In NEED of Direction

  • So I had been dating this guy for over a year. Along the way I found out he was divorced and had 2 kids. Normally, I would be like see you later not for me. But of course, I cared for him and I said lets see where this takes us but I cant make any promises. So we continued our relationship. I must say it has been one to make see the greatest joy and happiness in life. We have connected on levels I know that people spend a lifetime looking I guess in a sense a soulmate...

    On NYES he declared his love for me and said it was going to be all about us. A few days later, he says he cant do it and that he needs some time to figure himself out and be there for the kids.

    A month later when we talk again I find out that Child Protective Services was called and are now coducting an investigation on him and his ex wife because their little girl came to school with a bruise on her face..apparently the ex-wife did not communicate that to him and now they are in this mess. He continues to say he needs time and not sure when he will be ready but that he knows that I am what he wants for the future but he cant be committed to me right now well he figures this mess out and needs to be there for his kids...He says hes not trying to fix the past but bettering the future!?

    My Question is what do you do?? You are completely in LOVE with someone and yet they have to sacrifice their happiness and Love for a situation brought on by another? Or am I being too selfish because I dont have kids yet?? Do you walk away and accept what is? Or do you wait and see what happens??

  • Bella, I feel there is a pattern in your relationships - that you attract and are attracted to guys who can't commit to you because you have issues of commitment yourself.

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