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  • Thank you and many blessings to you.

  • Evening TwinSoul

    Thanks for this opportunity. My question is, has my love finally moved on from his ex or am I still the fool?

    Thanks for your time and thoughts.

  • redrubylips

    my dear it is your jealousy that is keeping this relationship with the ex alive. it is ok for your love to remember the love that was shared with another. i have loved many, each in their own special way. i still love them all. once you lose your jealousy, your bf will lose his interest. it is you that always speaks her name. keep that name out of your mind and mouth, it should disappear from his. his love for her is an ego knot. he cant stand rejection, and his ego needs to win. he does not really want to be with her. let him discover that on his own. blessings

  • Dear Twinsoul....

    Hi again (I guess I keep missing the time guide), just wondering if you could see if my dream of becoming an author with my book "JADE" will happen and anything you could see pertaining to it?

    thanks again!

    Molly 5/8/72

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  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Sorry to bother you, but I am just wondering if you missed my post here on pg 3, or if you were going to reply to me on the other 'a gift for you' thread.

    Thanks so much, warm friendship


  • witchwoman

    good morning dear, so sorry i forgot you. in your case and your case only ( for our readers ), you are not using your innate powers to elevate your earthly status. We women of with large antennas can and should manifest all and anything we desire. This place, the earth is one of the lower realms of our existance. I know that you know that. Access your higher self, and ask how you can manifest what you desire in your life. Listen to the answer and do it. if you dont know how, because its you, start a thread and i will give you a cyber crash course. I believe that you are in my soul group and we know eachother quite well from back home. blessings and make it be.

  • mimi

    my dear, the guy your dayghter is married to is not the nicest person. the marriage can go forward, but why does she want it to. he is restless and a cheater, she is a good woman and depressed so that she cant seem to pull herself out of he duldrums. I dont like this situation at all. support her in ending the relationship. she married him, to be married. always a bad idea. blessings

  • molly

    you missed my last answer to your question. jade will be published. the sequel will be even more successful. blessings

  • olivebranch

    i see you living by a beautiful beach. if this is where you already live, hang in there , it is al there for you. just be patient. if that is not where you live, perhaps that is where you should consider going. blessings

  • Hi twinsoul... the man I love, do you know how he feels about me? and what's his intentions? or goals? are we in each other future?? i'm may 19, 1978...

    Thanks so much in advance 🙂

  • TwinSoul

    Thanks so much for your answer. It is exactly what I needed to hear. My New Years resolution was to never mention the ex girlfriends name again. I have kept that resolution, so far and feel better for it. You are amazing.

  • Hi Twinsoul,

    Do you see me within 2-3 years moving to another country for good, to be with J ?

    Thanks so much and much love to you 🙂

  • Hello Twinsoul. BLESSINGS FOR ALL YOU ARE GIVING of your wonderful gifts.

    I posted on page #2. I have noticed a lot of people after me posting, have had their requested responded to.

    My inquiry is what does the UNIVERSE have in store for me this Earth year!!!! There have been may things occurring / changing these past few years. I am wondering what direction I am to going.


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  • Twinsould, thank you for answering me..may I just add to clarify. The love I speak of in this distant location has pulled away ( probably necessary at the moment) to work out problems that haunt and keep him from moving forward. Your post reply said I would find love by years end..I have found love with this man, might he be the one?

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  • Twinsoul, thank you for the information. Interesting, I live in the rocky mountains. I do love warm weather, hopefully something will come up that will guide me there. If you get anything else about where, how, when...... please let me know. If there is anything about where let me know maybe I will book a trip there. Wonder what would take me there? Should I go back to school?

  • Twinsoul, was there any chance that I was on the beach with someone? Would love to have love in my life. Have an interest and can not get him out of my head and heart but he does not seem to be interested. Would be great to have someone to love.

  • Thank you for extending your gracious gift. Please, what do you see between these two:

    7.7.69 2:32amCST and 12.1.62 4:30amECT. Most appreciatively, thanks.

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