Help me woo a Libra girl......

  • Ok. Having read some fascinating stuff on how Libra's like to be wooed I'd like to get some advice on how to win the heart of a Libra girl.

    Here's the story: She's a flirty Libra! Very sociable but has recently come out of a relationship with a guy she knew wasn't right for her. This guy has since moved on and she is licking her wounds to some extent. Her relationship history before this has been rocky and I get the feeling men have taken advantage of her outgoing personality and so she is cautious of my advances.

    We met and got along great - lots of chemistry - and shared some good times together. However, she then closed the door citing her feelings for her previous partner.

    I'm taking it slowly and don't want to place any pressure on her. But I also want to make it clear that I like her.

    What should I do next?

  • I am a Libra. We love all things classy, stylish which also applies to our surroundings. This does not mean things have to be expensive, much rather should they be in harmony with the environment. Meaning do not exaggerate anything, not the event or yourself.

    I do not know where you live, but I suggest a picnic. Best around lunch time, so there is no innuendo. Even if it is in the backseat of your car or bed of your truck on a rainy day. Pick her up and surprise her at a time when you know she is home, and comfortable to go out. (not half dressed with rollers in her hair, if you know what I mean). Knock on the door and hand her a single flower, it can be a wildflower you picked yourself - the more personal the better. Take her to a nice spot, nice view, romantic body of water, a lake or river. If you can be outside where you are take a blanket, but also take a cushion to get comfortable on. Wine, cheese, some grapes, french bread, and maybe a chocolate cake or similar for desert. If you bake it yourself, even better.(C'mon now, there's always Betty Crocker!) If she has a glass of wine or bubbly, take a half bottle. Just the right measure to have a glass without getting heavy-headed. Take real glasses, cutlery, napkins, plates, wine opener. I know it's fussy, but it's classy and shows that you went out of your way. Also take a jar (empty jam jar) and put a votive candle or simple tea lite in it (don't forget the lighter if you do not smoke yourself!). It odes not matter if it is bright daylight - this is all about the effort you put in. As far as conversation during your al-fresco luncheon, I would keep it light. Tell her about some childhood memories, or about who the most important woman in your life was (I am talking family/ teacher/ gran and obviously NOT your ex). Libras like to know what is going on in your head without having to ask, because we are always contemplating. My bf and I sit out at night and play "3 questions" over a glass of wine. Each one asks 1 question, you go in turns. Like that you have lots to talk about and get to know the other person even better. Keep it above the belt though, unless it is getting romantic, you know what I mean. Important: after picnic, take her home. Do not go and have a coffee or go home or see a movie until later that day. No pressure at all. Tell her you just felt like having her with you for something to eat just the two of you. You have things to do. But if she wants you will be back later for a movie, or whatever. This will give her time to swoon. Libras are swooners. We like to ravel in our good moods. Let her enjoy the time to think back of the afternoon and all the stuff she learned about you. Now, when you show up for the evening out (smartly dressed and smelling delicious) you will find a relaxed woman, who appreciates that you gave her space. Most important: you have to be you. Authenticity is key for a Libra. You will have a challenge, but also the prettiest, kindest, most considerate and compassionate lady by your side, who will look after you well, and will be in it for the long haul, cooking you up some wonderful stuff for your body, mind and spirit all along the way! It is great that you are asking for advice, you must be serious about her, and she is very lucky, too. Good luck and let me know how it went 🙂

  • What a lovely response. I'd very much like to do exactly what you suggest..!

    I'm Scorpio so concocting plans like this is right up my street - from what I have learnt so far about you Libra girls, what stands out is that things take time to develop. So i'm fighting a little bit with my scorpio tendancy to have it all at once. However, I'm not going to push her one way or the other, what I want to do is show her that she can trust me - and she has obviously had some bad experiences in this department in the past.

    How do I go about striking the balance between showing my interests and not overdoing the take it slowly thing. Would not a picnic be seen as too much pressure on her side?

    During our first encounters I was typical Scorpio, trying to charm and manipulate to get my own way. Since then though I have tried to use my investigative powers to understand where she is coming from and appear to have found the answers here. So far her bahaviour has been classic Libra, indecisive, diplomatic, etc... but full of beauty so I have a clue that your approach may well work or at least help build trust between us.

    I'm respectful of her situation with her ex. She is obviously missing being in that relationship and is hesitant to get involved in anything deep just yet - I guess I'm the same as I recently came out of a long relationship.

    But her Libra complexity is entrancing me. Is there perhaps an intermediate step before the suprise picnic stage?

  • Arcam good luck. I will be following your story with much interest if you do come back and write about it. I am the opposite wooing a Libra male and yes we need to slow down a couple of knotches. And manipulation has to go out the window totally. Try finding out what her chart says it might help you along.

    Uhmm just to add about you last question and I am sure Sussane has more to say. Yet I surpised my Libra male with a home baked cake and a small gift. It was much appreciated and opened up another side of him that I am very much liking. So see what works for you and if you are any good in the kitchen by all means make something.

  • As the mom of a Libra son and with all my nieces being Libra's, I can tell you that Libra's like the people around them to be REAL. I do agree that they are up on the latest trends and like to have nice things around them. But they are smart and intuitive and will see you coming from miles away if you try too hard. Be YOU. Be her friend first if you really want more.

  • Hi, see you have two comments below that confirm my advice. You are a considerate guy, otherwise you would not be here in the first place I reckon:) If you are worried about the surprise part, then be prepared to get a NO once you show up at her door. Take it like the man who wants her still, leave the flower and hand her the picnic basket, tell her the cake you made for her is in there and you want her to eat it since you made it for her especially. Give her a hug and a smile and tell her to put the rest in the fridge and call you when she is ready. Ball in her court - and some HUGE ball it is too 😉 Hard to ignore your kindness and patience. I am sure though, that she will join you, and am quite convinced it will go real well. One thing is for sure - we Librans are very intuitive and smart, and as the lady below points out you're better off packing that stinger away for a while, cause she will smell it before you do! Another point that came to mind after I hit send earlier: Librans like to flirt and the positive energy that comes from your attention will definitely pull her away from her memories over time - however, since you seem to be a good guy, you also need to protect yourself not to become "the rebound guy". As said before: be real, be true, be you, and don't do too much you cannot keep up for the long run. As far as scorpion manipulation: all I can say to that is : HA! You are dealing with a Libra.... 🙂

  • Flowsco, Hi. It was by stumbling across your posts that i thought this might be agood place too find out more.

    The relationship i refer to is a little strange. Yes, we had a good few months of getting to know each other, I even took her on holiday as i could see she needed a break, as did I. After this she informed ,me that things would not work out between us. Possibly a considered Libra decision there ,methinks..! Only problem I had with that was it didn't stack up, we had been getting on great and none of the signs matched up with this decision.

    A little too serious too soon was the only feedback I could get from friends at the time. Without wanting to be a mind reader, I think she saw in me a possible relationship above her usual flirting. Faced with that fact she realised that she had not come to terms with her break up yet. I respect that, which is why I am looking to take time.

    If there is nothing more to come then so be it, but something tells me that if she was ready she would have gone for it. I also want to take things slowly so I reassured her to that effect and we have had some communication since but limited.

    Actions speak louder than words here so I'm wondering what action to take to show that I'm still around and interested, when she feels confortable to do so. If I back off completely to give her space I risk losing contact completely.

    That would be a shame as she deserves more than she has been given in the past.

  • Susanne, I like your style!

    My stinger is well protected and won't be causing any problems here, but I won't go into that (whole new thread there!!)

    Keep those suggestions coming, let's see if we can't make a nice girl happy....

  • Arcam, Hi. I am glad my story inspired you to ask. I too had a couple of months getting to know my male Libra. Yet it was the other way around he was interested and I wasn't sure. Now there is more balance to it all.

    I too am in a stage now that there is a difference in what he says and what he does so yeah things doesn't always stack up. But I understand better now.

    The Libra's on the forum has been a great help in my case. And I am sure the ladies here will be able to give you advice.

    It's interesting to see that you have the same thought: If there is nothing more to come then so be it.

    What already has been shared in this thread is good starting point. I know my Libra since last summer and I haven't seen him for about 3 months between November and February. The cake I dropped at his work (December) early in the morning before he arrived so the surprise I didn't witness.

    He needed 2 days to regroup before letting me know. I did text him though to make sure that he did get it.

    They are very smart and intituive that is basically what I like about my Libra. And he tests me the whole time. 😉

    Basically what I am trying to say is continue to have patience and be considerate to her needs.

    It sounds that you guys will be alright if you keep this up like this.

  • Well - and it's the honest truth - if nothing comes of it, and she (or me for that fact) really thinks that it won't work out then I would accept that and be happy that we had the chance to spend some nice times together.

    However............that doesn't mean that I don't want to persue her 😉

    I think she see's an imbalance between us. I'm intelligent and have a good job, she had kids young and has spent most of her life single bouncing off meatheads who take advantage (how do these guys get the pretty girls??)

    I can see her intelligence. . . . . and it's a match for me - but I think she has had it supressed for so long 'm not sure she sees it herself. I want to open her up to her own abilities for I'm sure she will shine.

    So libra ladies, how do you respond to being persued?

  • ** Bump ** 🙂

  • I like being pursued, just don't over do it! Check on her every couple of days & really be her friend. She might need someone to listen to her and her feelings!

    What is your moon & her moon sign?

  • Sorry everybody, I really wanted this to work out but I guess I just misread the signs. No response to my being nice, in fact the complete opposite. Thanks for all your help.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Arcam I agree totally with quenkath. I am going through that same phase now. I know we aren't the most patience people especially when we are in love yet if you believe in her and a future with her in any way you need to slow down.

    Slow down like you are in the hottest day of July/August where you just want to sit down somewhere in the shade and do nothing and see life go by and enjoy everything you see and hear. That slow.

    I am out for the day I will look up some pointers I got from another Libra and post back. Perhaps tomorrow.

    And listen to the Libra's that comes in here and give you pointers.

  • It's not mean to be.......I ended up driving a friend to a party and she was there. I didn't know she would be there. She got drunk, dressed outragouesly, avoided any real contact with me and went home with another in front of my very eyes. "I'm not avoiding you, I'm just doing my own thing"........

    It hurt me badly after I had been so considerate . Can't let it happen again.

  • This post is deleted!

  • I think she was unaware that her ex had settled into a new relatioship until recently. When she did find out I think she felt a loss of power / control and this was an event designed to reinstate her feminine / Libra qualities. But I could be making this up to make myself feel better. What do you think?

  • Arcam, was this a direct quote from her to you: "I'm not avoiding you, I'm just doing my own thing"........" ???

    Also, did you come to the party with another female? If so, did the libra gal see this? Maybe she assumed you weren't all that serious about her if you came to the party with another woman?

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