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  • ckdgh

    together, no marriage

  • ckdgh

    Thank you for the kind words, this has been a lasting friendship, in fact, we've stayed connected for 5+ years. I understand all to well about relationships, what works, what doesn't. I've had plenty of practice and now I'm ready. I couldn't agree more with you about endearing friendships with the opposite sex.

    You see, I live with a gentleman that I am not romantically involved with. It didn't start that way when we met. Wasn't until we combined households (something I bulked at but didn't listen to myself) that I realized we could only be friends.

    Sounds like a mess, but we each bring something to the table that seems to be working. I had to establish a separate living space in order to thrive again. He on the other hand is learning to venture in to unknown territory on his own, something he has never done.

    I think I have been an instrument in helping him to connect with self.

    Sorry I went on so long.

    Have the best day!


  • Twin Soul, thank you so much, one question, we are moving to Pensacola, Florida next month, is this the right move for the family? Thanks very much.

  • Twinsoul, You wrote this to me:

    "Gladyouwroteme, your husband is an unhappy person, your life is resonating within his problems, his likes, his moods. why are you allowing this to happen. if you can allow yourself the freedom you need to be happy. please tell me what you found attractive about this man, i need to know. get off of his rollercoaster please my dear. blessings"

    I replied to you with this:

    He's made a swift transition this year. Mostly due to me I think... He's always been focused on getting ahead but these past two years have been rough rough rough on him. I feel responsible for his misery because when I was "ok" with "us" he was a very balanced person (or so it seemed). As soon as I pinpointed why I was unhappy he kind of fell apart. I'm worried he's going to go further into his whatever it is. I'm waiting for everything to balance out again, our kids are great and don't seem to pick up on his issues right now. He wasn't always this way."

    But I had an additional question: Can you see if he's always been this way and I just didn't see it? Or did I cause it? Are you able to see things like this?

    Any insight would be greatly appreciated. Thank you so much.

  • tonib

    yes, yes,yes you will love it. enjoy


  • twinsoul,

    what about children? will we have any other children besides the one that we have now? and thank u for explaining.

  • Thank you very much Twin Soul, I value your opinion. It means much to me, bless you.

  • Twin Soul, will my big transaction close as planned next week bringing me the financial security I have been working so hard to achieve? Bless you and thnak you!

  • Twinsoul

    I'm curious about a woman I saw as I was relaxing one evening. I saw her face. A younger woman serene dark hair. Spirit guide?


  • Hi Twinsoul,

    This is an amazing thread. I can not resist asking you a question. I guess my main question is what am I supposed to be doing here on earth this time? I have so many interests but feel its getting close to time to get busy doing something important. Thank you very much. Peace and Love 🙂 GJay

  • Thanks! 🙂

  • gladyouwroteme

    look into yourself, why did you marry someone with whom you were not pleased. yes he is responding to your displeasure and the changesyou want made. his heart is broken and his zest for life damaged. He is he. Either you love him stripped of all of your wants, or you dont love him. do you like him as a person. seems to me you married an ideal instead of a man.


  • how many children will I have?

  • Not sure what is happening between us. Everything is so complicated - I need to know how to move forward. Is it more that just friends/co-workers or is it all a supportive role I play.

  • forsui

    6 souls are there for you how many you choose to have is up to you. blessings

  • mstiff

    not love. dependancy. sorry


  • Good to know. Thank you!

  • thank you twinsoul! hope you had a lovely st. pats!

  • Dear Twinsoul,

    Is Steve the father of my son, born on 4/15/07?

    P.S. I don't think U understood what I was asking bc I left out words in my first question, so it didn't correlate with it. So please, just totatlly scratch my first question I posted about the other person. I tried taking an alternate route than the one I really wanted to take. Thank you very much for your time!

  • jacariot

    again the answer i am getting to your question is no. dna testing is available so that will tell you for sure who the father of your baby is.


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