Hanswolfgang - I need your insight

  • Hanswolfgang, I am desperate for some guidance, my dob 21 Sept 65 and I am in the middle of a custody battle and messy divorce. It has been three years now with still no end in sight. I just want this to end but I feel I am fighting a losing battle and all around me is crashing down. When will this all end, I am coming to the end of my reserves.

  • I am desperate for some guidance: Go to visit someone you love. If you are shocked into action, though, these shocks will have left a permanent change for the good.

    When will this all end: when you will follow your gut feelings trusting life and your way.

    So they can push you to the very end of the world through language -- to the very end of the world -- but not a single inch into the divine through language. But this pushing you up to the very end will be helpful, because then you can see with your own eyes that there is this blissful abyss beyond. And then that beyond will call you by itself; then the beyond will attract you; then the beyond will become a magnet, a pull. It is impossible then for you to come back, to retreat.

    The abyss is so enchanting -- the abyss of silence -- that before you know, you will have taken a jump.

  • Hanswolfgang, thank you.

  • The first step towards the realization of your infinite potential, is to recognize that up to now you have been wasting your life, that up to now you have remained utterly unconscious. Start becoming conscious; that is the only way to arrive.

  • Hanswolfgang, thank you again. I am still feeling weak of heart and soul and know I need to do exactly what you have said. I know that what has passed has passed and must look forward with new eyes, determination and consciousness. I am struggling.

  • Respond, but never react. Reactions come from the past, response is spontaneous; it is in the present. The slave reacts, the Master responds. The unconscious mind reacts, the conscious woman responds. She has no readymade answers. Encounter the situation, reflect the situation. Accept the challenge of the situation and act accordingly. Then your action is born out of the present.

  • Hanswolfgang, I am feeling low today. I have a new amour in my life, but I think he is just a distraction, but a welcome one. I am trying to lose the past and start a new life but I keep being distracted by resentment of what I had achieved, all material I would add, and what has been taken from me, I know I am strong and will do what is right (I think), but today I am feeling very very low and just want to hide away.

  • HansWolfgang,

    Since you very kindly and generously offered me some guidance I have been trying to move on spiritually and have been trying to remove or at least reduce the resistance within me to free myself from the past and the choices I have made or destined to make. I have been doing a lot of reading particularly in regard to what you wrote. I have been trying to open my mind and heart to what is Free Will and understanding the abyss you mentioned.

    I am far from a conclusion but am on the road to a better understanding I know, but I have more questions than solutions. I am trying to free myself from the past but I seem destined for the moment to be shackled to it and will be so for at least a defined period of time.

    During my reading I came across a phrase "...man is like a cow tied to a pole with a rope—the karmic debts and human nature bind him and the amount of free will he has is analogous to the amount of freedom the rope allows; as one progresses spiritually, the rope becomes longer." I feel I have slackened off the rope from choking me, but it still remains short.

    I long for the beyond to call but it seems my ears are still closed. Am reaching out to you as I seem to have become stagnant or lost and don't want to retreat. Any further guidance? Thank You.

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