Lovers Tarot reading

  • I noticed that most members of this forum are asking questions regarding love. Wanting to contribute instead of just receive I thought I'd offer to do a Lovers tarot reading for anyone who wants it. I'm only on here every second week and my kids do come first so please be patient.

    Love and light xx

  • Hi Spiritual Child, just wanted to say thank you for offering to give something back, thanks for your contribution. Hope you don't end up getting too overwhelmed, considering most of us are going through "issues" with our loved ones! : )

  • Dear Spiritualchild,

    Hi and thank-you for offering this,i really need this because things between me and my boyfriend of 3yrs. have been very rocky lately and i'm an empath and what i have been picking up on lately i do not like.and because it involves me i do not want to let any clouded judgements guide me,so i could really go for a little help,and i was doing so good up until 2 nights ago.

    i'm not sure if you need our birthdays,but i will leave them anyway.

    my is= 10/17/1970 and his is 02/05/1972

    Thank-You again and Many Blessings 🙂

  • HI Wenchie, nice to see u,:-) like we don't have enough other issues in our lifes to deal with and then WAM, cupids arrow gets bent. it really sucks! i hope you have been well otherwise. take care.

    Blessings,Love & Light 🙂

  • Two sags.....My birthdate 12.20.70.....Her birthdate 12.21.69

    Thanks in advance. Hope all is well with you and your family.


  • Dear Spiritualchild -

    Thank you for such a kind offer. I'm presently not in a realationship, but maybe you can offer some insight into my past one - since I never understood why things went down the way they did?

    DOB - 3-20-61 & 8-7-71

    Thanks!! I look forward to hearing from you.

  • I want see what develops with M Sept 1968 me June 18m 1969,

    Thanks in advance

  • I'd be happy to have a reading too. Thanks!

  • I too am not in a relationship , I am in the process of trying to get over my ex Cancer guy . It would be nice to know if there is someone out there for me in the near future . Thank you so much in advance . Await patiently.

  • Oh sorry. My DOB 31st Jan 1953

  • Thanks Wenchie, I wasn't sure from your post if you wanted a reading thou. If you do please let me know and I will get straight to it.

  • Patricia1970libra

    You - The Magician

    You now have a wonderful opportunity to direct your life, make things happen and realize your dreams. You should be able to assess matters with clarity and wisdom now, and are not afraid to seek advice should you need it. If you are in a relationship your ability to communicate with your partner is excellent, for you are calmly aware of both the strengths and weaknesses within the union. Your world is no longer black and white, for you can see every subtlety.

    You Partner - The Tower

    The tower indicates a sudden and unexpected attraction with an inescapably fated quality. Your partner is a disruptive force whose presence makes you question everything in your life, undermining your stability and control. This person may alarm you, unsettle youm disturb or excite you, but can never bore you.

    Since you cannot be certain of this individual, you may find him or her a very romantic figure whose company is exhilarating, stimulating you mentally and physically. You scent danger and this sense of challenge entices you to become more involved. This individual is certain to have a devastating effect upon you, one which will cause much heart-searching on your part. Do not expect that he or she will remain in your life for ever, the attraction may be too intense for that.

    Your Relationship - The Wheel of Fortune

    Your relationship is exceptionally positive. Within this partnership you are both free; there is little jealousy or lack of empathy here. The essence of this relationship is found in your shared sense of humour and willingness to take risks. The Wheel can augur a period of travelling together, or joint membership of some group endeavour. This is unlikely to be work-orientated. You may both belong to a group studying philosophy or astrology, or your interests could centre on human-potential movements or organizations dedicated to freedom for the oppressed.

    Your friendships too, are very important to the relationship as a whole. This is not an insular partnership; you are both close to a number of other people and enjoy spending time with them, together and apart. This is not to say that your relationship is 'open' in any sexual sense, although this is a possibility if you both agree to such an arrangement; rather, you both take pleasure in a wide network of people whom you regard as a kind of extended family. Your home is rarely short of visitors, and you both appreciate how others can help you to constantly re-inspire your partnership.

    The Future - The Emperor

    Positive action reaps reward now. This is no time to hesitate, but a time to gather up your courage and strength and go out into the world. You are brave enough to be vulneable, and you have everything to gain by confronting others and speaking your mind. Unfinished emotional business has held you back in the past, now you are able to tackle the problem and progress. Your speed may astonish you.

  • Dear Spiritual Child

    Please do a reading for me as well!Thanks a lot..

  • Spiritualchild,

    i would love to take you up on your offer... i am in a relationship that i dunno if i should stay in... i've not been to happy of late and have been thinkin of leaving but i'm not sure how to leave or if that is the best thing. any help would be most appreciated. DOB in case you need it is 08/24/1982. Thank you so much for sharing your gifts.

  • Spirtualchild

    Thank you for sharing your gift...I would really, really love to know if I'm going to meet someone this year. or should I just forget about the whole ideal? I haven't met anyone since my separation in 1995. DOB feb 3 1957

  • Dear Spiritualchild,

    I would appreciate a reading as I have been feeling distance between my husband and me. It's almost as though we are no more than roommates. Any insight will be much appreciated.


  • Thank you in advance for offering this.

    Mine - 6/7/63

    His- 2/22/65

    I can't wait to hear from you.

  • I'm not currently in a relationship but I would love to know what is in store for me! 7/16/64.

    Thanks for the offer!

  • Correction the DOB's should be: Mine - 7/6/63 and his 2/22/65. Working two jobs and not quite awake 🙂

  • spiritual child, nice to see you trying to help and better your skills: i blessed you and my tarot,

    situation: 9/27/1985 & 12/8/1985 please tell me foundations on our repore



    1.ace hearts


    3.princess pent(direction of situation)

    4. 5 pent (foundation)

    5.judgment wands

    7.six swords

    8. 7 swords

    9. hermit

    10. six wands

    i am pretty skilled at these if you ever need anything

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