Amazing Confirmation By THE HANGED MAN

  • This morning when I woke up, had breakfast and did my morning "whats happening today" read (celtic, rider-waite) THE HANGED MAN came up in the 10th position. The spread was already leading to it's final conclusion, I knew immediately I had to chill today from making any major decisions.

    NOW Heres the FUN part. As I'm continuing to interpret the spread, I decide to put an album on, and sometimes (because I have so many cds) if I'm not sure what I want to listen to, I'll use a deck of playing cards to help me pick out a cd to listen to. The deck is a novelty deck based on the Rolling Stones classic album Exile On Main Street. When I picked a card out to zero in on a cd to listen to, SEE PHOTO , THATS THE CARD THAT CAME UP.

    Ha ha ha ha The Hanged Man has a sense of humor. Cracked me up and brightened my day...

  • Serendipity is like getting a sly wink from the Angels--love it!

  • nice! lol thats so fun when the tarot is double validated!

  • reminds me of that band, used to be a fan of RS and some other rock bands

    I'm learning Tarot, if you have any suggestion for beginner, let me know

  • It's the law of attraction at work. 🙂 I do hope the hiatus was fun.

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