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  • im interested. my dob is 12/02/79

  • i posted a comment lat week, i see your very busy. Again thank you for your time. i would be willing to do a READING for any one in need also....i am very good at tarot and have skilled empath.. i will always in my responses inform the client which cards i pulled so they can also assess it.. i hope i can help any one. please email me i have about a week of free time till i astart my next vocation and would love to dedicate my time to others.

  • Hi Turboxs

    I'd love it if you could do a reading for me feb 3 1957. Thank you in advance 🙂

  • star girl thunder o7 i have posted my email.. i have about two handfulls in my private email. It will be time to get to yours i will be with results next week. I am currently after star and thunder going to halt a bit due to the large amount of requests i have already. thank you

  • Spiritualchild

    I am in need of a love reading. My dob is 2/20/70.

    Thank you for this gracious gift!

  • Thank you spiritual child

    bless you

    my bdate: Decemeber 1, 1958

    his bdate: May 17, 1965

  • Bless you, if I may add my request unless the thread is closed?

    My name is Gale

    His is Brendan

  • Hello turboxs,

    I see in the forum that you are willing to do a reading for someone in need. & sence spir-child is getting very busy it dont seem she'll have time for me soon,

    alittle about myself d.o.b.11/25/1960 5:55am.3 yrs a widow due to surviving a violent well as a mom of one son whom would of been 32yrs this august had he too not been murdered. I had be friended a total stranger shortly after my husband was killed riding the city transit to/from work for almost three yrs we finally got envovled just last month his d.ob.8/12/65.

    Much younger then i. the compassion is there on both ends but i need to know? is there a future?? what can your reading tell me about us or my future? would you be so kind to help me out? thankyou for I've had such a lonley broken heart and a much more shattered soul I carry quilt for I do love my husband deeply and want to be w/ him when I get to heaven but I dont want to continue on on earth w/out no one ..

    if u can I would so much appreciate your help than you again.


  • Hi id really love a reading from you i have been in a realationship for the past 10 months and just found out hes moving to another country to work he says he will be in touch and we can meet up he will come here and i can go to where he will be my dob is 3-12-1961 and his is 19-7-1961 thank you for your time .

  • i poted a comment on seven that i was breaking A BIT DUE TO THE HIGH RESPONSE in my personal email. i will address this last one but i have about ten! to finish and only 4 days i can but it will be next week.

  • This post is deleted!

  • This post is deleted!

  • Hi, I would really like a love reading. My birthday is 8/26/71. I have been divorce for four yrs now. I have not been in a relationship since the divorce. I'm at a point of my life that I'm ready to start a new relationship. I would greatly appreiciate some guildence.

  • Starrgirl

    You - Justice

    When you receive Justice, you are experiencing equilibrium in your life. No one area of activity is being over-emphasized in favour of another. You find it easy to detach yourself from your own ego, and see things with exceptional clarity now.

    It suggests an ability to see the whole, to act in accordance with the promptings of the higher self, even when these do not serve your immediate needs or aims. You have an ability to be fair-minded, and think things through logically.

    Your analytical powers are excellent now, and you may find yourself advising others more than usual at this time. You feel calm, and able to look at yourself and others objectively without getting emotional. When this card comes up, you may be on the verge of an important choice about your relationship or your life. Be assured that you will reach the right decision. Your sense of timing is acute, you know exactly when to act and when to wait.

    Your Partner - The Sun

    You will have a partner who will bring light into your life. Quiet optimism and a happy nature make this person a joy to live with. He or she enjoys socializing and is probably outgoing. Your partner will feel secure and not need to be surrounded by people to be happy. This is someone who has a powerful sense of destiny, taking great pleasure in talking to you about the future you will share and always include you in plans.

    The Sun's links with creativity are reflected in yours partner's constructive approach to life. Possibly an artist of some kind, this person in certainly imaginative and able to channel a wealth of ideas into productive action. Your partner is successful, whether financially wealthy or not. On course in life, this person is following his or her true path. This frees you in many ways to do the same, to know true freedom within a secure relationship. Your partner will not resent your success, nor wish to prevent you from following your own path. Your independence is not a threat, but your achievements are a source of pride and he is likely to encourage you to see old friends on your own from time to time. The warmth and sensuality demonstrated towards you is not manipulative in any way for your partner's love is simple and infinitely strong.

    Your Relationship - The Wheel of Fortune

    Your relationship will be exceptionally positive. Within this partnership you will both be free; there will be little jealousy or lack of empathy.

    The essence of this relationship is found in your shared sense of humour and willingness to take risks. The Wheel can augur a period of travelling together, or joint membership of some group endeavour. This is unlikely to be work-orientated. You may both belong to a group studying philosophy or astrology, or your interests could centre on human-potential movements or organizations dedicated to freedom for the oppressed.

    Your friendships too, are very important to the relationship as a whole. This is not an insular partnership; you are both close to a number of other people and enjoy spending time with them, together and apart. You both take pleasure in a wide network of people whom you regard as a kind of extended family.

    The Future - Temperance

    Resoluction of conflict is promised by Temperance who will restore balance to your life. If you have been lonely or troubled you will find joy. If you have been exhausted, your vitality will be rekindled.

    Dear Starrgirl,

    I know you have been waiting a while for your reading. Thank you for your patience. I am pleased to be able to give you such a positive reading.

    Love and light xx

  • pbcup

    You - The Wheel of Fortune

    With a sense of adventure, you may gain glimpses of an unexpected future or change your plans on an intuitive whim.

    Your good humour is buoyant, your sense of delicious expectation has little foundation in fact. This is an excellent time to make plans, dream dreams and take a few risks. Luck is on your side now, so make the most of it and step outside your routines. Remember that even though fortune is smiling upon you now, you must act positively to reap the rewards she promises.

    Surprises and coincidences outside your control could happen now too. Such serendipity is deeply meaningful for synchronous events suggest that a larger pattern of fate is unfolding. You may not understand the significance until this period has passed. However, The Wheel always heralds a new phase, a fresh season. Connections you form now are likely to be important later on in both work and personal life. Do not try to exert too much control over events now.

    Your Partner - The Moon

    Whilst your partner may be a very successful creative individual, above all, he or she is a dreamer. As the Moon waxes and wanes, so your partner's behaviour undergoes subtle changes. A zany and spontaneous sense of humour is characteristic of this person, together with inspirational rather than logical ideas. Such a person may take you on a magical mystery tour, weaving romantic dreams and building castles in the air. This card relates to the enchantment, and romance which precedes a long-term partnership.

    With this person, you could discover the spiritual heights of love and wallow shamelessly in sentimentality. Your partner seeks to care for you as you have never been cared for before, understanding your feelings at some deep and wordless level, with a love that is intense, but never insistent. As a lover, your partner is supremely sensual, affectionate and tender; but only able to express feelings indirectly, so it is an act of great courage to say, 'I love you".

    Your Relationship - Judgement

    A new sense of gratitude pervades your relationship at this time. Renewed energy has restored your mutual appetite for life, bringing a delightful sense of vitality to your expressions of love for one another. Your relationship could benefit from an increased income, an inheritance or a final repayment of debts now. Financial burdens lessen and you are able to spend some money on luxury and pleasure.

    Emotionally you have arrived at a new stage in your partnership. The early days of romantic torment, indecision and upheaval are over. Now you can begin to build a life together, safe in the knowledge that your love is mutual. Whatever your shared arrangements are they are working for you now. Judgement does not signify formal marriage, but suggests a new awareness of the gifts your relationship offers you both. Neither partner resists the other, neither dominates, neither flourishes at the other's expense. If you have recently been reconciled, you may be assured that you are meant to be together now and can look forward to a happy future.

    The Future - The Magician

    The Magician invites you to initiate things, to take action and augurs progress. You are unlikely to be disappointed or rejected for at this time you have nothing to lose but your inhibitions.

  • Dear Jacqueline 2008,

    I am sorry it has taken me so long to answer you. With regards to your card representing your relationship;

    Your relationship was being tested by some sort of committment issue. This gave you both fears and doubts. Your relationship was not stable enough to pull through. Had you both fought harder to keep your relationship alive and admitted your true feelings to one another you would have pulled through stronger than ever.

    I hope this hasn't been too blunt or harsh. I get the feeling you really want to know so I hope I have managed to make more sense and make everything a little clearer. Over the years I have learnt to trust these cards even when they don't seem to make sense. Whenever I have a reading (for myself) that I don't understand I write it down. When I look back a little down the track it has always been spot on. I can only advise you do the same and hope the information I have given you is accurate. I really appreciate the feed back.

    Love and light xx

  • Hi!

    I just saw your post and wish to thank you for your consideration!

    I would appreciate your guidance with my loved one.

    His birth date is March 23, 1974. My birth date is May 12, 1976. We have been going through difficult times due to a very long separation because of my work. I have been trying and wishing for our relationship to be reborn, for our love to make it through the hard times.

    Things have slowly improved, and I would like to ask you, will he come to his senses? Will he be able to leave his resentment aside? Can we make it as a couple? Thank you sooooo much for your time!!!

  • Hi again! I would also like to add that we have been together for three years... and had once dreamed of getting married and having a child together. Can this still come to pass?

    Many, many thanks!!!

  • Dear Spirtualchild-

    -are you kidding?..I am ecstatic....this is awesome! Definitely worth the wait! Sounds like a very happy dream..who could ask for more? I had lost all hope as you could probably see in my question, you've given me a great gift..hope (again). One question though...will this happen this year? Thank you and blessings to you and your family.

  • Dear Spiritualchild

    What a pleasant surprise that you wrote again. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! ! Although I wished he had tried harder, I tried harder than ever, knowing we would have pulled through stronger than ever - It just wasn't meant to be at the time.

    Should you have time, I would love to know what you see in my future! 3-20-61

    Thank you again 🐵 and God Bless.

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