Prayers for Chelsea King please!

  • Everyone on this site has such amazing energy that I thought it would be nice if you could all pray for Chelsea King and her family. She went missing from the park near my home in Rancho Bernardo, CA and has not yet been found. A registered **** offender has been arrested in connection with her disappearance, but there is no sign of her yet. Her family wants her home! Please send out all your blessings and engeries toward this now.

    Love & Light to you all.

  • Sending Prayers of Peace, Love, and Strength for Chelsea, her family and friends.

  • Jenlyn123 I saw that on the news in passing. Have they check by the Lake Henshaw and with all the rain they have had in that area the probably have a lot of high brush around that area east of the freeway. Unless they has been cleared and they have built there. I am sending energy and healing to the family.

  • They have been focusing the search around Lake Hodges on the Southern shore were her underwear was found with his DNA. 😞 I have heard they are refocusing and considering searching other areas now though, but don't know what information it is based on. I did hear unconfirmed report that when he was arrested coming out of a restaurant, he was caked in mud from the knees down so your theory sounds pretty plausible, unforutnately. Understandably, her family just wants to find her and is being sustained by all the prayers and healing energy being poured out around the country right now.

  • Sending my prayers and love. Hopefully she will be found soon.

  • Jenlyn123 I'm sorry it's been a while since I lived in that North County and I confused the lakes. Yes Henshaw is on your way east. I meant Hodges. I just felt that it is an area where it might take dogs to find her. With all the brush and the east side of the freeway with all the rain you guys have had would be flooded in that area and no one would want to go back into that unless they found some clues. Thank you for being more specific. I will continue to send much energy for them.

  • They had divers with sonar equipment in a certain stretch of the lake west of the mall all day yesterday and through the night last night. They are going on something to be searching that intensely, which seems to be a horrible sign. While my gut too says that is where she will be found, we continue to hope and pray for a better outcome. On the positive (for lack of better word) side, the beauty in the energy created by this community pulling together is amazing. I live 2 minutes from the park where she disappeared, and a minute the other direction to where the search center is located and I'm so proud of how everyone has rallied around this family. Too bad it takes something like this to make that happen. Would be nice to see more of it under better circumstances...

  • I watched it on the news this morning. The area I am talking about is south of the mall and behind that service station just before you get the that off ramp north bound side. I know you know the area I am talking about. I have seen cattle grazing there when it has been dry in the spring and summer months. I know which restaurant he was in too. I have eaten there on a Sunday morning before a motor cycle running. But I am talking about east of the freeway. I saw how lush and over grown it is so it will be difficult. I am with you hoping for the best and not feeling too good about it.

  • I know precisely where you're talking about. They have been searching all around the lake and out into San Pasqual Valley. I think they have been out in areas like where you described as I've heard they've been dealing with dense vegetation and rattle snakes. They also believe he may be connected to another girl's disappearance in Escondido last year so there are searches all over the county now where they know he's been. Lots of prayers here. If they are still searching this weekend, I may try and help. They've had so many volunteers they've actually had to turn people away, which is not a bad problem to have, I guess.

  • Yes I heard that they thought he could be involved with two others and I can't help but think he looks familiar. Did they say where he lives? I know he has been staying with his mom but he is registered as he lived did they say 80 miles away? I didn't hear that the one girl was from Escondido either just that it was two other girls. What is his age? One of my kids which is my son still lives in Escondido and went to elementary there, but he went to school in San Marcos and we lived in Ramona too for a short time. I have also lived in Vista. I was there in the area for over 20 yrs. But left in 98'. Too many changes and it isn't cost effective to live there anymore. I grew up in Torrance so it was my state from age 4. Love the weather hate that it has gotten too populated and expensive to live there. This is such a horrible thing for this are being so highly populated with kids and so close to the high school as well.


  • LibrasLair, he was registered as having been living in Lake Elsinore. Apparently when Amber Dubois went missing a year ago, he was living 2 miles from her school in Escondido. He was recently staying in Westwood in Rancho Bernardo (on the street I'm looking at moving to!) and a couple blocks from the elementary school there. There was an attack in December on the same trail in RB Community Park that he has also been linked to. He served in prison for molesting a girl up in Lake Elsinore (I think) back in 2000. Such an avoidable tragedy. I cannot fathom why we have put the rights of these monsters ahead of the lives of our children. It makes no sense. I have a very charismatic, beautiful 7 yo daughter that I'm always worried will attract the attention of one of these predators. It is easy to get wrapped up in the anger, but for now everyone is TRYING to focus positive thoughts and energy into just getting her home, even if the outcome is the worst case scenario. They just want their baby back.

  • Yes you really have to work hard some times in the positive Laws of Attraction. And I understand your concern. We all hope for her to be found safe.

  • Jenlyn123 I saw on the news this morning that she has been found in a shallow grave and now the healing is sent for the family. Thank you for letting me know more about this and I know it is going to be hard for you to move into the area where she and her family live. Peace and harmony to you and yours.

  • Absolutely devastated. I actually already live in the area where she was found. Just so happens I'm looking at places on the very street the monster lives on. But it's everywhere, unfortunately and I'm sure there are some in my current neighborhood. It is a wonderful community and the way we have all come together through this is beautiful. Chelsea wanted to make a difference in the world, and under the worst possible circumstances, she definitely has. May God embrace her in his light and grace her parents with her spirit daily. ❤

  • I'm so sorry. Saw the news last night that they found her body. Such a vibrant and vivacious young woman who had so much life ahead of her. Prayers and love to her family and all in the area. You wrote above that Chelsea wanted to make a difference in the world Jenlyn123, and that rings true for me. God had some plan for her I'm sure. Take care.

  • Jenlyn123, I too am so sorry about the news regarding Chelsea. These cases are so sad. Sending heartfelt sympathy, prayers, and condolences to her family, friends, and community. Love, strength, and blessings to all of you...

  • I am so sorry to hear this. 😞

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