Meeting People-Strange Sensations

  • I've had several unusual experiences when meeting someone for the first time. Once while talking to someone, I saw his face contort into something evil(this was like a vision). Needless to say it frightened me. I couldn't avoid this person so I just learned to be wary. Other times, when meeting someone the very air was electric and I could almost hear a hum. The room was illuminated. These experiences only lasted seconds. Can anyone enlighten me as to their meaning. Thank you.

  • You are shown the truth in these visions. A friend of mine told me once that he entered a room where the first thing he saw was a black ray of light wich was vertical from the roof. As he followed the black ray of light, he saw that it came from a person standing in the room. The light ended in his boots. He went up to speak to the person - and it came clear to him that he had just bought himself a new pair of boots. My friend knew then that this blackness came because of the mans feelings for the boots.

  • My...those boots must have been giving him severe pain, HG! Comfort is everything to me at this stage of my life. If it happens to combine with style, all's the better. But two pains I can't tolerate-tooth and foot...So what I'm feeling is simply energy? Maybe the man was miserable or had hidden hostilities? And the hum & light, maybe an evolved human?

  • I've never had an experience quite as you described. That would be alarming to see someone's face change like that! I have felt the heebie jeebies after meeting someone though and try to stay away from them if I can. I think if we pay attention, we can instinctively know who is on our wave length. You know when you instantly feel a rapport with someone and have only just met? That is pretty cool. I've found my instincts to be pretty right on most the time. Sometimes though, the people who I had bad feelings about turn out to be pretty great. Just they were going through a rough time and sending out that energy. Others though, I wish I had listened to my gut feeling and let them be. Never saw any auras or colors or heard any humming. Just a feeling in the pit of my stomach. Very interestig discussion. I agree with you archersbow! Those must have been some uncomfortable boots! Lol!

  • Hi archersbow. No, the black light was there because of the mans pride of the new boots. It was his pride that made that black ray of light. That was what my friend percieved from this.

    Anyway - continue to be open to signs and have faith in your intuition.

  • I see. This person was focused on and placing a great deal of importance on an object then?

  • Yes.

  • Such an interesting topic of conversation archersbow! Ive never experienced anything like the contortion you've described... that must have been terrifying! or the hum of electricity. I do however tend to have a good gut feeling (like you described stoneyeye) and have learned to trust it... often ive met someone and just had this feeling that they couldnt be trusted or werent a particularly nice person or wouldnt be good for me in some way and when ive brushed this feeling aside because i dont want to be biased against someone ive just met or because others assure me they're a great person It usually works out that i should have gone with my instincts as they normally show their true colours eventually!!

  • Hi Stoney, Yes, very frightening and I wonder what he sensed from me through my eyes and body language at the time!

    TheHangedWoman--thanks for clarifying that, lol. You may have guessed that I've had foot troubles. Yes, pride acts very negatively. In fact, instant karma brought that back to me not too long ago.

    daisyfairy--amen to that! I've always regretted not acknowledging my intuition

  • I agree about the boots--the man was obssesing about them to the point of zeroing all his energy there in a shallow way because it seperated him from the moment he could be sharing with others. The contorted face could also belong to someone else not there but who unloaded anger on that person. I've picked up residual energy on others. Say that before the party that person was in a heated argument with someone who was visciousely angry at that person and that person gets to the party and an empath sees this anger. That's why my first impression sometimes is not all I think it is and I have to keep an open mind because energy sticks or follows some people but doesn't nessasarily come from them. Usually real danger in a person comes with a more gut feeling that repels us in a healthy way even if that person wears sheep's clothing and smiles a lot and even smells good!

  • What a great topic archersbow. I have experienced this same thing years ago with the contorting face. I never associated it with the residual energy of others though (something to think about). I got a real bad feeling at the same time and just had to get away from the person as fast as I could. I felt really scared. I have been chased and almost abducted a few times when I was young and that was the feeling it gave me.

    There have been a few times when I have brushed aside a first impression and decided to give someone a fair go and it has always backfired in a big way. If I get a negative first impression from someone now I will be trusting my intuition and keeping my distance.

    Very interesting about the boots. I'm sure I have been guilty of pride before. More food for thought.

    Love and light xx

  • Never experienced it with contorted face one on one, but I did see the truth in dreams

    at least back in the days I used to dream a lot

    other than that, I sometimes see them in meditation or wake up with messages

    sometimes just the words they say, I can tell they are manipulating the truth

    Never see evil faces but I did see the actual faces, wither it is dream or meditation

  • Very good that you are aware of your dreams, leoscorpion. I myself rarely dream any spiritual dreams, but I do know people who dream signs and warnings from God (or guides, if you like) quite often. Where the dream shows a warning or a certain truth about a situation or a person. Same when in meditation.

  • Thank you all for responding...

    blmoon, thank you for the insight!

    Spiritualchild--perhaps the helplessness you felt as a child was the same feeling that this person's negative energy gave you? I think that many phobias(including my claustrophobia) are the result of childhood trauma. It seems that many of us here have suffered same. But any gifts we now possess are in direct result of this. It all works to the good as I'm sure you know.

    leoscorpian--I don't remember my dreams. I used to keep a dream journal but it seems that in the past couple of years-nada. But immediately on waking I've had impressions that I'm certain need my attention so I lay in bed for a few minutes and think on their meaning. I think the mind is more open then to receive it.

  • And I thought I was the only one who doesnt remember any of their dreams! well, very very rarely anyways! I can relate to the impressions on waking though... really must take more time to contemplate them....

  • This post is deleted!

  • Thank you for this interesting topic. I don't see visions surrounding living people as such; I do pick up vibes from them though, as to whether that particular person is a "positive" or "negative" individual - ie. whether they have a good or bad soul - and also whether they are telling me the truth or not.

    At the moment I am having many visions of my future partner whom I apparently will be meeting soon. His spirit is already communicating with me, and not just on a verbal level - often I see rainbows surrounding him, and the colours red, pink and purple - all in solid veils of colour or also manifesting in 'love hearts', some of which are pulsating and growing larger. After doing some recent research, I believe this all signifies great love - his love and care is already surrounding me and here with me every second of the day - which is extremely re-assuring to me.

    I also can see the spirit of my deceased father and other angels. One angel in particular has visited me in person. My spirit guides also communicate with me frequently.

    Peace and Love.

  • Interesting topic indeed. I've never seen a face change, but have heard buzzing or felt weird "waves" from people sometimes. I can't see auras, and have only seen mine once (it made me laugh because it was dark blue and purple and really close to my body).

    Usually if someone is "bad" I hear the emergency broadcast signal sound in my head (that sort of high pitched beep sound) or for some reason I just can't focus on what they are saying to me. It's like they've already been written off and I can't hear them any more.

    I think if I saw a face morph, I'd freak out.

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