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  • stclaire

    A change of office would be a good idea. I see nothing wrong with where you are other than your brains are not being challenged enough. have you thought about going back to school. blessings

  • Goodmorning Twinsoul! Happy Thursday!

    Thanks for your gift too!

    Do you see my book "JADE" making me an author? I posted the question on your last thread but i think I missed your time line...let me know if you need more info to answer this

    Please and thanks!

    Molly 5/8/72

  • Twinsoul, thank you in advance from myself and everyone else here for sharing your gift and taking time for us. It has been a bad couple years and many lessons. Will happiness be around the corner and will I find love and companionship here or should I relocate. Guess that is more than one question, I am sure your guieds wil decide what to answer on. Thanks again.

  • Twinsoul,

    who am i for him?

  • Hi twinsoul,

    Thank you so much for doing that, you truly are a wonderful caring person,


  • Thank you so much, Twinsoul! I have indeed learned a lot in the past year or more and I'm sure I haven't fully accepted/recognized most of the lessons but I'm processing as fast as I can. Just the thought of ridding myself of the chaos in my life allows me to breathe easier!

  • Thank you twinsoul, your words have given me a much needed lift! I just felt so stuck in a rut financially and couldnt see any way out! You've given me new hope. As for going back to school maybe so... it seems to be on the cards, you're not the only one who has suggested it! Although I work in a school and find the idea of more school completely unattractive I may just see what catches my eye! I will endeavour to see things through and not let boredom get the better of me!

    Thanks again! Wishing you all the best always! Daisy 😄

  • Hi Twinsoul

    Thanks for all your help on the site. Do you see my son Jeremy meeting anyone new soon. He is very sad and lonely. Thanks again. Bless you

  • Uncanny....out of all my favorite careful what you ask for is my number one saying. It's very true. Back to listing out all those qualities that I want in a man and excluding the ones that don't work. Thank you so much! Blessings.

  • Another question if I may....I'm going losing my job this month. Going to try to go back to school. Do you see this working out for me? Undecided on whether to go for medical or criminal. Any insight? Thanks!

  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you so much for responding. Could I please ask another question in regards to he confused because he is confused as to whether he has any feelings for me or confused because there is someone else for him?? Thank you so much again for this.

    I've posted my original question and your response below so you know what I'm talking about! 🙂


    Does the man I am in love with miss me and think of me? (I know this time right now is for me to sort out my own stuff).

    Thank you very much


    yes dear, but not as much as you would like. im sorry. he is also confused. blessings

  • Hi Twinsoul

    Thanks for your offer of help !!! last year was awful for me will this year be better ? what do you see?

    many thanks xx

  • Thank you for the reply, and you are correct! i do wish to go back to school.maybe someday! now its the time for me(money!) but i do feel the need to broaden my horizons by expanding my see you have been spot on! blessings to you as well!

  • thanks much for your insight, time, and generosity.

  • Good evening twinsoul..if I may, My love is in the distance and I wondered if we are moving towards one another?

    Thank you for your time and gift..

  • alenabrz

    stand strong you are capable. failure is the biggest gift the universe can give us. now you know one thing that you are not good at. many people dont get to find that out until it iis too late.. i see you in your own business. owning your own shop. Used record albums, how strange and used cd,s and renting recording equipment. how bizarre a vision. start selling on ebay, then get a shop. what a strange twist for you, and for me too. best of luck. i see great success for you. blessings

  • wenchie

    love comes naturally, it should flow like the wind on the sea. this relationship is not for you. you do not love this person, you just want to win. my dear if you win this prize you will not be happy. My day job gives me the qualifications to tell you that you are confused, possibly depressed and definately entangeled in your own stuff. Only you can grant yourself the freedom to persue joy in your life. give yourself permission to be happy. if you do, you will. i promise.


  • spalma

    your life will begin a slow and steady climb out of the muck by June. 2011 is the beginning of a long period of happiness for you. blessings

  • Twinsoul,

    Thank you again for your insights, it is much appreciated.

  • gem twin52

    yes love will come to you before the end of the year. blessings

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