What makes you Capricorn

  • The readings I've saw about caps, I found to be intriuging, I thought it painted a good picture of the type of person that I am. I do have a passion for money (and lots of it) for security reasons. I'd like to work really hard to create alot of wealth and then i'd like to rest so that when I awake I'm still wealthy and have the option to want to make more or just rest more but i'll end up taking the ladder. I'm always looking for ways to create wealth though not rich and successful as of now I feel that anyone thats anybody has the ability to bring this into fruition. I feel that being a cap gives me the ability to create goals and to see the power and reasoning for them. I hate to be late, I hate ignorrance, I'm very quiet at times but thats just the tremendous focus of caps in general, I can be outgoing and outspoken but only in between time (my wife hates that about me) time is a factor for us caps at least for me. I spend most of my time focused on my goals and I won't allow anyone to disrupt my time with stupidity.

    Sincerely, bunce4

  • im a capricorn

    us cappys are the best!!!! i dont have all the qualities of a capricorn im bad with money im loud i change my mind a lot but i am very goal orientated its because my moon is in gemini

    look up you birth chart its explains what kind of cappy u are

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