I am concerned about conceiving at 39 w/1 miscarriage

  • I am a small girl and feel very young. But people are so caught up on age. I had a miscarriage September 30 2008 and didn't know I wanted a baby until I found out and lost it. My husband has 2 children already from a prior girlfriend, but we are married now and I would like so much to have my own child. I feel like I am getting stronger everyday after loosing my mother and brother 3 years ago to suicide, both of them. My mother shot herself and my little brother hung himself in the garage. I went through so much to get through it and I feel ready to move on. I love my husband who came along the week my brother died. I was drinking heavily and he helped me pull through it. I do not drink at all anymore. When I was pregnant all the sudden I hated alcohol and cigerettes and have don't ever touch either one now. My other brother at the same time went to prison for 15-25 years so my last three years I have felt sorry for myself and I am ready to make changes and I want a child so badly but have not been able to get pregnant again. I finished my Master's degree in July of 09 so I could take some time off of work and get my life together so I finished that and am ready to move on. Is there any advise for me. Do I still have it in me to have a child, I know I want one enough but I have to get pregnant again and I 'm worried I waited to late for career and tragedies in my life. But, i would not want a mother like I would have been before haveing some time to get through some of the emotions. The test look ok that i can concieve but I don't know what is wrong. I am worried I will not be able to have children, I don't want to adopt but I would do invitro. Any advice for me? Or can you tell me where to go to get some. I do have a loving family that is left and a great husband. I love my stepchildren but thier mother will never let me get any closer to them she hates me already and I did not even meet my husband until they were apart for at least 4 years and she just recently married herself. I know she hates the fact that he married me but that is not my concern, I did not even know her. My husband went celebate for 2 years before we met so, I'm not quite sure why the drama. I have no problem with her if she would try to be nice and not call me things in front of the children like "that skinny little thing" and worry about what I do with my spare time. But, I'm willing to deal with it. Honestly, I really want to have a family with my own child (longing for it) and make sure her children are treated with the same love , she has stepchilren also. So, I don't see the problem but I'm not really concerned with her more so, if it is in the card for me to at least have one child to add to the family. I pray it's a possibility. Can someone help me or tell me where to find the answers I seek? 9-15-70 Bday 1.06am

  • Yes, I have all those things and track it all the time. I tried to get on clomid and my hormones went crazy, so I am not allowed to use that anymore, It was uncontrollable. where would I go to get a reading (short)but to the point on here?Does that also cost?

  • Thank you so much!

  • Hans Wolfgang add info Can you give me a little help? with a quick reading, the rest about me is at the top. (tailor) I would appreciate it if you have any time. Really just asking about getting pregnant , I 'm not ready to give up!!!

    I also wanted to add, for help that my husband's birthday is 8-30-67. I m not sure what time, but the reading of our relationship was pretty right on, he's flamboyant dosent care, speaks his mind everything on there and has to be the king of the house. The only issues are when I get a temper. Then It's bad we can't have a fight and break everything in the house but still love each other in the morning or even that night. I'm getting used to letting hime think he wins. He is a wonderful father to our his children / my step children and I think he will be the same way. We have had to learn alot to be happy together espically me, (always wanting more, but I am completely in love now and I have taken those horrible lessons on the past and used them to remind myself, how misrible I can be so I love being around him now and since we got married his attitude changed 360. He's a different man, I don't get any wondering where he's at, looking at women I feel no threaths. I do like that, We hung out and became friends first. He says he wants a baby also. So I'm not worried there. I just wonder if it is ever going to happen again, or am I going to have to do invitro and all that stuff. Maybe I should have him checked out now his kids are 8 and 10. Any hope for me or will I be looking at a long journey? Thank you sir

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