On Protection

  • I received a rather startling message from spirit today -

    We all protect ourselves in various ways from being hurt - some use physical weight as body armour, or buy personal alarms, pepper spray, and security devices, while others withdraw into a protective mental or emotional shell, or use white light to surround themselves. But all this 'protection' is no protection at all - in fact, it harms more than it keeps you safe.

    It all involves a closing off or closing down of yourself and, while it may seem to block the bad things from happening (it doesn't but more on that later), it also blocks off the good Universal energy that is trying to reach you. You also repel anyone who might want to get close to you in a good way. When you set up a shield that says "This is to keep everyone who might want to hurt me again away" you are sending out a message to all people because we all 'hurt' each other in some way, intentionally or not. It's how we learn, so you are in fact blocking out some of the most important lessons and people in life. It's far better to develop the strength to cope with whatever comes your way. Trust in yourself and your own courage and endurance.

    Also every protective measure you employ comes from the fear that you will be attacked again, thus setting in place the means to attract what you fear. Putting protection around yourself is saying to the Universe - "OK, if/when the next attack comes, I will be shielded" - thus you set up an expectation of attack that is sure to manifest because our thoughts create our reality.

    Now New Age thought has been allowed to believe that white light is a good way of protecting yourself psychically. It was allowed while we were going through a particularly fearful time. But it was more a placebo to make us feel better. We are stronger now and no longer need the illusion of protection. Any barrier you raise or shield you put in place is based on fear and our fears will always be tested and challenged by attracting what we fear to us.

    A better 'protection' is forgiveness. If you can forgive your attacker, then there is no energy of retaliation created, there is no cord of pain or fear or anger or desire for revenge forged between you and the person who hurt you. In short, they lose any power they have over you. The connection - that can only be strengthened by fear - is broken. Plus, you open yourself up to Universal bliss and blessings rather than close yourself off as you do with any type of 'protection'.

    Even empaths don't need to close themselves off from feeling other's emotions and thoughts - try instead to open your heart to those around you. Feel their pain but don't hold onto it - let it pass through you and away. Love is the strongest and best protection there is. You will find the energy of love can overcome any sort of attack or intrusion on your personal space. And it makes you feel so much better than the fear that is locked in with you by your shields and bubbles.

    So I invite you all to throw off those suits of armour and stand free to feel the light of the Universe warming your soul - with nothing at all standing between you and receiving.

  • Ahhh.. Makes a lot of sense. So would this be a way of detachment? Allowing the negative to manifest but not letting its affect you or how you are feeling? Acknowledge it and then let it go?

  • Absolutely! Well said.

  • Also, in these days of energy consciousness and energy saving, we need to be aware where we expend our own energy. It takes a lot to build and maintain our shields and all that fear and hurt etc. is an energy drainer, too. This all takes away from the energy we need to achieve our goals.

  • Thank you Captain, now I don't feel so bad or feel I am doing something wrong by NOT putting up or using protection/shielding. It makes sense that focusing on putting on the protection for fear of attack attracts what we are trying to shield ourselves from. We are giving a lot of energy to it.

  • Oh Captain this is cool. Yesterday when I was beeming my light I totally blew the top of my shield off and the rest just kind of melted, and I was not worried at all as I knew that nothing could penetrate my light except the intense universal golden aura of love which was a match, and streaming back down. Later in the evening I was a bit off guard and had a little melt down temper tantrum stressy thing that I am really trying not to do (Ugh!), but I brought the light right back, and have been trying to hold it. Its not quite as strong as I go about my daily business but I feel good, was a bit wore out after work and some running around but still bright. Makes so much sense about the energy it takes to shield, we could just use this energy to keep our light burning bright. Thank you so much, very awesome.

  • Thank you...

  • Dearest Captain,

    I can't thank you enough for writing this! There has been a piece of me that has wanted For So Long to say .... You Do Not need this or that! But, I've never said a thing because I feel each to his own. We all learn and evolve and in doing so some people feel a "need" for something outside of themselves. I think of it as an unnecessary crutch ..... And I want to cry out ...You are Not Broken!!!! Below is what sent me typing faster than I ever do, LOL !

    "Even empaths don't need to close themselves off from feeling other's emotions and thoughts - try instead to open your heart to those around you. Feel their pain but don't hold onto it - let it pass through you and away. Love is the strongest and best protection there is."

    As an empath, great suffering brought great wisdom at such an early age that I had to unlearn detachment in early adulthood. Crazy backwards! LOL ! Love from Source, Love for others Is the most sheerest of shields, but stronger than titanium. Way lighter too! heehee

    I still depend on detaching when needed. I've just been unable to put too much stock in things or objects out side of me or God. Its generally all the "protection" any of us needs.

  • Thanks your insight on the subject gives me comfort...

    is too bad the person I love the most is struggling to forgive and let go of the past hurts and keeps this strong wall around him and hurting everyone who wants to get close to him (me)... if you can (whoever reads this) just pray so that his heart can let go of all the pain and finds peace... please

  • Captain this is very interesting!I just learnt shielding with white light 3months ago lol!Okay,what about healers.When Im sending someone healing[reiki],don't i need to surround myself and the other person in white light?And what about people like me who are still learning to let go ...caught in the process i mean.Is it safe to take this leap of faith?

  • Hi suramya!

    It may seem like a paradox, but it really isn't. Surrounding yourself and another with white light is akin to surrounding each other in the pure Love of Spirit. I think the contradiction comes when you toss in the word Shield.

    A shield is something that blocks any energy from getting in Or any energy from getting out. Most people use a shield to keep negative energies at bay. When you do Reiki, it may be easier to see the energy of white light as a "blanket" of Love you help direct to heal. All positive energy works under the comfort of this blanket. It comes from Source, you heal with it and re-new yourself again from the same blanket of Love.

    Sort of a simplistic way to explain .... Hope it helps!

  • PS. suramya --- is it safe? It is absolutely " safe" ..... If you were shielding with white light, eventually, you would use up all the positive white light under the sheild, and be unable to draw in more to continue to heal because you would have in a way shielded/blocked out receiving more. ( This is strictly for the purpose of your question ... I believe positive loving light Always gets through. : > )

  • Pardon my butt-in-ski!


    Just wanted to say hey and please send a 'LIGHT" blanket to me in Tennessee!

    Have mercy, these shifts and vibrations and stuff I have no idea about, are making me crazy(er) than ever! I need some relief. Can anyone relate?

    Take care. (((((((((HUGS))))))))

  • LOL ! Will Do, ragbag! BUT, Your loving light already shines! Keep your balance, sweetie! Talk soon.

  • Bless you Laie 4!That answers my question because for me healing another is an extension of love .I don't do it professionally.

    As for using it as a shield,I didnt mean while healing but in daily interactions with people who have,in some ways manipulated or drained me in the past.I guess my question is ,how do I know ive learnt my lesson,forgiven and truly moved on so i don't need protection anymore?!How to gauge ones's own evolution?!

    Thanks a lot

    Love and Light

  • Thank you Captain--

    Makes so much sense. I had an experience a few days ago while waiting for a bus. I overheard a woman talking about losing her 13 yr. old son to a mountain while he was skiing. It was in the local papers. I started to cry. I felt her pain so intensely. I just closed my eyes and prayed for her healing, offered my condolences and moved on. Yes, I think the answer is love and finding a way to use the energy so it's power is transmuted into something positive.

  • Hi suramya!

    Wow -- you ask the heavy duty questions --- Love it ! How to gauge your own evolution?

    Well, we never stop evolving, as you know, and usually it isn't a straight line from Point A to Point B. In fact, we all end up re-visiting lessons until we truly have moved beyond it. Sometimes, we think we have learned, forgiven, and let go in this incarnation …. But what is the gauge for that? LOL! Tough question!

    It is a question given birth by lessons. Are all lessons in need of forgiveness? Forgiveness--No, Gratitude --- yes! Those lessons that are negative can be seen from two sides - yin & yang if you will. These may need forgiveness of the other person and forgiveness of yourself. Lets say, you move beyond the negative lessons and the other person doesn't. What then?

    The other person may keep re-visiting the negative and " return" to You to work it out. This is what you are saying when you asked about manipulating and draining people ---- energy vampires. This part of the question is difficult … Are they drawn to Your Light for guidance of some sort? or Are You still subconsciously working out a lesson?

    If they are drawn to your light for their soul's assistance, I would help. But, If you don't understand your own limitations well enough, you will drain yourself. Be true to yourself first and be aware of the evolution of another. Higher energies will not continually drain you …. Help when needed, step back when you have done all you can. Each person learns as they go according to their pre-set lesson plan.

    If you are still working subconsciously your lessons, it is just my thought that you will continue to re-visit the lesson. If the lesson doesn't come back in this lifetime, I think you can consider it semi - learned. loll ! I say semi or partially because we choose the lessons before incarnation. I think of it as a touch-up or reminder …. Each incarnation of our soul may want to be reminded of a lesson briefly, just as a back -up for new lessons learned.

    No one can gauge because no one you or I know has all the answers. Do you operate from your soul space for the good of another's? At times, we do and may succeed a bit. It is my belief that this is what we are all here to learn. Egos drain, Love doesn't. Just do the best you can, suramya, and operate from your heart.

    Love & Light to you also!

  • "just do the best you can and operate from your heart"

    Laie4, that last sentence was exactly what I needed to read this morning too. Things don't need to be so complicated do they? It's really all down to simply being your best and loving self.

  • Interesting and nessasary topic. We all deal with this and it is confusing because we have all felt at one time or another that putting up a protective sheild or light is not enough--that there is more to it. My observation is that protection comes both within as much as outside. The more you fortify yourself at becoming a whole person--healing your wounds and becoming the person you were born to be the less imperviouse you are to outside energy. It's like being swiss cheese versus a polished piece of quartze. You have to have both components to master the art of spiritual detachment were you can absorb enough to see the truth but be strong enough to not be invaded by that energy and giving it room to make itself at home. Also no one is immune--no matter how strong you get you must always maintain it. Any time you are over tired, overstressed you must listen to the warning and rest and restore yourself before opening yourself up to other's energy. You also must understand the laws of attraction when it comes to energy that defys walls. This goes back to that being a whole person. If you have not healed the wounds of fearfulness you will attract fearful situations and that energy will call you home.no matter how many white lights you put up because it is our destinany here to heal and keep attracting opportunities to facilitate that healing. The white light in this case is not all useless as it just brings our guides closer to helping us get the answers.

  • Laie4 Im speechless!All these months Ive been searching for these answers and now to find these unexpectedly on this thread from you and Blmoon....WOW!Laie4 ,your message brings me hope and peace...love ,love and love to you:)

    blmoon what you wrote is a bit complex.If you have time can you explain a littleabout the wounds of fearfulness and the bit about guides,here or on some other thread.

    Thank you All

    Peace and Love

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