Grasshopper Dream

  • Hello. I'm pretty notorious for having some weird dreams. Usually they have big meaning to them though. Anyway had a weird one last night.

    -I was chasing a grasshopper down the road and I couldnt catch it. I saw the sun shining really bright and the grasshopper was moving in the direction of the light. Suddenly I couldnt find the grasshopper and was searching on the ground for it. Then I saw sombodys hand holding it and looked up to see a familiar face smiling at me and then he handed me my grasshopper. It was actually a pretty peaceful sight after my frustration of not being able to catch my bug. I woke up after that.

    Looking online I see that a grasshopper in a dream usually means enemies or something negative. In this case though I dont think it was a negative dream because of my friend smiling at me and catching it for me. I felt frustration in my dream but then felt at ease when he caught it. I guess I just cant figure this one out? Does anyone have an opinion on this? Thank you ❤

  • Hi, just taken a highened guess here,but it sounds like it was your animal spirit can ask everyday,a few times a day for your spirit animal to come to you in a dream or if you meditaite to come to you then.keep asking,and do so as you fall to sleep.but do not think about the grasshopper as you ask this,just only ask that your spirit animal what ever that maybe comes to you.and if the grasshopper comes again,ask it who it is and it should tell you.they are there to protect us,guide us and for companionship. i hope this helps you a little,good luck.

    blessings&light 🙂

  • First impression, xs, is that the grasshopper in your dream or "enemy" may be your own beliefs and someone will act as a mentor or teacher to lead you to truth(bright light). The grasshopper or "enemy" will be rendered harmless and act as a catalyst in your journey. That "familiar face" could be reminding you of your divinity and giving a gentle reminder to expend your energies toward the spiritual. My impression is that this is God and He loves you very much. Just impressions. Blessings...

  • So to are overcoming a goal in life and you are having a hard time commiting to that goal in your life. You dont know which way to go. This dream is offering you reassurance and that you are headed in the right track. This goal must have to do with your relationship of those around you and how you connect with the world. You just need to communication more.

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