Dad died and having strange dreams

  • My dad died in July of 2008 after a short and long battle with pancreatic cancer. Lately I have been having dreams about him although he is not the same person. He looks exactly the same but he has a totally different personality. I was wonderin what that means. I have also lost my wedding ring and someone told me to try to ask him in my dreams but he won't talk to me not in words that are understood at least. I am very confused!

  • He may still be confused about his passing over to the other side. Give him some time to adjust and settle down before you ply him with questions.

  • I usually have dreams about my relatives that have passed. One of my cousins who was a total Chevy man, was showing me his place where he was now living , a ranch, which was usual, however he showed me his car which was a ford mustang....totally confused me, then I realized he was letting me know he has changed, and it was a good thing. Hope this helps a little. Its tough with your Dad, I have had odd dreams about my dad as well, but know that he is ok. I think Captains advice is great. Love and Peace to you mandm0305

  • I didn't have strange dreams after my dad died some years ago

    but my brother did

    it turned out to be skeleton in the closet that I don't want to talk about it here

    keep trying to talk to your dad

    not about wedding ring or other things, but talk about him first

    how is he doing etc see if he can reply

    what you see in your dream, could be his true personality

    or it is not, but it's just that we do have secrets

    things we keep to ourselves, maybe a side of our personality that we don't show to others

    we wouldn't have found out skeleton in the closet

    if my brother didn't dream of my dad weeks after he died

    not saying this is what happened to you, but it is a possibility

    I heard about someone who died and was known as very loyal and honest man

    after he died, his son dreamt of him killing a man

    years later they found out, he was involved in a crime and in attempt to escape the chase,

    he killed his partner and took all the money

    they were wondering whether his death was a revenge

    but that's another story I didn't wish to know more about

  • Thank you all for the advice. When I say it's not his personality it's like he doesn't know how to behave socailly. It's almost like he is mentally challenged which is very hard for me to say because he was very intellegent and distinguished man, I can see him talking to his brother and sisters in the dream but I can not hear the conversation and with them he is totally normal. Its only with me that he is awkward which saddens me since we were very close.

  • I've had vivid dreams of my dad after he died for about a year. The difference in my case was that I was separated from my family for many, many years and we were not able to say goodbye to each other. He told me in a dream how he was embalmed. I saw the wound round the neck and " see what they did to me... but now I am fine." He was different from what I remembered-- light, small, and very thin. I carried him to show him the parade that was passing.Then, he dropped his head and he was dead again. Another time I dreamt of my mom and brother with me and we were in a dining room. Mom said " your dad will pass by. You'll have a split second chance to acknowledge him. Then, he'll go to heaven and we'll not see him again." And there he was coming into our house went around the back side and reentered through the kitchen door and into where we were. Mom looked at me and dad stopped right behind me. I was afraid to look up but I pushed myself to and saw him much, much younger, clean cut, and totally relaxed. I simply said " papa." He smiled and then proceeded to the front door and disappeared. Don't know what they mean but both dreams showed my dad with different personalities or appearances.

  • No intentions of hijacking this thread but I would like to share my experience with you.

    My brother passed away a month ago, he was a kidney patient. He spent the last 6months of his life having to go through painful session of dialysis. No, there is no history of kidney failures in our family. His kidney was damaged when he got into a traffic accident about a year ago and since then, his kidney was not functioning properly. Funny how fate can change a person's life in just a matter of second. My brother was a healthy young man, he was a Physical Trainer in the Army for 10 years( you need to be super healthy and fit to be able to get this position).

    Anyway, I spoke to him on the phone 2 days before he died, before I left my family home to go back to my own. ( I live thousands of miles away from my family). When I reached my own home, in less than 24 hours, I received a phone call that my brother died. I was devastated! I took the next flight back to my homeland again, where all my family are. Flight took me 14 hours and including the reservation, drive to the airport etc, I was home only about 2 days later. I didn't get to see my brother for the last time. I missed his funeral.

    I was full with regrets. How I wish I had stayed at my family's home a little longer. If I had gone home just a day or 2 later, I could be at my brother's funeral. I started to blame myself, finding reasons to tell myself that I could have done things otherwise. I could not accept the reality that I won't be seeing or talking to my brother anymore.

    2 weeks later, I had a dream. I dreamed that I was in a car, getting ready to drive away. Surprisingly, my brother was standing outside,just a few feet away from my car, smiling at me and waving me goodbye. I was in the car, looking at him waving at me. He looks healthier, just like he always was before he was diagnosed with kidney failure. He did not say a word but the expression on his face tells me what I needed to know ( or I think I know).

    I woke up from the dream feeling at peace. I found my closure. I know that my brother was trying to tell me not to blame myself for not being at his funeral. I did my best to get there. The expression on his face tells me that he is at better place now and happier. He is not suffering from the dialysis anymore. He is at peace too.

    Just a few days ago, when I was sitting alone in my family's living room, there was suddenly a strong smell of perfume. It was the smell of my brother's favorite perfume. I breathed in to really make sure that I was not imagining things. The smell was still there, very close to me. I ran out of the house to sniff the air outside, No perfume smell outside. I came back into the house, there it was, the smell was still lingering. After a while, I realized that my brother was with me, visiting me. I calmed down and enjoyed the smell of the perfume. I spoke out softly " If it is you brother, thank you for visiting me. I love you and I will always miss you. Feel free to come again anytime." After a few moments of silence, the smell was gone, leaving no traces at all....

    Well, that is my experience I would like to share. I hope I am not making anyone feeling sleepy 🙂

    I am sorry Mandmo305, for hijacking your thread. I wish you all the best with your dream. Hope you will find something meaningful in it too. Good luck.

  • mandm

    I hope you will find the answer soon.

    I couldn't talk with my late father without a medium at first

    but as I get more comfortable dealing with spirits

    if I see him during meditation we can communicate, although not verbally

    the same way I communicate with my power animal or some spirits that appear


    that is a beautiful story. I am glad you gain closure.

    about the smell, my father did the same thing. he died and within a few weeks I could smell his favorite fragrance. my mother smelled it but not as long.

    and a few times he was looking over my shoulder, when I was crying missing him or when I was worried about the bills

    after 3 yrs or so I decided to let go. grieving too long can hold his spirit from continuing his journey, so I had to let go. he was a great father and husband, it's time that he rests in peace.

    it's hard to let go but I managed. Now it's 9 yrs and I don't cry anymore.

    I was always his little girl. but I will show him he doesn't need to worry about me anymore.

    I treasure our memories and I will make him proud, that is how I remember him.

    I am sure you will also make your brother proud, you may have done so already.

    I hope the best for you and for your business.

  • Thank you, Leoscorpion.

    I wish you all the best too in your financial situation.

    Hope you can pay off all the debts this year and be free from it.

    If anyone can, I am sure it is you 🙂

    I am sure your dad is very proud of his little girl.

    You dedicate your time and energy in here helping us all who is seeking guidance.

    No words can describe how thankful most of us are.

    About my brother, I still miss him a lot. I still keep his text messages in my mobile and I can't barely watch his photos without tears in my eyes. But I have accepted that he is gone now and he is at peace with it, so should I. The dream that he was smiling and waving at me gave me the acceptance that I needed. I have come to terms that he is gone. I know he wanted me to let him go and I am respecting his wishes. He will always be in my heart and in my prayers.


  • The hardest part about the dreams is that I feel that I want to cry everytime I look at him and that he won't talk to me but he talks to everyone else. He and I were so close and it feels like he is ignoring me.

  • I am so sorry to hear that 😞

    Well, I am no expert in this but maybe you can try and have a "small talk" with your dad, every night when you go to bed? Just say the things you want to say to him softly and tell him that wherever he is, you are hoping he is listening and wish that he will communicate with you when he is ready?

    I still do that whenever I misses my grandma and grandpa. I talk to them as if they are with me.

    Just an idea.....

    Wishing you all the best. Be strong.

  • Mandy, don't make the mistake of thinking that this world and other worlds are the same and possess the same qualities and conditions. Your father may not be able to hear you where he is. A lot of things change when you pass over so don't think you are communicating earth-to-earth sort of thing with the afterlife. Time for instance is very different there to what we know and also distance, awareness etc. all changes. So don't judge your father's behaviour by our standards here on earth. It's not like picking up a phone and getting an instant connection and it certainly doesn't mean that his love for you has died.

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