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  • Spiritualchild, thank you for the generous offer. I am currently not in a relationship and my interest does not seem to be interested. Would love to know anything you can tell me, is there going to be someone....guess whatever the cards show. My DOB 2/26/61 and my non interested interests date is 6/10/64.

  • Dear Spiritualchild,

    Hi, thank-you very much for the reading,i just got done writing it all down so i can read it many more times,so much of it makes perfect sense.

    many blessings,love & light 🙂

  • Hello spiritualchild,

    3 yrs ago come this april,2nd. My live-in spouse My real for real first and very last true love was stabed in the heart a block away from our home he walked all the way home and died in my arms.I have had 3 marriages prior to living w/ my Bobby, so I know what say about the real kind of love that so many and I'm sorry will never get a chance to really know only in thier dreams or fairytale I was just a lucky one that to exsperince this speacial love, that was to to to short of time to enjoy.I'am a 49 1/2 yr old.widow whom:

    met a very nice young man six yrs younger shortly after Bobs passing I of course at the time we met had ever thought to be envolved ever again.Welllll after seeing this man talking to him everyday on the city bus rides home. almost 21/2 yrs later we finally are dating.And things are now really both physically & mentally going GREAAAAT..WE HAVE GIVEN A GIFT TO EACH OTHER THAT WAS PROVING THAT IT WAS NOT ME THAT DIED THAT I'AM HUMAN AND A LIFE GOSE ON NOW I SMELL THE COFFEE SEE THE COLORS APPRECIATE BEING ALIVE AGAIN.



    MY D.O.B.11/25/1960 AND HIS IS 8/12/65




  • Dear Moonalisa

    I just typed out your reading and it didn't work so I will do it again in a few hours.

  • Moonalisa

    You - The Lovers

    You are at an interesting point in your life when you receive this card. Love, marraige and romance could well be on your mind. Such is the power inherent in this card that you could see your dreams realized in the near future.

    As with all the cards, however, there is a deeper meaning. Balance is the keyword here, for this card denotes both the male and female energies. You are neither overtly aggressive, nor dangerously passive; this bodes well for both your lovelife and any creative endeavours you are planning.

    If you are hesitating about a relationship, The Lovers are here to tell you to throw away the rule book. Role-playing has no place here; you are free to express yourself in any way. This could denote, for example, a female bread-winner, a male 'househusband' or a couple from different cultural backgrounds. Conventional views do not belong in you life now; your instincts are leading you in the right direction, so rely on them.

    There is no doubt that you are in a loving, expressive and sensual mood. You could also be on the point of making a very important choice in your life, one that could change your whole outlook and direction.

    Your Partner - Justice

    Your partner as symbolized by Justice, is someone who can help you learn the art of thinking, who is able to show you how to analyse, plan and direct your life. Thus helping you to take control of things. This is also someone who organizes time effectively, and so achieves not only balance, but harmony. He or she is likely to be ambitious, but rarely falls into the trap of becoming a workaholic. Ambition is not based on some deep emotional need, or desire to prove something, this person simply enjoys using his or her first-class brain and is unafraid of responsibility.

    This individual is a quiet romantic who delights in intimate dinners, pretty places and peaceful holidays together. A thoughtful person who sends little cards or leaves amusing messages for you just to let you know you are cared for. He or she is generous without being extravagant, giving you gifts which you might have chosen for yourself. Usually career-oriented, your partner may lack spontaneity for spare time is scarce. But this is compensated by planning ahead as he or she knows how important it is for you to spend time together.

    Your Relationship - The Magician

    Friendship is the most enduring trait of this relationship. Your shared interests, mutual joy in conversation and outstanding ability to communicate what is in your hearts link you together and form the firmest of foundations for the future.

    Romantic souls may feel that this union lacks excitement. However, intense passion often burns itself out, while this particular type of partnership has the flexibility to endure all manner of ups and downs without breaking. And although you may often feel like brother and sister, that does not mean that physical attraction is not present too. Your sexual relationship is relaxed and balanced. Sex is not used as a weapon here for you are both able to talk with ease about any problems which may arise.

    Equality is an important factor in your relationship, here it springs from a mutual security within you both. It has not been imposed upon you from outside, but has developed naturally from your respect for one another's space. When representing a phase in an ongoing situation, The Magician highlights a free-flowing exchange of thoughts and feelings between you.

    The card can also refer to the positive use of therapy as a way of strengthening your relationship or resolving difficulties.

    The Future - Judgement

    You are well placed to decide exactly what you want from life now. You are moving towards the close of a long cycle, much has already altered, and you will be able to control and direct any future changes you desire.

  • llindieloo

    You - The Devil

    When you receive this card you may be about to confront your fears or acknowledge your desires. Ambition and the aquisition of material wealth is signified by The Devil. He may represent a struggle for individuals who previously existed exclusively on a spiritual level. Material desires now require integration, suppression will only strenghten them.

    The Devil is also associated with power, the kind money and status bestow in our society; and you may experience an urge to wield control now. This is typically expressed in financial or sexual terms. Alternatively, you may find that you yourself are being controlled.

    An unashamed relish for the sensual world is signified, a desire to reveal your own animal nature. You may confront the less pleasant or civilized parts of yourself at this time.

    Your Partner - The Tower

    The tower signifies the arrival of a partner. Indicating a sudden and unexpected attraction with an inescapably fated quality. Someone with a disruptive force whose presence makes you question everything in your life, undermining your stability and control. This person may alarm you, unsettle you, disturb or excite you, but can never bore you.

    Your uncertainty of this person may attract you all the more. You may find him exhilarating. Stimulating you both mentally and physically. You sense danger and this sense of challenge entices ou to become more involved. This person is certain to have a devastating effect upon you, one which will cause much heart-searching on your part. Do not expect that he or she will remain in your life forever, the attraction may be too intense for that.

    Your Relationship - The Star

    The Star represents a relationship that has just begun. It's freshness and vitality represent its most joyful expression. You are able to give each other love without strings, but with respect for the attraction and chemistry between you.

    Your feelings are mutual, your happiness spontaneous and childlike. You are able to give to one another without restraint. You both have full lives and feel secure in your attraction. You don't feel the need to make plans or worry about the past or the future. This is a balanced partnership and you both seek to bring happiness to each other.

    The Future - The Empress

    You are about to experience a time of abundance in your life. Due to past labours you can now expand and develop creatively and materially. Your sense of being in love with life is so powerful it lights up your days and nights.

    llindiloo it was an absolute pleasure to do your reading. I love to be able to pass on such a positive reading

    Love and light xx

  • Dear Wenchie,

    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Love and light xx

  • Dear Patricia1970Libra,

    You are very welcome. I really appreciate the feedback and glad I could help.

    Love and light xx

  • Suramya

    You - The World

    The World signifies the ending of one cycle and the beginning of a new one. Your ability to expand and develop now is unprecedented, but everything you do has a sound basis in reality.

    You may be about to marry; have a child; begin a long-term course of education, or move to a new level in your career. The world represents the successful conclusion of a long phase which you are now gladly leaving behind. You are embarking on a new journey and leaving your past behind. However, this is no sudden wrench, instead it represents a natural unfolding of the larger pattern which underpins your existence.

    Your Partner - Temperance

    Your partner is both wise and generous. Able to see both sides of any argument, he or she is an expert negotiator whose kindness brings out the best in everyone. A fluid thinker who can philosophically accept and eventually resolve limitations and difficulties. This individual does not waste time fretting if immediate aims cannot be achieved. Instead he or she is shrewd enough to ask why such aims are being blocked and look for some meaning within.

    Your partner seeks harmony above all, your relationship is balanced. This person prefers calm discussions to rows, and has enough self-esteem to examine the differences between you before they turn into insurmountable difficulties. Your partner knows intuitively that within a relationship each partner plays many roles and is not concerned with dominance. Each role is valid and each role plays a part in deepening the relationship between you.

    Your Relationship - The Devil

    The Devil can symbolize a number of relationship phases, or represent a mixture of influences. He signifies legal marriage, and the financial arrangements a couple make are emphasized. Prenuptial agreements, joint loans, insurance policies and tax matters may all be prominent now. Practicalities could need serious discussion at this time. This may all seem very unromantic, but such considerations are being brought to your attention, particularly if you are already committed to your partner.

    The Devil can also represent insistent sexuality, a shared passion. There is nothing flowery, delicate or conventional about this union. It is chemisty, madness, intoxication and obsession and promises to change you and your attitudes towards love and sex forever.

    The Future - Justice

    A favourable decision will be made and you will be able to proceed with your life. Legal documents are often suggested, you may be getting married, buying a house or signing some other important contract in the near future.

  • Thank you very much for such a detailed reading Spiritual child!It brought me hope and I appreciate the trouble you took !

    Blessings,Love and Light to you

  • That was truly awsome , I will read it a few more timed to digest it properly . Thank you so much for the time you have devoted to me ,

    Love and light .


  • HI Spiritualchild what a lovely idea c! i would really like a reading when you have the chance !

    ME 11 JAN 62 P 31 MAR 74

    thank you xx susie

  • Hi Spiritualchild

    my question is on page 2 of this thread..maybe you missed it?I didn't see anything..does that mean that there's nothing for me there? I see that you always have a large following and I know it can get tiring, so not to worry if you can't. Blessings to you.

  • Spiritualchild,

    I'd like to thank you with all my heart for the reading. Have a nice day or night wherever you are!

  • Spiritualchild,

    I would love a reading when you can!!!

    DOB: 2/1/72

  • Dear Stargirl,

    I haven't missed you. I have only just got up to page 2 and will hopefully get a few done today. I have 3 small children so I don't get a lot of time to myself but will try to do your reading as soon as I can.

    Love and light xx

  • Spiritualchild

    Not to worry- I remember how it was for me when I had small children (I only had 2 though) 🙂 Sorry, I didn't realize...

  • Vixenbeauty82

    You - Judgement

    Judgement tells you that you have reached a significant stage in your own journey. With its theme of awakening to new life, it suggests that you have assimilated past experiences and learned from them. This integration has healed any wounds you may have sustained and you are now in a position to place the past behind you. Your memories no longer taunt you, you are able to value what has happened to you and what it has taught you. Now you are ready to confront any unfinished business in your life, clear up any misunderstandings and view the future with peace in your heart.

    Judgement often indicates decisions, these require a delicate blend of intuition and intellect. You know that a choice must be made and are facing it with maturity and level-headedness. Your own judgement is impeccable at this time, you can trust it completely and know that you will set your feet on the right path.

    Finally, Judgement can signify a gentle breakthrough in your life. Balance restored, you will feel fresh vitality and optimism.

    Your Partner - The Magician

    Your partner is highly articulate and likely to enjoy playing with words. This person is skilled in helping others to do their very best.

    This person is able to get on with a wide range of people for he or she is witty and charming. Together your social life is rich and varied for this person is interested in many things, loves to meet new people and hates inactivity. With this person as your partner you will never be bored. You could talk until dawn and still feel that there is so much more to say, so much more to explore.

    Your Relationship - Justice

    The roles within your relationship are clearly defined and well-balanced. Each of you understands the other very well and neither demands more than the other is able to give. Your association is likely to be one of mental compatibility. You are in basic agreement about what is important to you, and probably share identical political, religious and social views.

    This card often indicates a relationship where both partners are immersed in their careers. You may have met through working for the same company or you work in similar fields. This makes it easy to discuss your career problems together for you can both offer each other fresh insights. When there are problems in hte relationship you are able to discuss them rationally and rarely fight.

    You may both enjoy games such as chess or backgammon, and will happily spend time together at home pursuing your own interests. This is, above all, a very companionable relationship which may have met with many changes before it reached this tranquil stage.

    Justice also refers to legal marraige as opposed to living together. There is a sense of something well-established about this relationship.

    The Future - The Wheel of Fortune

    If your lovelife has been dull and dreary, everything is about to change. A spate of invitations is a typical manifestation of The Wheel: accept as many of them as you can. You can count on luck being with you, as new contacts and stimulating experiences uplift and amuse you. Romantically, this is an excellent time to date a number of different people without committing yourself.

  • I'm an Aquarius 02-06-1986 and he's a Taurus/Gemini Cusp 05-19-1984.

  • Hello, Thank you for the offer XX When you are ready i would love a reading, no rush tho XX Many thanks Love and light Sylvie XX

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