Falling for a pisces.. just need a clear perspective..

  • Hi everyone, I have gotten myself into a situation that i don't think is ideal and i'm asking you guys to help me see if i had a clear read on the situation.ok , so here's a little background and the situation..

    I'm a cancer woman. lately i'm interested in my pisces friend. We went to school together and have been friends for 6 years now. I had a huge crush on him back then we first got to know each other. But i didnt let him know about my feelings back then. Me being me, i sussed out what kind of girls he typically falls for. And i dont fit in that category, and so i shelved my feelings. Within the 6 yrs, we have became good friends and we both had relationships with other people. Until recently, where we found ourselves both single.

    My Pisces was trying to move on after breaking up with his ex-gf a few months ago. She got pregnant and she decided she doesnt want the pregnancy. They took care of it and she became a little emotionally unstable because of the situation. but he stuck around hoping they could get passed it until things got so bad, he couldnt take it anymore and they broke up. On my side, i was letting myself be the booty call of my cancer ex-bf who broke up with me to go back with his ex-gf whom they broke up 3 yrs prior my relationship with him. I know its pathetic. I knew it was wrong to be hooking up with him despite the fact he is now with the "new" gf. I rationalised to myself that what she doesnt know doesnt hurt her and its her fault for not giving him wat he needs. for months i was in internal turmoil, tellling myself i will not hook up with him anymore and then feeling bad because i was weak and caved in everytime he calls. until finally one day, his gf called telling him that she's on her way home from work early. he apologized, said that i needed to leave and he will make it up to me. that was the last straw, i told him dun bother coz i wont be seeing him anymore. I finally saw what a user he is.

    So now back to the situation with my Pisces friend, about a month ago, we became intimate. How it lead to that is that we were having a text conversation about my situation with my cancer ex-bf. he was supporting my decision and then went on to tell me not to be having too much s**. at least not without him. I just laughed it off at that moment. A few text messages later, he suggested if we could do the tango. And at the spur of the moment, i agreed. Believe me, my response surprised the both of us. So now, the problem is that i think i'm falling for him again which is not good if all he wants is s**. i have a feeling he's not that interested in dating me. I'm not sure how pisces men are with communication in a relationship or with women they like. never dated a pisces man before. he doesnt initiate communication with me but will reply if i text him. We dont meet up unless its for s**. i would love to talk to him more on a daily basis but i dun want to seem clingy or needy. I am not the kind to let someone know im interested in them if i dont get the vibe back from them. Given that he just came out of a relationship, i'm giving him his space and i'm not expecting that he's ready for a relationship right now. So i tell myself to just enjoy the moments as it is and not to expect anything back. i'm just wondering if i'm setting myself up for heartbreak again if one day, he decides he is ready to start dating again and that girl wont be me.

    Thanks for listening and sorry for the post being so long and too much information.

  • It's not other people that are the problem here. You are attracting guys who will just use you for sex because the vibe you give off is that you are willing to do whatever it takes to get some affection and attention. You deserve better even if you don't think you do.

  • Stop worrying about his feelings and start taking care of yourself. If you don't feel good about sleeping with him then stop, at least until you feel better about yourself. Tell Pisces that you need a friend and not a hook up. Tell him that you need to step back. Even if he's not romantically serious about you he'll probably be understanding because I think most born under this sign are sensitive and compassionate. Take care

  • Hi: I have been with this guy for 2 year's and 3 month's now he is a pisces and i am a virgo, we spent time together for one week in feb of 2008 and everytime we made plans to be together he would back out on me, but now i haven't heard from him sence 2 week's after thanksgiving, i have called him and left message's and i have e-mailed him almost everyday for the last 4 month's, i have no clue what to do with this relationship any more. I am very much in love with him but i don't know what or why he won't call and talk to me, i have trouble sleeping i cry myself to sleep most of the time and i have tried everything in my power to get intouch with him should i wait for him or should i just move on with my like, please help. Thank you. luckt1960

  • I mean, think about it - you are discussing with someone the fact that you are willing to sleep with a guy just for sex and you wonder why then this person turns around and asks you for the same thing you just told him you were willing to do?

  • hi all, sorry i was busy with school and didnt have time to check the posts. Captain thanks for ur advice in the 2nd post. and leonessa, thanks for ur insight as well. i appreciate the help you guys. i will think about how to proceed from here. By the way, capt, is the last post meant for me or its an answer to luckt1960?

  • I don't answer separate questions unless someone starts their own thread. So my answer was for you, Pinklily.

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