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  • elaine,

    You would be surprised how many creeps there are at bar, parties, dating sites.... All the single women i know are absolutely beside themselves. It is not just you. OMG, horror stories i hear from my single girlfriends. chin up keep plugging away.


  • Thank you Twinsoul! I am so greatful to you for responding and of course, I loved the affirmative Great wealth would be nice however, as long as I can meet my obligations and help others who need assistance right now, I am happy. I also plan on starting a rescue organization to assist abandoned and abused animals. My area is in desperate need.

    May the divine light of our creator shine on you and bless you with light and love. May you continue your readings with his light energizing you and keeping you strong and your health good. This is my prayer for you. Many blessings Twinsoul...

  • thank you so much for your prayers

  • twinsoul please cancel my earlier request thank you !

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  • dmick

    Yes to both


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  • Twinsoul, Blessings for you for this wonderful service you are providing. May the UNIVERSAL LIGHT continue to shine for you.

    What can I expect this coming earth year.

    With a new birth year in just over one month, I do do sense some changes to occur.

    DOB May 2, 1947


    Julianna lovingsilverwings

  • Dear twinsoul

    The question I asked in last page(page 20), is it pointless, or is this thread limited to 1 question per person?

    Either way, thanks for having answered my first question a few days ago, it gave me a lot of hope 😄

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    I have been wondering.............. will my son be going to boarding school in the UK, will he be happy? I really need to make sure he has a good education and he is happy. Thank you, love and light to you. 😄

  • intrigued

    yes you should send him the first few months he will complain, in the long run this school will be the reason for the great success i see in his future


  • hi twinsoul, i love a man and he says he loves me too but he has things to sort out and isn't in a place to be in a relationship. I guess i want to ask whether you see us together in the future or should i move on?

    Thank you for your time and help:)

  • Wow, many thanks Twinsoul! Kind wishes to you. 😄

  • redgemini

    hello there

    this guy will never be ready,im sorry. he loves you and thats the booby prize,he is a very confused man. hes got a million hang ups. why do you love him, he's a bit touched. you are beautiful, carry on with your life. tell him you want to see other people, and do it.


  • twinsoul, that makes me sad but i'd lie if i say i'm surprised at what you see. He is a good person and yes he is a bit strange but very kind,funny and sweet. Thank you for the encouragement to move on though. Many people have told me that he isn't good for me, he needs sort out his issues and etc.. Would you mind me asking another question: Do you see someone new coming into my life anytime soon then? I must say i'm a bit of disaster in relationships :S

    Thank you so much 🙂

  • redgemini

    i am so sorry to make you sad. Marry him and you'll really be sad. Yes there is someone else. You will be settled with someone in three years. His name could be Sam.


  • HIDDEN DIOMAND, why are you so eager to get attached. you are still so young. Finiish your education, estabilish yourself in a carreer, and get to know yourself.

    Since you have so much to give, have you thought of voluneering to assist with working with those less fortunate than yourself. Try a senior's centre, youth centre, children's center, centres which assist the homeless, etc.

    Food for thought for you to think about.


  • That's a good idea, lovingsilverwings... I must say that working at a senior's center isn't something that attracts me... even though they have great stories to tell, I think I would find it a bit monotonous(I do have a good friend above age 60, and had a great internet friend who was near that age also, but still... although I could probably amuse them by playing guitar... well that might be a good idea that's not monotonous, but I just don't know enough songs on the guitar, and I don't sing that good xD)... but I do like children lots(especially because they seem to pretty much always like me hehe, my parents always made me feed their friends' 3-4-5 year old, when they went to visit, and she always ate happily with me spoonfeeding haha! And I use to carry two little kids -one at a time, of course- with me when we were playing hide and seek at my birthday parties, when I used to have them... until I was like 17-18. They were really happy hehe, and after awhile my friends saw how much fun we were having and they started to want to carry them also, but they always wanted to come with me instead :P)

    I'll check out what I can do 😄

    Centres which assist the homeless seem interesting as well.

    I don't know what you mean by youth centre, but I'll just check out what's available 😄

    I have plenty of free time on my hands, hopefully since I'm just volunteering for free, they'll just let me help when my university schedule allows it, instead of having a fixed time!

    Though, even though that would be a very nice experience which might even raise my self-esteem, by making me feel useful (haha now I keep thinking about it), I doubt that would replace the need I feel for falling in love with a woman and having that love be returned and dedicating myself to them without needing to hold back, as that's what I've always felt was the most important thing that exists.

    PS: I want some kiss-kiss also 😜

    Anyway, volunteering would be way better than sitting at home in front of the computer, however.

    I'm DEFENITELY going to try it, if I find something along that lines in Coimbra.

    A really wise friend of mine once said to me:

    'What if God said to you, ''if you give love to people by helping at an orphanage, I'll send you a person who loves you in a kissy way'', would you do that deal with Him?

    I didn't hesitate to reply ''Yes, defenitely.''

    Then she said:

    ''What if He told you it would take 10 years? Would you still do it?''

    I didn't hesitate to reply ''Defenitely! If He guaranteed me that, I'd defenitely do it.''

    Then she said:

    ''Well, I hope He makes a deal with you 😄 What goes around comes around.''

    So I guess, I defenitely hope it's like that, ''What goes around comes around.''

    Well, if it doesn't, it doesn't.

    But I hope it won't take 10 years :P, but if it does, it does. 31 is actually the age at which my father married by the way.

    After I'm done with university, I won't have as much time for these things though... but I must say, it frightens me a lot, that after I'm done with university, someone becomes interested in me because of my financial stability, and because of my university degree... since I hear these things are important for women. I would really like if the person loved my inside, instead of being in love with the fact that I can maybe offer stability, maybe comfort, maybe decent social status. That way all those little things(which regardless of what people tell me, I find pretty insignificant as long as there is love) would just be bonuses. Like ''If we have money, awesome... if we don't, it's good also...we'll figure something out!''.

    Also that really wise friend of mine also told me I'm ''the kind of guy every woman wants to find, when they're 30+, but they rarely ever find'' - OF COURSE I KNOW SHE WAS EXAGGERATING but it still made me feel happy xD, because I sometimes get the feeling that it's the guys who are mean who usually have girlfriends... or the ones who are nice, but much older than the girls, and have money. (Also, in school it was always the guys who played sports who had girlfriends.)

    I secretly kind of wish(though it's not an important thing) that my soulmate would be someone that, like me, has always wanted to find someone and never found anyone who loved them, and possibly someone who was looked down upon by the other girls in high school, like me. I'm defenitely going to make that special person the happiest person in the world, when I do find her. Fortunately I used a defense mechanism to protect myself from being down upon(I was the only different-colored person in the school... my grandparents are from Goa, India)... I became the best student in the school. If I hadn't... well I would have my self esteem even lower than it is now.

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