What have i done

  • im a taurus female, whos been in a relationship with a male virgo. i have a young son, not with the virgo. we love eachother intensily but hes just ended the relationship as i pushed him to far. i have realised since the split that i need to sort out certain issues i have been battling with before i can be in a relationship with anyone. looking back its clear how much he tried to help me but i gave him the impression nothing he did or said was ever good enough, im making plans to sort my head out now and have written him a letter explaining how i feel now taking all responsibility for the problems in our relationship, hes giving me a massive wake up call and i know i need to do it alone but i know he loves me i just want to know if he would wait xx

  • He doesn't know whether he can trust you not to repeat your mistakes. Tell him you are willing to be just friends - no pressure - and see where it goes from there. You must pull back and not try and push him to return.

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