• Hello,

    I'm having some issues with a Cancer man and I would like to get a reading on compatibility and where this is going. I'm so confused and I need some clarity...

    My birthdate: 11/02/1983 born in Ottawa, Canada between 9-11 am

    His birthdate: 7/14/1985 born in Houston, Texas. Dont know his birth time.

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!!

  • According to your astrological profiles, this relationship can work for the long term - provided you can be more open with each other. Your friend has the same troubles as you in not being able to 'see' or emotionally touch his partner. Both of you can be very secretive - your friend withdraws and goes into his shell and you don't give away much about yourself. It's like there's a smoke screen between you, generated by the both of you. So which of you is going to break through the screen? One of you is going to have to take a risk about exposing your real self to the other. A lot of stuff between you goes unsaid - time for a change if you want to save this relationship. Your friend needs to trust you in order to open up and in order to trust you, he needs you to open up. See the vicious circle here?

    There's a strong sexual component here but flirtation and seduction are not enough to build a good relationship on. You have got to be emotionally honest with each other. Express yourselves directly instead of using manipulation or temptation on each other. A marriage can be strong and enduring if you work through your problems.

    Is there a third person somehow causing trouble for you here?

  • Thank you so much for helping me! I have noticed that we both are really secretive. I know that he is emotionally unstable and something has happened to him that has hurt him very deeply. I’m not sure what it could be. Do you see anything about what could have gone wrong?

    This is the second time that we have gotten together. The first time he walked away because he said he didn’t want to get too deep and wasn’t ready for a relationship. I have not felt this way about a man in a very long time. Do you see us working out?

    I have a hard time opening up because I’ve been burned in the past. I always thought that if he would open up, I could too. I guess I’m going to have to be the one to go first.

    Can you tell me how he feels about me? We got into a minor fight and now he has retreated. It’s been two weeks since he spoke with me. I’m so confused.

    We are very sexual with each other. Almost every time we have been together alone, it ends up being more intimate than I intended it to be. I want to connect with him emotionally but I think our attraction and our insecurities make it hard to open up to each other and the sexuality sort of gets in the way.

    Could you tell me a little bit more about this third person? There might be, but I’m not sure.

    sorry for all the questions, thank you again for your help!

  • Obviously he is trying to prevent being hurt like he was in the past. If you really want to be together, you are going to have to put some work into it. Seeing as you have been through the same thing, you should be extra sensitive to and understanding of your friend's feelings and be able to treat him as you would want to be treated. Why ask a psychic about what is bothering him when it should be him you are discussing this with? It shows you are procrastinating about being open with him. Put talk before sex - If you only relate in bed, the relationship will soon burn out.

    The third person is possibly a friend or relative that is cautioning him against becoming more involved with you, possibly because they don't to see him get hurt again.

  • I would love to talk to him, but he's kind of ignoring me. I have tried to communicate but it's been a little futile. I really want to open up, but I guess I just need to see him more often to do so. We don't get to see eachother often, and I'm better with face to face interaction.

    I would just really like to know how he feels about me so I can get a little more secure with this situation. he's really back and forth, and isn't very open with his feelings about me.

    we don't only relate in bed. when we do talk, we have great conversation. it's just a lot of to get to that point though. takes us many meetings, which don't happen often. he is very aloof, is there an explanation for that? is he just scared?

    I do know his mom wants him to focus on himself. maybe she doesn't want him to get hurt again. there is also his ex boss, who is also a very good friend of mine and his, that seems to get a little irritated every time my Cancer man and I get close. I'm not sure why though...

  • His aloofness comes from the fact he doesn't know you well enough to completely trust and relax with you. So he pulls away out of fear. This is why you have to deepen your relationship by revealing more of yourself.

    Your boss doesn't think your relationship is working and he doesn't want either of you to get hurt. Your friend confides in him and has told him of his doubts and fears.

  • How can I get through to him? He won't respond to any of my calls or text messages.

    Is my boss correct in thinking that it wont work?

    Is there any way to see how my Cancer feels about me?

  • Can you send him a note to say you understand his need to pull back in order to gain some perspective and that you would still like to be friends if that's what he wants but you won't pursue the matter any further unless he wants to? Then just leave it at that so he doesn't feel at all presurred. The more you push, the more he will retreat.

    No, your boss is not necessarily correct. It's his belief that you two are not a good match but that's just his opinion.

  • is the boss's opinion affecting my cancer's decision and mindset on our situation? is my Cancer retreating because he's is being influenced?

    I sent him a text two weeks back before he started ignoring me telling him that I understand he needs time and that I'm there for him and that I miss him. he hasn't responded and I haven't persued after that last text. I hope he comes back and we can at least be friends first and then move from there if possible.

  • Yes he is being influenced by his family and friends - he doesn't trust his own judgment because it has let him down in the past.

  • Is there any way to see if he feels the same way about me that I do him?

    I'm so sorry for all the questions.

  • How exactly do you feel about him? When we are really in love, we can give ourselves completely to someone. The fact that you are holding back on revealing yourself tells me that perhaps you have some hesitation over this relationship yourself. Is it your intuition that is telling you to be so wary?

  • he has gotten deep into my heart over this past year and I miss him dearly...I wish I could just spend time with him and talk to him. I really wish we could spend more time together so I can let him in and stop being so insecure. my intuition is telling me to be wary because I've been hurt before, but I dont know if I'm in love with him becauase I dont know who he really is. I love him as a friend and as a person, and I know I would be there for him if he EVER needed me. I'm feeling lost mostly, but my hesitation isnt over wanting to be in a relationship with him. it's from not having trust with him yet and from fear of getting hurt.

  • I'm kind of getting the vibe that he doesn't have feelings for me and that he doesn't want to be with me now or ever...should I just let him go? I hate to do that, but if he doesn't even want to talk to me, I have no choice...

  • The thing about him being a Cancer is that on some level he is picking up all your cautious and hesitant vibes. So when he feels your indecision and wariness, it puts him off. It's up to him now to sort himself out. You cannot do anything more - the ball is in his court. But don't waste too much time waiting around for him.

  • I need an answer to this. He is Libra and I am Aquarius, we have been together for 13 years. the past 4 years alot has happened that made me push him away telling him to find someone else mywish came true but I only waanted break from him not breakupI had time to think things out but it was too late he found someone else who inturn used him. It has been a back and forth thing him constantly telling me to get out of his life he doesnt need me to calling me up asking me for favors. not sexual I keep telling him to let me go and hes holding on I still love him but now I feel hes playing games with me beides lying I want him back but I dont know if he is afraid of coming back or what. He is confusing me more than ever. He will constantly talk on the phone with me but never make plans or be seen with me in public anymore. like hes ashamed of me.wont talk to me in person Please tell me wht is going on

  • The Captain>>The thing about him being a Cancer is that on some level he is picking up all your cautious and hesitant vibes. So when he feels your indecision and wariness, it puts him off. It's up to him now to sort himself out. You cannot do anything more - the ball is in his court. But don't waste too much time waiting around for him.

    ScorpVirgo>>So I should just let him go because it's probably not going to work out? I don't mean to put him off. A lot of my hesitation comes from his hesitation. it's like I dont think I will be well received and he will walk away from me again if I try to open up. Should I try and say hi in a couple of days just to see if he wants to talk to me or leave him alone now?

  • ScorpVirgo, leave him alone and let him initiate contact.

  • ok thanks. do you think he'll actually come back and contact me?

  • I'm just missing him so much and I wanted to know if he would actually come back for me or how long it would take.

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