to compromise it with reality. And no one will find it easy to live up to this image, at least not for a long while.

    As time goes by, however, and Orpheans learn to accept life as it really is, no one has more to offer to the world than they do. They find real happiness when they can light a candle, instead of complaining of the dark, using their creative gifts to inspire others, for their salvation lies in using their potential in the real world. The Lyre, of course, like all the signs, shows its influence in many different ways, some of which may be found on closer examination of the myth. Sometimes, those born under Orpheus have not yet found the creative artist in themselves and live life vicariously through others, seeking out creative people as their friends. Or it may be Orpheus's great affinity with nature and with animals which shows most strongly. What those bom under this star all share, however, is a longing for a more beautiful and better world, and they can be found in any field where ideals can be put into practice. Politics and social work, for instance, can be the path they choose, but whichever one it is, like Orpheus, the 'Bringer of Culture', they work to make the worId a better place.

    Compatibiity: Chiron the Wise Centaur, The Ship of the Argonauts, The Swan, The Dolphin, and The River of Night.

  • January 14 - January 28:

    Aquila, the EAGLE - Those born under Aquila are usually extremely clever people. Mentally, they have twenty/twenty vision, and are endowed with greater intellectual powers than others. The lightning speed with which they grasp the meaning of a concept, or a situation, is often the envy of slower, more pragmatic signs, and, to see them in action is to watch a dazzling tour de force. This can make them disdainful - for being such noble creatures, they are also proud. They may ignore you - for eagles never hawk at flies - but on the other hand, they will never pick on someone weaker than themselves without good reason. They are, at heart, generous and they will choose the role of champion, rather than persecutor, of the weak. They prefer a challenge and would far rather take on someone stronger, than waste their time on those who can't compete.

    However, if you have - or are - something that they want, they will swoop down, for they can be ruthless in pursuit of their ambitions. And they are ambitious. The Eagle's great gift - and desire - is to soar up to the highest heaven, and when they set their sights on something, they usually succeed. When they are in a light-hearted mood, romantic conquest and intrigue also come quite high on their agenda. Like Zeus, they often have a roving eye, and the thrill of the chase gives them a great deal of pleasure. Because they know, instinctively, that confidence is attractive, they often feign indifference just before swooping down on their unsuspecting prey. But their indifference can, too easily, become genuine, once they have won the prize in what to them is often just a game.

    They have a deeper and more passionate side, however. When they meet someone who lives up to their expectations, which does not happen very often, no one is more loyal. Flirtatious they may be, but they are also capable of the grandest passions, for, beneath a proud exterior, their feelings are fiery and intense, and it is often through relationships that the Eagle is transformed. For, although they may have a reputation for being fearless, Eagles are also capable of being afraid. Seeing the world so much in terms of predator and prey, of conquest and defeat, they can attribute unfriendly motives where there are none, and can become insecure or paranoid. Intellectually, they may be in a class apart, but emotionally they need as much loving care as anyone else. Asking for tea and sympathy is not their style, but they appreciate true kindness when it comes along, and are capable of great warmth and loyalty in return, for a vulnerable side softens their bold nature and makes them much more compassionate. For all their mental brilliance, it is through their feelings that they learn about true values, and so come into their own. For the Eagle is a symbol not only of the intellect, but of the spirit, and their real goal is to overcome their baser side. When young, they can be both proud and ruthless, but, like the eagle which soars up into the 'fiery region' and then plunges deep into the sea to be reborn, they are able to transform themselves and can rise to greater heights than any other sign.

    Once they have risen above the storm clouds, into the clear blue sky, they are gentler and kinder, and, because they no longer see life as a battlefield, their relationships with others become easier and more fulfilling. Then, like Garuda, the Indian eagle with his magic draught of inspiration, they can set about enlightening others, and championing the weak. They can often be found fighting for a just cause, or exposing and combating evil and oppression. No one in their right mind takes on an Eagle, while to have one on your side is, in short, to win the day. Career-wise, Eagles excel at all pursuits which involve the use of their intelligence, their curiosity and their keen sight, like teaching or research, but, because they usually dislike routine, they are happier when they are working for themselves. Of all the signs, they make the best lawyers and detectives: just as there is nothing they cannot explain, there is also nothing they cannot find out, once they are on the trail. And Eagles do not easily give up.

    Compatibility: Pegasus, Perseus, and The Serpent.

  • January 29 - February 8:

    Delphinus, the DOLPHIN - It is hard to find fault with a dolphin. That goes not only for the real dolphins, but for those born under the ancient symbol of philanthropy, the Dolphin in the stars. It is, in many ways, the perfect sign, although even those born under it have their problems, and there is always a quality about them which sets them apart. The first thing you notice about them is how friendly and direct they are with everyone. It is always the Dolphin who picks up that someone is embarrassed or uneasy: they seem to have a sixth sense which tells them instantly how other people feel. With their humour and playfulness - and their sympathy - they are able to make those around them unwind and relax, and they never use their almost telepathic powers to take advantage of others. Dolphins are not manipulative people, and they have no time for those who are - a characteristic they can divine, however well it is disguised. When they are young, however, and inexperienced, they can find other people's motives hard to comprehend, and, even when they have learned more about the world, they can, at times, be too naive and trusting.

    Their lack of aggression can belie their strength, which is in fact tremendous. When roused to anger, like their namesakes who can dispatch a shark far larger than themselves, they will move in like greased lightning for the kill - but only if the opponent refuses to back down, and really seems to want to fight. Even when they are angry, they are fair, and will avoid a confrontation il they can find another way of dealing with a tricky situation. Dolphins are far more interested in love than war, and love, romance, and flirtation take up a great deal of their time. Sensuous and erotic, as their connection with the voluptuous goddess, Venus, shows, they can appear amoral to more inhibited and straitlaced people, but, in fact, their passionate pursuit of pleasure and their love of fun are always innocent and spontaneous. They are puzzled by the puritanical disapproval which comes their way, as, even if they find it hard to be monogamous, they are never knowingly unkind to friends or lovers.

    They are naturally outgoing and gregarious, and, on the whole, do not like to be alone. They make kind and loving parents, according to the early astrologers, and loyal, considerate friends, but they would rather live in an extended group of people than in a closed one-to-one relationship. They need friendship and feel deprived without it. Nor, if they can help it, will they stick at one thing for long; but even if they spend less time working and more time playing than other signs, their natural intelligence and curiosity usually get them just as far in life as those who work from nine to five. They are creative, and, like most creative people, they prefer to work in fits and starts, but, when the spirit takes them, and their heart is in it - which is usually the case with art or music - they can achieve the goals they set themselves with ease. They are quick learners and can effortlessly master any subject if they try, but a regular routine and a steady job cramps the freedom without which they do not feel alive. Like the dolphins, they would rather live simply and be free, even if that means cutting down on material possessions. If money does fall into their lap, however, they will use it and enjoy it to the full.

    Apart from their great aptitude for music - and for having fun - the Dolphin's greatest gift is helping others, and, like the dolphins who rescued shipwrecked sailors, they excel at, and enjoy, playing the role of guide and saviour to both friends and strangers. The Dolphins' unerring instinct for the feelings of others makes them particularly kind and sensitive. It seems that, like the dolphins who have recently befriended swimmers, they are often able to buoy up others just by their presence. The ancient Greeks, as we have seen, worshipped the dolphin as the carrier of the Divine Child, the symbol of new life, and their high spirits, their straightforward generosity and their desire to help, can, it seems, bring new life and hope to those who really need them.

    But, being so telepathic that they soak up the atmosphere around them, can cut both ways. They can quite easily be overwhelmed by other people's moods and find it hard to distinguish between these and their own. When they feel threatened in this way, or if society attempts to tie them down, their natural instinct is to run. Normally so easy to get on with, they can then be very stubborn, for they cannot bear to be subject to restrictions - and this can make it hard for them to come to terms with life in the real world. This independence of spirit is their greatest fault - if it can be called a fault, given that, although they are determined to live life according to a private moral code, they are always kind, and their manners are always of the heart.

    Compatibility: The Eagle, The Crown of the North Wind, The Sea Serpent, The River, The Swan, and The Ship of the Argonauts.

  • February 9 - February 29:

    Cygnus, the SWAN - The noble swan, with its long, arching neck and curving wings, is the most graceful of all birds, and grace - of both body and spirit - is a quality which those born beneath its brilliant summer stars have in plenty. Often, they are also blessed with striking looks, though they do not pay much attention to how others see them, for, flying high above the mundane world, they often seem to be bound up with their own thoughts and dreams. Whatever work they do, they are, at heart, poets and musicians with a great love of beauty - and they are often psychic too. Like the swan, which spends so much of its time gazing down into the river, they are deep, contemplative, unhurried people who are much more interested in what lies beneath the surface of existence than they are in superficial things.

    They are extremely adaptable, however, and they can - and will - play almost any role that is required of them, for they are always eager to please. Sometimes too much so, and, like the Ugly Duckling who did not know it was a swan, and wanted to fit in, they often feel uncertain about who they really are and what they should be doing. Discovering their true selves is the real life-journey of those born beneath the Swan, which not only looks into the depths, but also seems to gaze curiously at its own reflection as it floats across the waters. But they should beware of becoming too self-absorbed.

    Because they are adaptable - or innocent - it can be easy for others to take advantage of them, forcing them into ways of life which do not suit them and which do not allow them to express themselves. It is not so easy to tie them down, though: just when they seem most passive and willing to oblige, they have a knack of disappearing, like Lohengrin, or the mysterious swan-maidens who could transform themselves and vanish without warning. Even when they play the required role, and harmony and peace seem to prevail, there is often a private part of their nature which they keep hidden and which remains untamed. When pushed too far, they will defend their own with surprising ferocity and force. The temptation for them to escape into their dreams can be great, for their dream world is a rich one and - not surprisingly - they prefer the quest for eternal truth and beauty to the tedium of everyday routine.

    Unfortunately, as long as they continue to fly off into their dreams, they do not feel at ease or whole and centred, nor do they receive the response and respect which they deserve. When someone comes along, however, who understands their complex nature and wants to help rather than control them, their wild, swan nature can be humanized and integrated into their daily lives. But it can take time - and patience - for them to trust someone enough to allow them really close. Success comes when the Ugly Duckling knows that it really is a Swan, and learns to use its insight and its vision in this world, instead of taking off into the blue. When Swans manage to achieve this, and so become whole, they probably have more to offer in the way of truth and beauty than almost any other sign - except, perhaps, those born under the Lyre of Orpheus, the musician, which lies close by in the stars, with whom they have a lot in common. Even when they do become more rounded, balanced people, and grow into themselves, there is always something mysterious about them, as though they were not quite prepared to be as others, or did not quite know how. For the Swan, after all, does not spend a great deal of its life on solid ground; it is a creature of the skies and of the waters, and, ultimately, its great gift is the ability to see into the heights and depths, and to communicate its vision, as well as to transform itself.

    Compatibility: The River of Night, Andromeda, The Lyre of Orpheus, and The Dragon.

  • March 1 - March 12, April 10 - April 18, and May 9 - May 15:

    Eridanus, the celestial stream, called the RIVER OF NIGHT - For those born under the sign of the River of Night, life is a great journey. Just as every river flows towards the sea, so, in their heart of hearts, they have a longing to return, in the end, to the ocean where all life began, and where all separate sense of self is lost. Not that they are in any hurry to arrive there - they are quite happy to dally along the way - but for them existence has a final goal: a merging and reunion with all life. Wanderers and optimists, whatever they experience on their journey will never shake an underlying faith in life, which they see as a great pageant of events and people flowing towards some distant destination.

    With a well-developed sense of history, and of the slow passage of time, the ever-rolling river can make them seem world-weary; even when still very young, those born under the River can give the impression that in some mysterious way they have seen it all before. They appear to be old souls whom nothing can surprise. They do not pass moral judgements, nor do they criticize. Because they always take the line of least resistance they can seem passive, but they are not really so. Flowing around every obstacle they encounter, they are unstoppable: all attempts to hold them back are doomed to fail. They may allow themselves to be penned in, but only for a while, for what they fear most is stagnation, and however settled they may seem, they will leave if they believe a relationship is going nowhere. Sooner or later, when the time is right, they will break free and, turning into a raging torrent, show their latent power as they continue on their journey.

    They may not be ambitious - they know what happens to those who try to fly too high, like Phaethon - but they are determined, especially when thwarted, and they are also subject to a vast range of moods. They can be quiet and still, and then, quite suddenly, become wild and fast and dangerous; they are nearly always cheerful - when the circumstances suit them, and when they are not opposed - but appearances can be deceptive, as however easygoing they may seem, they often have swirling currents of emotion beneath a calm exterior. Hidden depths, which others rarely fathom, conceal aspects of their being that are quite different from the face they show the world.

    Forever unpredictable, however, the quiet and private River can suddenly be transformed into a babbling brook, sharing all its secrets with whoever cares to listen. Like the water-nymphs, those ruled by the River also have an insight into situations and character that can verge on the prophetic, as their intuition hardly ever lets them down. In many ways those born under this sign are wanderers and loners, but, as we have already seen, their destination is the ocean and their deepest instinct is to unite with others - preferably, the whole world, but failing that, with others of like mind. Until they run into someone who can really share their goals, they can be lonely. When they find true kindred spirits, they stick by them to the end, and are always happy to share whatever comes; provided, of course, that the other person does not try to slow them down or trap them, and as long as they share a common goal.

    They may not like feeling trapped or stagnant but they do enjoy tranquillity, and when they are content in their relationships, they are great life-givers and enhancers. Without the River's fertilizing waters, this world would be a desert; River people can create an atmosphere of peace and gentleness, of green and tranquil meadows, which is almost unrivalled. But their desire to merge with others on equal terms is only one aspect of the River's complex emotional nature. They can also use their charms for better or worse. They can be helpful and inspiring, but they can also be destructive and deceptive, lulling others into wasting time with them and like the water-nymphs, luring them away from the real world - although they would react violently if anyone tried to do the same to them.

    The River has another unique gift. Water is nature's only mirror, and people involved with those born under this sign can find it hard to get to know them, as they can, and do, reflect whatever face is shown to them. One can learn a lot about oneself, which can be an education, but very little about them, unless they choose to let you see beneath their often sparkling and mysterious surface. Their reluctance to show their true feelings is often a defence, as the River is one of the most emotional and sensitive of signs. As they mature, however, those born under the sign of the River move beyond their wild, tempestuous phase, and it is often in the second half of life that they really come into their own. Then, with mountains and steep ravines behind them, they can meander through the plains and open valleys, their powerful feelings changed by time to wisdom, and they often grow into the great philosophers - and civilizers - of mankind. Thanks to their sense of harmony and flow, they are also often singers, poets, or musicians.

    Compatibility: The Swan, the Lyre of Orpheus, The Ship of the Argonauts, and Orion.

  • March 13 - April 1:

    PEGASUS, the white, winged horse with a mane of gold - The moonlit realm of the imagination, of visions, dreams and intutions, is where those born under the sign of the winged stallion, Pegasus, feel most confident and at home. Often, this realm is more real to them than the everyday, material world, and the tendency to day-dream can be strong. Even in the thick of things, they can seem detached and dreamy, and they often have a faraway look in their eyes.

    In childhood, they are fond of solitude, even when it is not forced upon them. They have usually had ample time alone to allow the vivid powers of their imagination to develop. Imagination is the greatest of all gifts, but it can be slow to mature. Like Medusa, who was torn between the power of her feelings - which the sea-god represents - and reason, those born under Pegasus have often had to struggle to find the balance between these two sides of their being. Until they manage this, they can swing, uneasily, between being overwhelmed by their emotions, and trying too rigidly to control them. The power of their imagination is born from this conflict, though, and once they have found the middle ground, the richness of their vision can unfold. Even then, it can be hard for them to keep their feet on solid ground.

    They can also seem lazy, and unrealistic, to more earthbound, or intellectual signs, especially when they are in an introverted mood. Appearances are deceptive, however. It may look as if they are doing nothing, but they need to dream to renew contact with the well-springs of their being, and recharge the batteries of their inner life. When they bounce back, they become a source of inspiration to the world around them, and no one is more full of enthusiasm - and drive - than they are. Nothing seems impossible for a Pegasus when on an upswing. Their energy may come in fits and starts, which is true of most creative people, but when their imagination is captured by a project, things tend to happen fast. Naturally, as the grand master-planners of a scheme, which is how they see their role, they prefer someone else to deal with the boring details. If no one volunteers, however, the project joins the trail of dreams they often leave behind. This does not worry them unduly, though, as the castle in Spain they have been planning, complete with waterfalls and drifts of lilies, is not only built, but has usually been abandoned in their minds, long before the builder's estimate arrives. Still, even during this stage of their lives they are rarely bored, as they are always dreaming up new, and more exciting, schemes.

    Sooner or later, however, they tend to grow dissatisfied with their achievements; and, with renewed determination, they teach themselves to harness their imagination, like Bellerophon, using reason and control. Once they have slain the monster of delusion, they are no longer at the mercy of their powerful imagination, and there is little they cannot achieve. Their relationships with others can also follow the same pattern. They can be fired with enthusiasm for a mysterious face across the room, and even before they meet will have imagined everything about this person - and their future together will be already planned. Being with a Pegasus can be exhilarating and inspiring. But the reality of daily life, of course, can be a different matter, as it is not easy for a mere mortal to live up to their expectations. Once they become bored or disillusioned - when they find out that a real person is quite different from their dream - they will spread their wings and head for new, greener pastures: the hardest thing for Pegasus is learning to accept the limitations of this world.

    Once they have learned to exercise control and use reason, their relationships become more earthed and stable. They may still fly off in their imagination, but they become less restless when they discover what a green and pleasant place this earth can be, when it is watered by the refreshing and inspiring wells and springs which they are so gifted at creating. Because of this gift, like Pegasus, who was the favourite of the Muses, they usually have many friends amongst creative people, and the world of art and music is their natural choice for a career and one where they often do well. But their ability to inspire others is not all that they have to offer. Once they have come to terms with life, and learned to tell the difference between truth and fantasy, between reality, and the Chimaera, their judgement is unequalled. In the end, they can become the greatest realists, and their insight and advice are nearly always razor-sharp.

    Compatibility: The Eagle, The Lyre of Orpheus, and Perseus.

  • April 2 - April 9 and April 19 - May 8:

    ANDROMEDA, the princess chained to the rock as a sacrifice for her country - Those born under Andromeda are loyal and warm-hearted; they are also highly sensitive to the atmosphere around them, and can usually sense other people's feelings - and their motives - from an early age. This can be a mixed blessing for them, as they pick up on not only what is said, but also on all that is not said - or done. Every family - and society - of course, has its accepted rules and taboos, without which it could not function. It usually also has its ambitions and pretensions, of which the sensitive Andromedas are often painfully aware. Because they see their loved ones' good points too, however, they try hard to ignore these faults, and so do not at first openly rebel. As a result, like Andromeda, they feel trapped and helpless, especially when they are young - even if their background isn't in fact stifling. In many cases they may feel that, somehow, they are being prevented from being themselves.

    But Andromeda, as we have seen, is far more than the passive victim of her past and of convention. For she is 'the ruler of men', the ancient and bejewelled goddess of love and the sea. Those influenced by her are powerful and highly individual people, although at first they may not seem to be so, as it can take time for them to break their chains and find themselves. Because they feel so strongly, it can be hard for them to be objective and to separate their emotional loyalties from their beliefs. Once they have learned to discriminate and to think more clearly, instead of simply reacting and protesting, they can discard those values which they do not like and choose their own course. And, having realized that other people are just as much the victims of circumstance as they are, or were, themselves, they can set about the work of liberating others.

    Freedom, both for herself and others, is Andromeda's true goal in life; from Marx and Freud to Oliver Cromwell and Houdini, those born under the princess in the stars are chain-breakers, many of whom have been responsible for the most important changes in the way we think and live our lives. Before they learn self-knowledge, however, they can be unduly self-pitying. They complain about their problems to friends and lovers, expecting others to play the knight in shining armour to their damsel in distress. They can also be high-handed - they are princesses after all - expecting others to drop everything to help them, whenever they're called. They often get their own way, however, as they usually have great charm - and style. Even when they are complaining, their real self - of which the powerful ancient goddess is a symbol - can be seen, glinting through, from beneath the surface.

    Not everyone can be PERSEUS, the mercurial, airborne hero, who is Andromeda's soulmate, and who frees her from her chains, but there are usually plenty of people who would happily step in and play the role. Only when the real Perseus comes along, is she saved because he knows, at first hand, what she is going through. For when Perseus meets Andromeda, he has already slain the Gorgon, the monstrous being whose gaze turns men to stone, and who represents for him the same repressed instincts and emotions as the sea-monster who threatens to devour Andromeda. Perseus is the great innovator, who sees life from a new angle, the high-flying, fast-moving thinker who can take a bird's eye view, breaking with the habits of the past and offering a fresh solution, which is what Andromeda most needs and longs for. Andromeda, in turn, can offer him a normal life - once she herself is free - and bring him down to earth, so that concrete, lasting and creative changes can be made.

    But Andromeda can free herself without a prince on a white charger. All that is required, as we have already seen, is for her to become detached, if only for a while, from her emotions, and take a 'Perseus'-eye view' of herself, and of her world, with its values and assumptions. And, strangely enough, it is usually then, and only then, that a real-life Perseus makes his entrance on the scene. Once those born under Andromeda are free, they nearly always dedicate their time and energy to trying to improve the lot of others. While Perseus's realm is action and abstract thinking, those influenced by Andromeda are, above all, the champions of the oppressed and the down-trodden. And, like Sylvia Pankhurst, who chained herself to the railings to win the vote for women, they are often prepared to sacrifice their hard-won freedom to help others.

    Coimpatibility: Perseus, Orion, and The Crown of the North Wind.

  • May 16 - May 31:

    PERSEUS, the hero who cut off the gorgon's head - Perseus, the 'shining one', is the airiest and brightest of the heroes, and those born under the symbol of this Clark Kent of the ancient world are fast-moving, witty and mercurial, with an edge and sparkle which ensures that they are never dull or heavy-handed. Interested in anything and everything, they will pursue whatever fires their imagination with great energy and drive, until they tire of it, which can happen with alarming speed when something new and more exciting comes along. Which it usually does, as they are always on the look-out for amusement and distraction. Without novelty, in fact, or mental stimulation, they become not only restless but depressed, and there is no sadder sight than a Perseus tied to a life of drudgery and routine.

    Not that they often are, though, as they can talk themselves out of almost any corner, and they usually find someone who will believe in their new schemes, and is prepared to help them out. They often get through life relying on their native wit, and, like Hermes-Mercury, the god of communication - who lent Perseus his winged sandals, and who rules the zodiac sign of Gemini, they can convince you of almost anything, and can explain even the most complex, knotty issues so that anyone can understand. Sooner or later, however, as the myth tells us, Perseus must confront the Gorgon, whose timeless realm is as far from his bright world of movement, light and reason as it is possible to be. There, all is immobile, for the Gorgon is an image of nature, ancient and unchanging, and of the irrational and instinctive side of life, which is not evil in itself, but which can become destructive if it is too long neglected or denied. She also has the power, as we have seen, to turn all living beings to stone. To be petrified, of course, is to be frozen to the spot and deprived of life and movement: the state which Perseus most fears. His quest is to come to terms with the very thing he dreads and does not understand. All airy, intellectual signs tend to be out of touch with their instincts or their feelings - in fact, these make them decidedly uneasy. But the more they run away from their emotions the more afraid of them they become.

    One thing Perseus is not, however, is a coward. He also has the powers of life - and evolution - firmly on his side, and with the help of reason and reflection, he can overcome his fears and make his peace with the irrational side of life. When he cuts off the Gorgon's head, he also frees the winged horse of the imagination, and can soar off, once more, back into the air, where he feels most at home, using the Gorgon's terrifying head to combat evil and stagnation.

    Above all, Perseus is the great innovator, and questioner of the status quo. Those born under him never follow the herd blindly; they can always be relied on to see things from a new angle, and they are not easily taken in. It is usually Perseus who is the first to spot that the emperor has no clothes, and to make a mockery of pretension. No lovers of convention, those born under the bright hero can be quite mischievous as well, and they will happily put the cat amongst the pigeons, and then vanish, like Perseus, in his helmet of invisibility, leaving everyone else to fight things out. They are also capable, when angry, of being extremely cutting and sarcastic, and the effect can be as devastating as the Gorgon turning its victims to stone.

    Usually, however, they do not go in for the kill, as they are catalysts of change, and their real purpose is to get things moving, not to freeze their fellow mortals in their tracks. Without Perseus, in fact, little in society would grow or change. The world would be a duller and more earth-bound place, as they make the best company - if you can keep up with them - of any sign.

    Those born under Perseus may be mercurial and restless, but once they have slain the Gorgon, and come to terms with instinct and emotion, they are very loyal and single-minded, and will stick to the right relationship through thick and thin, when they believe that they have found it. Like Perseus when he saw Andromeda, they also tend to make their minds up fast. Monogamy was a rare thing in Ancient Greece, it seems, especially for the heroes, but once Perseus falls in love, it is for ever. Having shaken everybody up, he can then relax and found a race of heroes, who can carry on the good work he has begun, while he rules his kingdom with his queen.

    Compatibility: Andromeda, Pegasus, The Dragon, and The Eagle.

  • June 1 - June 7 and June 17 - June 27:

    ORION, the Golden Huntsman - Even in the world of myth, Orion towers above other men, and there is often something larger than life about those born under the sign of the Noble Huntsman, 'the tallest and most beautiful of men'. Their strength and energy seem unbounded, and, brimming over with enthusiasm and zest for life, they are forever on the go, looking for new lands to conquer and fresh peaks to climb. Like Orion, they belong to the wide open spaces - city life can make them claustrophobic, as they hate to feel penned in, by people, or by places, and when you meet them you notice that they carry with them something of the fresh air of the mountains and the forests which are their natural homes.

    Their philosophy is that life is there to be enjoyed, and there is nothing complicated about their vision of the world. Or not at first. Seeing things in terms of black and white, they have a passionate sense of right and wrong, and no one is more surprised and hurt - and angry - when they feel cheated or betrayed. They make the staunchest allies, and will rid the land of any number of wild beasts to keep their side of a bargain, but woe betide someone who lets them down. Normally sunny and good-natured, when they encounter the deviousness of more complex signs they are blinded, like Orion, by their hurt and rage, and must then set out on the long and often arduous journey back towards the light. Because they are so strong themselves, it can be hard for them to understand weakness in others, or to forgive those who fail to live up to their code of honour. But, like Orion, it is their destiny to discover, and to accept that life and human nature, with all their imperfections, contain both light and shade, and to find compassion. Until they learn not to judge others by their own standards, or to expect others' goals and motives to be like their own, they can feel trapped by resentment and anger, and feel lost and alone.

    They themselves are usually readily forgiven their faults, for their good qualities far outweigh their defects, and nothing can keep them down for long. When they bounce back, and the sun comes out again, no one can resist the golden huntsman with his energy and love of life. Many of their love affairs, however, start while they are low, because their combination of good looks and vulnerability makes it easy to fall in love with them, as did the goddess of the dawn, whose love and admiration gave Orion back his sight. And Orions often need encouragement, support - and admiration - to help them throw off their dark moods. But the legend demonstrates that, although Orion needs love affairs, in the end comradeship and adventure mean more to him than domesticity or passion. It also shows that there is a solitary part of him which remains both innocent and untamed. This is the aspect of Orion which belongs to Artemis, the virgin huntress, goddess of the crescent moon. Without it and without the contact with nature, pure and simple, which she represents, he would lose his strength and innocence, and his way of life.

    Compatibility: The Great Bear, The Bear Keeper, The Dogs, and The River of Night.

  • June 8 - June 16:

    Auriga, the CHARIOTEER, the adopted human son of the Greek goddess of wisdom, Athene - This is the most civilized - and civilizing - of the 'Lost Zodiac' signs. Like Athene, the grey-eyed and level-headed goddess who brought up the starry charioteer to govern Athens for her, those born under this sign never move before considering the outcome of their actions, or before they have examined the situation from all sides. They are reasonable and measured in their dealings with the world, and, thanks to their logic, their clarity of thought and their concern for justice, they are also often to be found playing the role of arbitrator in other people's battles. Like Solomon, they can be relied upon to give a fair and balanced judgement, however complex or tangled the problem posed may be, for they are open-minded and scrupulously just.

    They are also practical and industrious people who like to use their energy to make real improvements in the world around them, and they consider abstract thought for its own sake - let alone just sitting around dreaming - as both boring and a waste of time. As a result, they are nearly always on the go, whether they are master-minding some new scheme to make the world a better place, or just tidying up or mowing the lawn. They are also the best organizers and planners, holding the reins, like Erichthonius, in their capable, efficient hands, but they are inventive and creative as well, like Athene, the inventor of the chariot, the ship and loom. They are at their happiest, and most relaxed, in fact, when they are following in her footsteps and creating something which is both pleasing to the eye and useful, which makes them feel fulfilled and worthwhile.

    However much they contribute to the basic quality of life for others, they can, at times, take their love of Athene's qualities of order and self-discipline just a bit too far and have to pay a price for such control. Because they always try to listen to their head and not their heart, they can become afraid to act on their true feelings - that is, if they still know what they are, as they tend to dismiss as irrational and silly emotions that do not fit with their vision of themselves, in an attempt to keep their lives in order. They can also be too proud to let on how they are feeling, and, as someone once said, where pride is insistent, memory gives way, which means they can find it only too easy and convenient to forget the things that do not suit them - which can be a real problem for the Charioteer.

    Feelings which are kept under control, as everybody knows, do not just go away, and, beneath their cool exterior, those born under the Charioteer can feel confused and insecure. Their determination not to pay heed to their emotions, let alone to show them, can be hard to handle for those involved with them, as it makes it difficult to gauge their true reactions or to really get to know them. But, despite their tendency to be distant and aloof at times, they are kind, affectionate people, and, once you win their trust, they will stick by you to the end. The reason for their insecurity is that, like Erichthonius, who never knew his real mother and transferred his loyalty to Athene, queen of reason, they have often been let down at some point in their lives, and it can take time for them to learn to be more trusting. Until they do, everything which is not planned and kept under control - preferably by them - can seem threatening to them. Usually, however, they begin to see, with their well-developed reason, that many of their fears are groundless, and then their outlook becomes a great deal more spontaneous, and they can give their energy and their instinctive side much freer rein.

    Once they have found the balance between instinct and reason, chaos and control, they are also far more able not only to relate to others, but to use their creative, civilizing powers in a wide variety of ways. Of all the signs, in fact, the Charioteer is probably the most versatile, and those born beneath it are usually all-rounders who are just as good at sewing as they are at politics, or carpentry, or sport. And, as they are also influenced by the Goat Star's Horn of Plenty, whether they are doctors, judges, jockeys or town-planners, their broad vision, their detachment and their social conscience mean that they are nearly always generous in a practical and caring way to others.

    Compatibility: Pegasus, The Bear Keeper, Perseus, and The Raven.

    NOTE: Those born between these dates are also influenced by ORION's stars, although not so strongly as they are by the Charioteer's.

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  • June 28 - July 7 and July 18 - July 25 :

    THE DOGS, in myth, are the guardians of the paths of the unknown and follow the great huntsman, Orion, through the skies - Those born under The Dogs are most at home in the domain of instinct and intuition. Like the Egyptian Anubis, who weighed men's souls, they have an almost X-ray vision when it comes to understanding people's motives and emotions, which they sense how ever well hidden they are. This is because they are always on the lookout for clues. They can glean more from someone's body language, and from what is unspoken - except for the unintentional slips - than most signs ever learn from what is actually said. As it is so difficult to fool them, they are not easily impressed by glamour and affectation, and they always choose their friends for their true characters, rather than for the face they show the world. Loyalty is the quality, of course, for which the dog is famous, and, true to type, when they do befriend someone, they rarely change their minds or let them down. Nor are they critical, even of those with whom they do not have close bonds, being generous and warmhearted. They are extremely protective of their loved ones, however, and, if necessary, will risk life and limb to defend them.

    Trying to discover other people's motives is only one way in which their boundless curiosity manifests itself. They are fascinated by anything mysterious, occult or unknown, and, like Jung, or the archaeologist, Sir Arthur Evans, who unearthed the legendary Cretan labyrinth, they like to delve beneath life's surface and discover what is hidden. Once they are on the trail of something or someone, they rarely give up the quest until they find what they are looking for, however long it takes, as they are single-minded and determined when their interest is aroused. This tendency can become obsessional at times - a trait which those born under the Dog Stars need to guard against if they are to keep their balance. Putting problems on ice, and allowing situations to change and develop of their own accord, does not come easily to them. They can drive themselves - and those around them - almost crazy, as they find it so hard to sit back and let things be.

    These qualities, however, make them the best detectives and explorers. But, like all sleuths, once they have found what they set out for, they lose interest and move on. Even so, they still hang onto their souvenirs, and their homes are often full of trophies from previous chases, gathering dust, as although they are adventurous, they are also sentimental and nostalgic for their past. Being so curious about the new, and yet so profoundly loyal to their past, can be a tricky combination, and they are happiest in relationships which make room for both aspects of their nature. Ideally, they like to come and go, and the more freedom they are given to pursue their current interests, wherever these may take them, the more certain are they to return.

    Those born under the Dogs are gregarious, and, given half a chance, will avoid spending too much time alone. Despite their tendency to be one-track-minded when the mood is on them, in relationships with others they are adaptable and fair. And as they are so warm-hearted, they do not find it easy to hold grudges. Being so perceptive - and sophisticated - about the quirks of human nature also means that they do not take themselves too seriously, and their sense of humour usually prevents them from holding back or being aloof for long. Above all, they are too open-minded, and too interested in life, to waste time in pretence or in being proud.

    Compatibility: Orion, The Crown of the North Wind, and The Eagle.

  • July 8 - July 17 and September 22 - September 28:

    Argo, the great SHIP OF THE ARGONAUTS which carried Jason and his men to find the Golden Fleece: The Ship is the most gifted - and versatile - sign in the heavens. 'Never before or since, was so gallant a ship's company gathered together', and, like the crew of the Argo, who between them had so many talents, those born under its glimmering, southern stars can turn their hand, quite literally, to anything, if they choose to do so. They are natural leaders, and, like Argus, who built the ship, they can be inspired craftsmen. Like Orpheus, they are often artists and musicians. They have sharp insight and a powerful intuition, and, like Caeneus, who had once been a woman, they can understand, and relate to, the outlook of the other sex. They are often also natural athletes, like the Heavenly Twins, and, to cap it all, they usually have great charm, good looks, and a healthy constitution.

    They can have anything, or anyone, they want, but, of course, there has to be a down side. Where most heroes know what dragons they are up against, those born under the Great Ship have to overcome their own laziness and ambition, an insidious combination, just as dangerous as any dragon. They set their sights high, but, because life has been so generous to them, they are not used to making an effort, and they quite easily give up. They can, in short, be spoilt, and often fall back on their persuasive charms to get their way, instead of using their great talents in a life-enhancing and creative manner. They may be the nicest people, and often are, but if they are not careful, and always choose the soft option, lapsing into subterfuge and cunning, like Medea, they can slowly lose their sense of right and wrong.

    The hardest thing, then, for those born under the Great Ship, for whom life seems so easy, is to keep their hands firmly on the rudder and navigate their chosen course, without relying too much on charm, or on other people. If they can overcome these failings, they are also less likely to fall prey to the Medea type in life. Medea, the 'cunning' and 'knowing', can usually see them coming from afar, and will use their weakness to gain power over them. Although Jason is not evil, he can be naive and easily led astray - especially when he has set his sights on the Golden Fleece, which still remains a symbol for the almost unattainable in life.

    But they have another option, which can transform their lives. The Ship's crew may be a reflection of their many gifts and talents, and Medea of their weaker and more devious side, but the piece of 'speaking oak', which was built into the beam, represents the voice of their true inner self. Everyone is tempted to ignore it at times, because it does not always point out the easiest way, but for those born under the Great Ship, who seem to have so much else they can rely on, this temptation is far greater. If, however, they can learn to listen to the still, small voice, instead of to Medea, and steer the course which it dictates across the sea of life, they can survive the wildest storms unscathed. A lot may be asked of them, but, then, they have more gifts and advantages than those born under most other signs, and are more than capable of rising to the challenge.

    Once they have set the Ship on its true course, things start to fall into place, as though by magic, and new avenues open, both in their relationships with other people, and in their careers. Then they attract people who like them for themselves, instead of for their looks and charm, and who, instead of using them, like Medea, will respect their freedom and help them to make the most of their creative powers. And, as we have seen, they can succeed at anything they turn their hand to, if they try. At every stage of life's journey, they can also count on their close friends, as they are always popular and their sense of comradeship - and loyalty - is unrivalled. Until they transcend the Medea phase in their more personal relationships, however, they can feel more at home with friendship - which always means so much to them - than with love and romance, where happiness often comes only later. Their ideal relationship is usually based on comradeship - and freedom. They are, after all, the great adventurers and explorers, and, if they are to get the best from life, they need the freedom to explore, to experience and to enjoy as many facets of existence as they can.

    Compatibility: The Lyre of Orpheus, The River, The Wise Centaur, The Swan, The Sea Serpent, and The Dolphin.

  • July 26 - August 7 and December 17 - December 23:

    Draco, THE DRAGON - The Dragon is one of the noblest and most powerful of the ancient signs, and there is nothing small-minded - or cosy - about those born beneath this fiery symbol of the life-force and the imagination. Ladon, the dragon in the stars, is the Dweller on the Threshold who guards the doorway to eternity. Through this doorway all new things also come into this world, which makes those born beneath the Dragon the natural guardians of the creative process and the custodians of art and beauty. These things mean much more to them than comfort and security, which they can manage without better than most other signs.

    As their aesthetic sense is so well-developed, they do like to be surrounded by nice things, however - like the dragon with its hoard of gold and jewels - and man-made things mean more to them than the wonders of the natural world. This is not because they do not see and appreciate them, but.because the products of the human spirit, such as churches, jewellery and paintings, seem more miraculous, and so more valuable, to them.

    On the whole, those born under the Dragon fall into two types: those who are themselves creative, and those who nurture creativity in others, or perform the role of guardians. The second type, of course, rarely achieves the fame and glory of the first; but this is not important to them, as they are more concerned with what they are nurturing than they are with personal recognition. This is true of both types - what counts is not the singer but the song. They can also be quite solitary, preferring to spend their time looking and learning to being in the stream of life. Their thirst for knowledge and their breadth of vision ensure that they do not easily grow bored without others to amuse them. They are private people who like, and need, a domain of their own, into which they can retire when the mood takes them.

    Despite the need for their own territory and for solitude, they also need close relationships with others. The Dragon is a symbol of the life-force, and those born beneath its stars have powerful emotions which they must express in order to be happy and fulfilled. Because they feel so strongly, it can be hard for them to be detached, especially when young, and unfounded jealousy can be a problem for them. When anything goes wrong in a relationship, they tend to fear the worst, and, rather than asking direct questions, and discovering that their fears are groundless, they tend to hide behind their pride - and anger. It can take a lot of insight - and courage - on the part of those with whom they are involved to calm them down again, for the Dragon is a fiery creature when it is aroused. For the most part, however, they are far less fierce than they are painted, and are loyal and stalwart friends.

    As time goes by, they also learn to distance themselves from their emotions. For the Dragon, unlike its earthly counterpart, the Serpent, has wings to help it rise above the storm and see its problems in perspective, and it is often in solitude that it achieves this. It is then that those born beneath its stars also discover how to express themselves not through relationships alone, but through creativity. This ability to stand back and to transform their fiery feelings into art or music makes their lives more peaceful and fulfilling, and teaches them to respect others who are doing, or have done, the same. Their fieriness can also be employed in helping others to create something of worth or beauty, and no one is then more fiercely protective - or encouraging - than they are. Thanks to its passionate and fiery nature, a Dragon's life may not always be plain sailing, but it is full of meaning, and of beauty, which to the brave Dragon, are worth more than anything.

    Compatibility: The Serpent, The Charioteer, and The Cup.

  • August 8 - August 15 and August 25 - September 10:

    Ursa Major, THE GREAT BEAR (also known as the Plough and the Big Dipper): Of all the ancient signs beyond the zodiac, the Great Bear, which dominates the Northern Pole, is the grandest and most powerful. This is the 'royal sign', as can be seen from the long list of monarchs and great statesmen born beneath its stars. It is queen of all that it surveys, as it circles slowly round the Pole, and those born under it, even the many who do not hold the reins of power, are always personalities built on a grand scale. There is nothing mean or petty about their outlook on the world, and they pride themselves on their breadth of vision. 'Renaissance man', who knew enough about most subjects to ensure he had a rounded view of life, is their ideal, and they have no time for those who concentrate on just one field. This can put them at a disadvantage in the modern world, although usually they are more than able to look after themselves. They have strength and courage, as well as an instinctive understanding of other

    people, which makes it easy for them to delegate dull tasks. The details of daily existence bore them because their minds work best when engaged on the grand scheme of things. As a result, they may seem lazy, but they are not pretentious and they admire true soul and simplicity far more than sophistication. In fact, unless worldly power and wealth are thrust upon them, they would far rather go without the luxuries of life than waste time and energy pursuing meaningless and trivial things. When they need to, though, they can motivate large groups of people - and win loyalty and support through thick and thin - with alarming ease.

    They do not waste words and there is usually a great deal more going on inside their heads than they admit as they also have a solitary side. Both the bear and the virgin goddess, who were worshipped as one, are loners, and those born beneath the Great Bear's stars never follow the herd blindly. They need space, solitude and contact with the wildnesses of nature to make them feel relaxed and whole - and to give them time to see life in the round. Without room to breathe, they can become bad-tempered - for which bears, of course, are famous - and anyone who trespasses on their private, inner realm can expect to receive short shrift. And one blow from a bear's paw, as everybody knows, can bring a strong man down. But usually they do not mean to hurt others and often do not realize how devastating their ill-humour can be to those who come too close when they want to be alone.

    Beneath their gruff exterior, they are kindly and affectionate people, and, when they are feeling sociable, they show quite a different side to their nature. Then, they are the soul of warmth and generosity and it is thanks to their great charm and humour - and their approachability - at such times that they are so popular and can make so many loyal and lifelong friends. Even though they can be moody, they are honest, so that you always know exactly where you are with them, for good or bad. They may not say what they are thinking, but they do show their real emotions at all times. They are also very loyal, in turn, to anyone with whom they form a true bond, and friendship is important to them, as are their children, to whom they dedicate a great deal of energy and time.

    Affectionate, loyal and honest they may be, with a sardonic sense of humour but, to understand them, it is necessary also to understand why they sometimes need to be alone. The bear, as we have seen, is a symbol of the ancient virgin goddess, who was independent, free and self-contained. She stands for the inner wholeness which does not need to rely on others for meaning and fulfilment. That wholeness is the true life-goal of those born under the Great Bear. This does not mean, of course, that they are always aware of their purpose, nor does it mean that they do not form relationships with others. But it does mean that they are independent and self-sufficient. They need freedom and they respect that need in others. They have a natural understanding that the winds of heaven must always be allowed to blow between them and those with whom they are involved -otherwise no one concerned can change and grow.

    Compatibility: The Bear Keeper, Orion, and The Serpent.

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  • August 16 - August 23:

    Hydra, the SEA SERPENT, the longest constellation in the skies: As water is the element of feeling and emotion in astrology, those born beneath the stars of the sea serpent, whose winding course once symbolized the pathway of the wandering moon which rules the tides, are more at home in the watery realm of feeling than any other sign, except, perhaps, the zodiac sign of Pisces. This does not mean that they are always calm, however. This is the sign of the sea, and the range of their emotions is as wide and fast-moving as the ocean, which can be as smooth as a sheet of glass, and then, without warning can turn stormy and start crashing on the shore. But the storm usually soon passes of its own accord, and even though they may be volatile, not far beneath the surface they are not really that disturbed, as they have a natural and instinctive faith in life and in the future, and are not afraid of change or the unknown.

    It is in solitude that those born under the influence of Alphard, the Solitary One, often find it easiest to tune into these deeper waters which are not disturbed by passing storms. They live a great deal through their senses, and the sounds and colours which surround them are so real and vivid to them that they can happily spend days on end enjoying the pleasures of the moment on their own. But they have no wish to isolate themselves unless they feel rejected. They are tactile, sensuous and erotic, and they need human contact to feel good about themselves; at the same time it can be hard for them to understand other people's boundaries and inhibitions, as they have so few themselves.

    To live in this world, however, some boundaries are essential - a fact which those born under the Sea Serpent, which personifies the boundless ocean, need to come to terms with if they are to find contentment and relate successfully to others. Until they manage to develop a more separate sense of self, they can be too open, trusting the wrong people, which means that they get hurt - and, when they are, they quickly vanish back into their private inner world. This is the ocean of the senses and emotions where there are no manmade boundaries to confuse them, and so they feel at home.

    As time goes by, however, they learn to be more cautious, and so they are less vulnerable and more balanced in their dealings with the world. And, because they have been subject to such a wide range of moods, they become subtle and sophisticated when dealing with emotions of all kinds.

    This is also when they can begin to tap the source of their creative powers - for which the ocean is a symbol - instead of merely plunging deep beneath the waves to hide. For the Sea Serpent, which, in ancient Babylon, was believed to be 'the source of the fountains of the Great Deep', is one of the most creative of all signs once the waters start to flow. They then excel at anything which makes use of their well-developed eye - and ear - for beauty, as well as of their sense of humour and their natural ability to enjoy life to the full. They do have a tendency, however, to indulge their senses, and their love of pleasure, luxury and comfort can sometimes go well into the realm of excess, as can their self-pity. But their generosity of spirit, and the fact that they are, mostly, such fun to be with, more than makes up for their failings. Above all, they are tolerant and warm-hearted and they expect the same from others in return, as life, according to their way of thinking, is too precious, and too short, to waste on being disapproving or unkind.

    Compatibility: The Dolphin, The Crown of the North Wind, and Andromeda.

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