I am Thankful for...

  • I am thankful for a Bright and Beautiful Universe where I can Live, Learn and Love.

  • I am thankful for having had a frutiful life, with a caring family and friends who love me.

  • I'm thankful for getting out alive from a 5 year abusive relationship and getting my 2 kids out with me, even though I had to leave most of my stuff behind including my only car, we got out. We aren't totaly safe as of yet, but my daughter's mother-in-law took us in when we had no where to go. So I am thankful for her and my new friends in Chiago who gave me the courage to move on, and open my eyes to what I could reach for in my future!!!! Any woman who is in my position should seek help to get out and never look back before it's too late! Because of my ex I had 5 spinal surgeries and I still have to have more, and one of my daughters were murdered, please if you need the help look for it and you will find it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Just keep looking there are woman's shelters out there!!! I know it hurts and its not easy!!!!

  • I'm am so very Thankful for having my mother for as many years as I have. She recently passed away at the age of 100 - 2 days from her 101st birthday. She now rests with my dad who passed away in 1969. I'm thankful for them adopting me when I was only 4 days old. Their age was against them at the time, but my life was truly blessed as being their only child. I couldn't have asked for better parents or a better life. We weren't rich by any means, and I learned how to work hard as a child. But we were rich in family life, love, and living in a nice home in the country.

    For this I'm so thankful for, and will feel this for the rest of my life!

  • I am thankful everyday I wake to this wonderful world....for first and foremost, my health...I have been blessed with fairly decent health. I am so thankful for the love of my family and good friends. Without love and family...it can be a lonely existance. To love and be loved is such a blessing. I am thankful for a job rt now...while so many are without. It may be a physically taxing job and not what I would like...but I AM working. I wish for all the poor people worse off than me to find hope and help in this life.

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