Chat with The Hanged Woman (me)

  • Hi guys.

    Anybody want to chat with me? I start this thread to invite anybody to talk with me about anything. Let this thread be an open thread where the topic is whatever we choose. Oops. Embarrassing if noone answers my invitation.

  • hi 🙂 I want to chat with you... i dont want to do school work 😞 well I do like it... I'll just take a small break LOL 🙂

  • I just found a way to search for good threads, I just choose a topic, for example divination, and click it and follow the links to see if I find something interesting. I will try once more;)

    I too are doing some work by the computer: Accounting.

    A boring routine job, but okay doing with music.

  • LOL I see I just saw that search tool... very cool I'll try it too 🙂 I'm waiting also on water to make me a cup of tea 🙂

  • Mmmm tea sounds deelish I'm trying to get my voice back and I've been drinking it nonstop, what kind are you making? I have...pomegranate raspberry tea 🙂

  • Oh. Pomegranade rasberry tea - wow, that sounds delisious:)

    Happydoc; yes, that search tool is quite nice. What in particular are you studying?

  • 😞 mmm i do microsatellites (some type of genotyping) on baby freshwater fish... is environment/ecology related... pretty frustating sometimes...

    my tea is green tea I needed a caffeine kick... I wont put here what I'm eating as snack so you dont get upset with me LOL 🙂

  • hey Mestiza how's your health going?? i saw the thread about you being in the hospital, i'm glad your better...

    BTW thehangedwoman my Dad is an accountant too... he wanted me to do that but I didnt want to...

  • Hmmm. I found about microsatelites on wikipedia - A kind of biology? It has to do with dna....I have heard about primers, but never thought it had anything to do with dna.

    Green tea is very relaxing and refreshing.

    This is really loose chat. lol

  • To chat would be a wrong word. Everything is really slow;) Talking about tea and stuff with so much breaks - lol, technology is a good thing - thank god for telephone, web cameras and everything that goes fast. lol

  • LOL Yes it is deelish! haha what are you eating? tell me! 😄 I'm snacking on some walnuts and almonds mmmmm I make my own trailmix at this health food store, but I ate all the chocolate chips I put in it so now it's lame 😞 lol

    Health is going good, still on the meds so no happy hours for me 😞 I can't wait til get off them so I can get back to normal and get back to the gym and everything, I have til the 9th then I go in for another check up and see what they say sigh. It's my friend's 23rd birthday tomorrow so I offered to be the DD and drive them everywhere. Oh oh..what fun !

  • Smart choice to not become an accountant. It is boring.

    I am not an accountant actually, I just try to be for my husbands company. My other job is to work as a secretary. Third is to work as a mother. I dont work as a wife, just as his co-worker and business-partner, so that job is not taking much time. Easy life, in other words;)

  • Hi Mestiza. I just saw that you signed your name in another thread with Brianna. I checked the meaning of it, and it says that

    "It is of Irish, Gaelic and Celtic origin, and its meaning is "high, noble, exalted". May also possibly mean "strong". "

    Good meaning.

    Okay guys, I need to sleep now, it is night where I am. Thanks for the smalltalk. 🙂

  • i'm having chocolate cake, but a very simple one I made hahaha (box) without frosting because I didn't have at the time...

    I'm glad you have a great life THW (can put it like that??)

    I guess I shouldnt complain, although sometimes I get stressed and whine about cooking, laundry, grocery shopping, walking my dog, cleaning, on top of school work LOL

    but without so much pressure because I live by myself so nobody naggs me... just deadlines at school... so good life too 🙂

    hahaha hey mestiza i was wondering about the alcohol here at the forums noone had commented about it either... i wanted to have a glass of wine and see if someone would chatt with me here LOL (that was saturday night though)...

  • night night THW!! sleep well!!

  • Life alone is easy. I love it. My husband and I both love alone-time. We work constantly. Nobody nags me because they are not there - lovely.

    Yes, my life is good. But I have been pressing myself a lot. Even if life is easy, there is always a balancing that I have to do. To make sure I dont tilt in one direction or the other. To continue to focus on my goals etc.

    But I am going to bed soon:)

  • I just realized it's girl scout season, OH NOOOO, my roommate came home with thin mints, I'm doomed

  • mmm i like those cookies... they dont have them where I live...

    it's true we should always push ourselves to be better 🙂

    LOL i thought you were already in bed... wow I'm a taurus and I cannot function if I dont sleep enough... when I was younger I could pull all nighters at school and stuff now I'm so wornt out I feel I'm dragging my **ss LOL but I'll get there even if crawling!!

  • Thanks hangedwoman!!! 🙂 That's so nice of you! sweet dreams!!!

    Happy doc - haha chocolate cake yum!!!!!!! I have a midterm this week and a paper due also, luckily my professors are being cool about it since I was in the hospital yess!!! What year are you in school?

  • This is my last one hopefully... I want to graduate in August the latest December... we will see...

    i feel much happier since sharing here and that'll help me keep my moods up to be able to work better 🙂 and make it to the final!! 🙂

    and you?

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