• I noticed that I have some strange google and council aid ads on my tarot page and I want to know if other Tarot users are experiencing the same ads?

    and to be more exact in the google ads I ofen get Weight loss ads and other unrelated tarot or astrology ads. I thought that ad sense and google are supposed to poast ads related to the topic of the site. Why is that not happening or is it just my situation?


  • welcome to the virus that attaches during internet connection--it is a beast. Pop ups galore and ties up your machine to a turtles pace. I got it about a month ago---had to update new virus protection just to get rid of it--but it still comes back on that computer--hubby bought me new computer for Valentines. I don't know about yours but in my computer it attaches to one of my document drives. Since I have a new computer not infected, stopped fighting it with old computer and it rests off-line mostly for document purposes. It is so sad someone somewhere uses their energy and skills to disrupt life in such negative ways--bad karma, who ever you are!

  • Thanks..

    I do not think is virus because it gets undetected by anti-virus but I m sure some kind of malware. Please tell me what kind of ads do you see?

    and do yu ever get the classmates ads at too?


  • yes it comes up as a malware when detected. I'm not hooked up online with that other computer and forgett now the ads--there where many though and they popped up anytime I tried to open a page--I do remember other tarot sites as well popping up as well as weight loss and even porn! It seems to progress if left unscanned and fixed..My computers that had the new avast version were not hit but I haddn't updated that computer so it slipped through. My old version of avast did not detect any wrong either and when we tried to download a new antivirus it blocks it! My hubby had to download a newer antivirus on a memory stick and load it that way and then we could see the infected files come up as malware. He would have re-installed everything on that computer but it was older anyway and not worth it. We have 4 computers in my house including my laptop but that computer was the only one without the newer anti-virus on it.

  • No, no I meant what type of ads do you see now at

    NOT the old computer, the new one.

    This question is for the other Tarot readers as well.

    I am interested especially in the google ads..

    thanks everyone.

  • I think its a nescessary evil to keep tarot dot com as free as can be. yahoo has the same as many other sites. the ads varies dependable on where n what one looks at.

  • oh! I don't see any other tarot adds now but will let you know if I do. I tend to ignore the ads but remember one time I was reading a blog request and thought to myself oh my the person in question is schitzophrenic and had to consider they might not want that answer! then looking to my right noticed an ad pop up for a link to info about schitzophrenia--I had to blink! I did decide to confirm my reading and the person was ready and only wanted validation. But talk about serendipity!

  • wow.. so you cannot name any ads you see on your page..

    and I m not sure where the schizophrenia story comes in?

    are you a doctor? I thought is generally known that one should not use TAROT for medical diagnostics if they are not qualified..medically speaking.

    I see a lot of issues here.. I never give negative readings to anyone. What are you trying to say is that they were waiting for you to call them crazy?

    you know.. i received a lot of "qualifications" too.. unfortunatelly too often these are used to fake out someone's personality for hate reasons.. especially by those who don't like to be seen the way they are. When someone sees you badly you just wish they are crazy that you will always look good..

  • The only ads I see are and NO others is what I meant and said I would tell you if anything pops up as for at the momentt had not. I was not using Tarot and no I am not a doctor. It was not a negative reading in fact the person was very thankful as I said she just wanted her intuitions validated--she was a nurse and I do believe I told her to have him evaluated by a psychiatrist--not a practiciner or a counselour so you are way off imagineing the worst from me. I don't know what I said to to irritate you and apologize if you got the wrong impression. If I offended you by showing up on a Tarot blog it is your right to feel I don't belong as much as it is my right to feel I don't need to defend myself if you just plain don't like me. I'd like to think you just got the wrong impression as I have been guilty of that as well.

  • Please do not get aggravated. Just the way you explained it the first time did not make sense.

    Now it does... and you do not need to justify yourself just be more clear and you did that 🙂

    hm... I see:

    Ask one free question California Psychics ad.. and another one

    plus as I said the council aid ad as a top banner..

    and some crazy google ads about voodo..

    ok, thanks for your help.

  • I see right now an ad for job search from monster search--the rest are all I get where your looking now-at the banners on the right that are part of the web page. I thought you were talking about when spam just pops up across your page--that's the virus I meant. I just looked again and it hasn't changed--still says job search. Everything else is just noticed ads below on the right for virus removers--that's it.

  • Came back for another look and this time no ad links at all other than so maybe they come and go and are not there all the time.

  • wait a minute some popped up--the job search on top right and below links for Angels. com and a metaphysical school and for one universal mind.

  • hi underneath the advertisement for facebook I see ads from google and also at the very bottom of this website... and yes they were about psychics and stuff related... i double click at the very bottom - right corner at the google sign and it said something about "adsense"

    grhhh i dont know how to get rid of them I do have installed the google search bar... thats probably how i get those...

  • Thank you.

    It is clear that everyone's ads are different. My ads are more like the type of harassment I got in the past. It is very easy to use spyware to harass people. Ad council for example , they pop up even in my email..

    I hope they get caught and sent to jail.

    ps- happydoc the google ads have nothing to do with your google search bar.

  • HPriestess,

    Normally, the ads are similar with the web pages that you visited.

    For example, if you frequently surf the Astrology, Psychic, Magic etc sites....the chances are high that you will be seeing ads that are similar to all of the above.

    Mine are showing mixture of ads on investments, stock market, financial analysis, astrology and meditation. Financial investments and astrology ( weird combo I know, lol) are the 2 main stuff that I always search and read daily.

    I can be wrong. Just thinking maybe I can help 🙂

    are you the only one who is using that computer/ laptop?

  • yeah thats right they are about stuff you read the most or pages you visit... LOL and google said you can opt out of the ads being related to stuff your interested in but it doesnt say how to completely removed them from your computer... so annoying...

  • To answer your question-

    google ads are placed by for advertising purposes/ to raise revenue therefore that cannot be removed! 😞

    The council ads and or. gov I get have nothing to do with google or any sites I visited. It is an absurdity...! The problem remains with the spam that gets into these google ads.. and insults.. because they have nothing to with my browsing searches. I also found out that my email address has been added to some nasty sites.. It is clear someone is messing with this.

    ps- what did you all think of the tarot investment club idea?

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