Plz Help Needed - How reliable R My Own Gifts

  • Hiya Fellow Psychic readers mediums n more

    How reliable are my own gifts regard myself n those i love n care for?

    Further yesterday morning around 3 to 7 am or so i had a vision and i heard the following from my firefighter friend Charlie:


    along repeatedly playing Beatles Lady Madonna song.

    Lady Madonna, children at your feet

    Wonder how you manage to make ends meet = sung out LOUD

    Who find the money when you pay the rent = sung out LOUD

    Did you think that money was heaven sent = sung out LOUD

    Friday night arrives without a suitcase

    Sunday morning creeping like a nun

    Monday's child has learned to tie his bootlegs

    See how they run = changed to SEE ME RUN FAR FAR AWAY FROM U U SKANKHO BITCH

    Lady Madonna, baby at your breast

    Wonders how you manage to feed the rest

    Pa pa pa pa...

    See how they run = changed to SEE ME RUN U TWOTIMING MONEYSPENDER HOBITCH

    Lady Madonna lying on the bed

    Listen to the music playing in your head

    Tuesday afternoon is never ending

    Wednesday morning papers didn't come

    Thursday night you stocking needed mending

    See how they run = change to OH IM SOOO RUNNING N IM FREEEEE WOOHOOOO

    Lady Madonna, children at your feet

    Wonder how you manage to make ends meet = added to " Like i give a shit, hahahahahahaha u loose bitch i win yay IM FREE N I WIN WOOOHOOO IM SINGEL AGAIN!!!!!

    He litterary did acrobatic jumps backflips and stuff, got nice drunk , somehow i got him to rest b4 he started to barf, very happy man, dancing bounching, NEVER seen him this exchillerated before. He useally has the quiet one, the silent collected cool demeanor on. Slick kind of humor.

    What i get from this is he is single as his divorce went through, but here i question my gift of self vibing sensing. am i to trust it, is it reliable?

    These past few months has made me question just how reliable it is.

    im march 10 1972 n he is june 25 1941



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  • Hi Bente. I do believe that you have gifts as a seer. But the gifts are not that wich really is important. You yourself are important. As you nurture your own healing, your own cleansing, as you let Heaven (the Light, God, your higher self) heal you, build you up and let Heaven build your life, your gifts as a seer, as a clairvoyant will in time strengthen and be even more helpful for both yourself and others in the world.

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  • Thanx guys, could u elaborate bc im so many things i cant keep track fully of what is what anymore lol

    ps BUMP

  • What, elaborate about what you are? Because you are so many things? Yes, you are you and you are many things. There are many gifts that you have, there are many parts of you that need to be united and enhanced and improved into better tools for your highest will. As for all of us.

    If you do not understand, that is not necessary negative. We are not supposed to understand everything. Seek inner peace, and you will from there find healing and wisdom and everything you need for yourself and for the world you live in.

  • Thank u point taken lol

    i reckon i ask bc loads is going on n sigh cant make head of it. but in time it will show

  • Dear Charmed,

    I just asked your angels through my channels what they have to say about your gifts, and abilities to connect, and they say to you: "You are 'straining' to hard and need to detach from your situations in order to let the voice of the Divine through. There is no rush, no hurry. Believe in yourself. Believe in your gifts, for you have many to share. And as your intuitive self begins to give you its signals, you can trust it -- for it is your guide and it is a good barometer for you. Right now, your mind is too full of clutter, and you need to let it relax, quiet down, and get to your inner Spirit for that is the voice from which all things emanate. Love versus fear. Every time."

    Hopefully their quick message brings some clarity to you as you work on deciphering what messages to listen to.

    Angel blessings,


  • Thank u so much Beth, i thought i was losing my mind LOLOL Nice to know im sane enough

  • Dear Charmed,

    Losing your mind? Nope. Impatient? Yep.



  • HAhahahahaahah yea im guilty, im a pisces n as far as i know we aint by nature patient people LOLOLOL

  • Hi Bente.

    My point about how to enhance clairvoyance, is this: As you manage to cleanse yourself so that the ego and the desires become below you and not an active part of your consienceness, then you will be able to feel yourself more clearly, and feel everything else more clearly. How you receive other people will be with a clear peace, with a clear understanding and with wisdom. Impulses you get from outside of yourself and from within yourself will be more clear and more easy to separate from one another. "This impulse comes from that, this impulse comes from that", etc. Both the impulses that comes from yourself and the impulses that comes from others will be easy for you to understand when you are at peace, when you have surrendered your will to the inner healer, to your higher self (God).

    The desire to have, the desire to see change, the desire to receive a companion in your life - comes from your will, comes from your desires. How to approach such a will, such a desire to see change? By letting go of expectation, by letting go of thinking about your desire, by letting go of your own will for your own life. Live in the NOW. Excercise in how to do so. Excercise in how to trust the Divine that you are taken care about by the highest source of healing (God). Surrender to that feeling of trust in the light in your life (God).

    Do not try to control Gods plan for you. Maybe you have met your husband several times, but not taken notice of him because of your thinking. Or maybe he just never have come into your life because you are not right for him as you are now, because his soul is waiting for you to no longer be thinking of other men before he meets you. He wants to meet you when you are at peace and have clarity. Perhaps he is waiting for you to relax and accept him even before he arrives in your life.

    Before the outer is the inner. But because people often believe what they see and not what they dont see, things go so slowly. Learn to believe what you dont see. You dont see a husband. Belive that he is there allready, waiting for you to accept him. Perhaps he has been waiting for you all this time. Or perhaps he has not taken notice of you because of your focus on other men. Relax and excercise non-action, non-movement from your desires and from your thinking and from your own will. Relax and feel the inner light heal you and show you the way. As your focus on the lower forces stop and you instead receive from the higher forces, your husband and everything you need in your life may arrive in your life in its right time.

    I speak from experience, not because of theory. I speak from experience.

  • TheHangedWoman: Hi thank u BUT i have one deep problem with this u posted. Im NOT religious AT ALL: I dont like the church nor to go to services, i shy from cemetaries, i get hives n pissy when ever someone starts citing the bible ( what a laugh ) So when u mention God, i get stressy n by it ICK n grrrr. U cant know this so its ok. just for fuirther notice, im pagan wiccan belief n more toward the naturebeliefs as well as long ago beliefs no one i think believes in anymore.- i may b baptized christian n my fam may b christian BUT im not anymore. yes i believe in some force source out there bigger than us, n God is just a name a label used to control people long ago n as much if said preached often enough it sticks n stays n survives.

    So if u wanna get through to me, u dont do god bible or that kind of belief. i respect u have it, but as said i dont anymore. sorry

  • I cannot even begin to tell you how interesting and helpful this post has been for me!! I am in a similar boat (not same, but similar) as CharmedWitchBente, in that I am curious about certain types of gifts. I am just realizing the possibility of me having gifts myself. Thus far all I have noticed are just a few subtle things in my life. Mainly the "listening to my gut" scenarios and then my "gut" being correct. I have been told by a several people that I am intuitive and sensitive...that I have a gift(s) but I haven't actively pursued them.

    I have been curious in learning how to develop them, to see if I am a certain type of "clair", if you will, but I am struggling. Not really sure where to start and personally I think its my Gemini side getting the better of me...Being impatient and wanting a quick fix to my problems, lol.

    Also, I have been told several times that fear is holding me back. At first I didn't understand what these people meant by fear, but now I am starting to get an idea of what I am scared of (and its a long list!). Part of me worries that if I open myself up, then I will be opening myself up to both the good and the bad. Not just the negative thoughts or feelings from others but also other "bad" things. For example, If I learn how to contact and communicate with my spirit guides, then I will have to admit they are real. Which also means "bad" things "might" be real.

    Much like CharmedWitchBente, I struggled with the Christian faith. I grew up with a Christian background but I find that organized religion disagrees with me, so I tend to stay away from labels. I wouldn't call myself agnostic since I do believe in a spiritual power, something that is larger than myself. I also believe in a universal energy. I call it God for my own purposes but I do not think of "God" always within the same context that a Christian would.

    That said, there are Christian beliefs that I cannot seem to shake (and believe me, I would love to shake them). This is where the "bad" things come into play. Throughout my life I have struggled with thoughts and dreams of demons and/or bad ghosts "lurking in the shadows". Now, I have always chalked these up to watching too much TV and having an over-active imagination, but one of my close friends (who happens to be very religious) said something to me regarding the "bad" side and its power in lives. For some reason, what she said has stuck with me.

    She is kind of retro in her beliefs and does not believe in ghosts or speaking to loved ones who have passed. She doesn't think God would keep us here on this plane and that we are going to one of two places. She feels that when someone is "talking" to a deceased person or channeling someone, its not actually that person but a demon whose sole purpose is to know everything about that person and pretend to be them. She says that by believing in it, it takes you away from God.

    Now I don't personally feel that way, but my issue is, since I have yet to shake the "good vs. evil" notion and still feel like there is a negative force in this world (seriously, I would love for there not to be but no matter how I try this notion is ingrained!) I worry that I will attract the "bad" to me. I fear this negative enough that I lose sleep over it.

    So, I guess I want to I totally crazy? Am I confusing the good side for some stupid belief that was forced upon me as a child? Am I not letting something in that should be let in because I'm just afraid?

    Its almost as though my fears are actually one big fear and I have several levels to it....many "what if's".

    I really liked what "TheHangedWoman" had to say about enhancing powers. I know its not directed towards me, but I found it really insightful.

    (Also, I understand how you feel CharmedWitchBente, with regards to talking about God. I personally didnt mind it in TheHangedWoman's post (like I said, I still use the word God in my beliefs) but I have been in conversations where, I swear, if the word 'god' was used one more time I was going to through a tantrum, lol! I just don't like it when people assume beliefs or try to force their opinions on you...NOT that I feel that was what TheHangedWoman was doing, but I can at least relate with you......ok, shutting up now, lol)

    What I would really love to do (should I have gifts) is be able to use them to help others. I see so many who want answers and my heart reaches out to them, but I feel there isn't anything substantial that I can do.

    Anyway, if anyone has any thoughts or insights to my "fear" issue, I would love to hear it.

    Thank you,


  • Interesting you two showed up together--tmoe--you are intuitively correct on the fear issue Niether of you feel safe--you do not trust yourself and this translate into a distrust of life in general. CWB--has a similiar energy and it attracts you rightfuly so. Normaly I walk around God and religiouse arguments because they are usually pointless--God is a matter of faith--no proof involved and there is no changing one's beliefs. We all find our own way when it comes to God--we gather info if we wish but faith is to each their own. Tmoe--your trust issues come from a different place and I do see you evolving past it--in fact the last year has brought more clarity than you've had in a while. Yours is an issue of sticking up for your own truth--you know what you know and it conflicts with the majority of what you were taught. Now is the time to trust yourself and do not question your insights too much. It is scary when people inflict the work of the devil on you. It is comman. You do not need to let your beliefs come between you and loved ones. I find it is best not to share beliefs I know are not well received by others. I was brought up very strict Catholic and over the years dabbled in many religions before finding my nitch. If you are intuitive enough to feel and hear guidance it would be emotional and spiritual suicide to ignore that gift in favor of someone elses fearful beliefs. There is no happiness in such a lie--you will be at war with yourself--I sense you know this already but stumble and question yourself because bottom line is it is always a matter of Faith--that is why everyone here hopes for validation but in the end stands alone--Spirit message for you is trust yourself first and the world will open up as a safer place. This does not mean you will be imperviouse to deceit or dishonesty because living with a open heart means yes getting hurt now and then but it will not destroy you. You have to trust doing the right thing even if the wounding party does not embrace that. You must trust that there is a long term accountability that rewards you for not reacting to hurt by closing off. It's the all or nothing thinking that gets one in a dark place. You are very wise to see that one underlining fear can radiate to many aspects in your life. It is time to make a personal committment to YOUR faith. This does not mean you must convince or argue with family or friends. You live your truth confidently and safely in your own heart and give others permission to do the same. When someone trys to convince you to go against your beliefs you can choose to follow your own without making it a battle ground--some things are not up for negotiations. Anger is what gets in the way--I do not feel anger is an issue for you so it is a positive sign you will stay on track.

  • CWB--I know I risk evoking your anger but I believe this huge boiling pot of rage you maintain just below the surface hides a great amount of pain. You suffer at your own hands and life repeatedly mirrors the very thing that both enrages you and holds the key to your release. Your overreaction to God and religion actually mirrors the very thing you hate! You are as ridged and attached to your beliefs as the bible thumpers who relentlessly do the same. Your anger is the key that there is more to this as mostly people are not so offended--maybe irritated a smidge when the bible thumper rings the bell but we just smile and say thank you--wish you well but I'm fine thank you. I do not belong to a church either but feel I live my religion with devotion--if I do feel like going to church it will be a spiritualist church even though I was raised Catholic and my children were all baptised. When I was younger I felt so isolated by the church--it contradicted so much that was me. I searched a lot and dabbled in many religions but in the end settled on who I am and trusting my own relationship with God. There have been many crimes against humanity waged in the name of God but that does not wish me to label him bad as I can't controll others beliefs.. My God does exhist like yours in the beauty of all living things. I believe all the answers in the universe exhist in nature. That is why some of the greatest minds in history all sat quietly and pondered nature--it is the grand disigne that humans have built off of. Most laws of physics come from nature. I sense you have issues that carry over from a past life but there is a stubborness and fear that keeps you from resolving that. The thing is the harder you resist the more life will push back so it will continue this pull and tug of your comfort zone. Spirit says you must embrase with wise detachment what you hate most before it releases you. You probably won't get this but I'm putting it out there anyway because somebody else does get it. Blessings.

  • PS--Forgot to mention the contradiction you mirror--your distrust and irritation with organized religions and churches yet you admitt you are a pagan wiccan so you do identify with a group of organized thinking. Enough to give yourself a name that many others go by--this does make you part of a belief system albeit different than others. Just wondering if you see it that way. I think you need to dig much deeper to the why the word religion has so much negativity attached.

  • WOW Blmoon! I'm speechless! Thank you for understanding, thank you for your kind and honest words, but most of all, THANK YOU for your insight!

    I have some serious self reflecting to do if I am going to get over my fears.

    Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

  • There is a psychology in the approach that I wrote that has nothing to do with religion. Detachment, The Law of Attraction, inner peace, all of that is what I have written about. It is the psychology that is important, the feeling of non-fear, non-worrying. The God-focus is your own choice. I might as well use buddhism or taoism as symbols. It is the psychology I am reffering to, the psychology that goes as a read thread in all religions or spiritual direction: Non-action, non-fear, excercise relaxation of the mind. From that you may find the clarity you need, the clairvoyance gift that you seek to develop.

    Thanks for not being angry with me, Bente. I did feel that I was talking to a person that would react like you did. Good that you dont feel that I am preaching, cause I am not. Just explaining the approach that I myself has experienced and seen works best for me.

    Wish you the best.

    Hanged (lol, what a signature)

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