Do saggs get attached easily? and how can you tell if they love you??

  • I was reading through some threads and came across something that said they are hard to remain faithful? However it also went on to say that they do get attached easily, but they are ones to never use the L word at all so ...HOW is one to know if they care for you or love you if they are acting all macho on you???? ANY advice would be much appreciated here.....

  • Hi divious libra, I thinks saggs are a very busy group of individuals, they hardly stay still long enough too tell what they are thinking, what they are going too do next. I have been blessed with a sag mother as well one very close friend, and have met several in my life. Let me tell you, if they say I'll be there at this time, better make it that time instead! Not too say they are careless, or rude, their not, they just find themselves off the beaten path a lot regardless of the original destination. They seem too be very energetic, some mentally, some physically, or both. They tend too be very popular, have a lot of friends, people are just drawn too them, but for that very same reason its easy for a sensitive person to get their feelings hurt, or confusion too happen because they may not realize your taking them more seriously, or your still on the first page and they have already zoomed too the last, they can make your head spin! As a rule I don't think they are hard too remain faithful once they commit , its just that may fall fast or commit quickly and then realize they aren't on the same emotional wave length as their partner, and then want too get out there again, they will however stay your friend regardless of whether it works out or not, infact sometimes you can't even tell a couple that is one part sag might have broke up if they have, because they don't like too abandon anyone. I can see where not expressing love words easily could be very true for some of them, for a lot of their life is spent being very busy, and involved in cool new things, they love too keep it interesting, yet the love side they might still be figuring that out themselves when on the surface it seems everything else has fallen into place, yet they withold that a bit longer, or withdrawl it a bit until they are more aware of their true feelings. Macho acting, I'm not too sure about, I've met sag men that were highly sensitive, intelligent to a falt, but not so macho, however the sag women I know can be a bit that way sometimes. If your like any libra I know, your feelings are sensitive, and your going too tell them like it is, I would just go ahead and see where it goes.

  • divious libra,

    I am a female Sag and I have dated a male Sag a long time ago. I agree mostly on what bluecat123 is saying above.

    When it comes to love, I don't understand it why most people think Sag are not capable of being faithful or to commit deeply in a relationship. I have been in a few relationships all my life and those were not just a short term ones. All of my relationships lasted more than a few years (only the last one lasted a few months, maybe because he is a Taurus LOL). When I fall in love, it means that I do love the person and care deeply for him. Sag are very straightforward and direct. We don't know how to hide our feelings. If we do not like you, we do not pretend to.

    Freedom is very important to us. Do not try to be all clingy and needy, we need our space. We do love it when our partner shows their concern and love but there is a limit to it. Do not go overboard by checking on us every hour. Instead of getting us closer, you are only pushing us away.

    We do not like to abandon our friends and family. We will do our best not to hurt anyone's feelings but if you really behave like an idiot, we won't hesitate to tell you off. We might regret it later though because we tend to say words that can cut you deep, without giving it a careful thoughts.

    I don't think a Sag will say the word " I love you" until she/he is sure that you feel the same way too. Pride! ( says enough? :D)

    Last word on my own experience - when I love someone very much, I can be very forgiving to his mistakes. I always believe that everyone deserves a second chance and no one is perfect. Do not push it too far though. If the person I love keep on making the same mistakes over and over again, there will come a moment when I say enough is enough. I will pack our bags and leave and won't look back. I will feel sad and all hurt of course, but I will not show it or give in any longer. I believe I have given plenty of chances and that's it. I can be friends again with this person but it won't be instantly. I need time to recover and to forgive. Again, it might be because I am stubborn 🙂

    Hope this helps!

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