Can u do a reading for me please

  • i was talking to my mom and im sorry i have made a mistake i was born at 125 pm i just found out does this change my cards thankyou for doing a reading i have recently come in contact with my first love i was wondering if we were meant to be together he was born november 27 1972 not sure of birth time but he was born in winnipeg we talk everyday for hours just like we never lost touch felt very connected i think i always loved him and never stopped we kept moving provinces lost contact my life is falling apart it seems cant sleep or stop thinking i have been living with another guy real good for first few years the last year has not been good his birthday is november 8 1959 can you help me dont know what to do both wana be with me my birthday is september 19 1973 born 125 pm calgary thank you so much desperately need help

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  • roxy1973~~~

    While I appreciate the information you've added to your original request, it doesn't change the reading. I don't use birth information since I'm using Tarot and not astrology for these. But if you're looking for advice on who you should choose, what I will tell you is this. Don't seek answers outside yourself. Nobody, including me, can give you what you're looking for as far as an answer. I know that sounds frustrating, but you have to seek it from the inside!

    With that said--- my instinct would be to tell you to let go of the failing current relationship and persue the other. There's a reason that person has come back into your life, and you would do well to find out what that is.

    does that help?~~~

  • do a reading on me, medicmom01

  • gamblinggirl45~~~

    Five of Wands

    in the "Love & Me" Position

    General Meaning | Meaning of Position

    Main (positional) Meaning:

    Let your focus be on advancing your cause on behalf of a possible relationship.

    The card in the Love & Me position touches on an aspect of how you perceive yourself with regard to possible intimacy in your life.

    When the Five of Wands falls in this position, the message is to focus on the goal that you and a potential partner share, rather than the struggle. Sometimes it may be necessary to push yourself through resistance to make things happen. In order to succeed in a worthy partnership enterprise, one needs to be prepared to deal with obstacles and competitors.

    Growing a thicker skin helps, as does learning not to take small matters too seriously. You and your desired partner have every reason to feel confident about your ability to succeed at whatever you commit to. You could most likely have the power to sustain yourselves through this stage.

    The Magician

    in the "Situation" Position

    General Meaning | Meaning of Position

    Main (positional) Meaning:

    There is an opportunity for an inspiring potential relationship. Creative and interesting developments are sure to arise.

    The card that lands in the Situation position refers to social or circumstantial factors which could be affecting your life at this time.

    The Magician card in this position sees you cooperating with a potential companion who is resourceful, imaginative, and who intuitively understands the magic of positive change. Whenever a creative point of view has its say, solutions come easier. Cooperative communication always supports relationship synergy.

    You are attracted to a quick and facile mind which sees through the surface of things and is able to visualize what could be. A person with the gift of vision possesses the capacity to touch some corner of your world in a helpful way. This is a fertile time for new or unorthodox approaches to your potential relationship. It looks like this union is going to be a fun ride!

    Page of Swords

    in the "Challenges" Position

    General Meaning | Meaning of Position

    Main (positional) Meaning:

    You have the opportunity and position to influence the thinking of a possible romantic partner.

    The card that lands in the Challenges position refers to ways that you can turn obstacles into stepping stones.

    When the Page of Swords (in some decks, a Princess) is in this position, sharpen your mind and raise your intellectual and intuitive antennae. Recognize the patterns of thinking affecting those close to you. You may have an opportunity to influence a potential relationship on a daily basis.

    By presenting new ideas and terms, you may change conditions and help refine shared goals. Raise awareness with quiet but steady input from the sidelines. Like the Page, avoid drawing attention to yourself. Position yourself in the world as a servant and aid to your possible love interest. Or, try to be a source for his or her better thinking. Perhaps at present your greatest strength may be your humility.

    gemleo- here's what I have for you...

    I'm not sure if the cards are showing me a current relationship that your in or an upcoming one [although my thoughts are that it's current].

    There seems to be a bit of trouble in this relationship, but this can easily be overcome thanks to you. Perhaps there is a situation which may seem frustrating to you or him [maybe an ex that refuses to exit the picture on either side which may be spurring feelings of insecurity].

    The relationship can and will work if you can allow your Higher Self to guide you to your next step. Too often we fail to recognize the "push" that the Universe gives us towards our happiness. None of us are meant to be unloved, but we must first love ourselves.

    Learn to take life as it comes for there are lessons to be learned during each phase of our lives.

    The message is overall a positive one, you just have to trust in yourself and the relationship.

    Hope this helps~~~

  • can someone do and read the cards for me?

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  • thankyou very much just cant let go of him for some reason we are so bonded together

  • Can anyone please do a reading for me? I have recently gone thru a horrible time over the past 10 months & need some advice & or direction..

    Within the past 10 mos my marriage fell apart I had an affair with an Aries man & we fell madly in love, the affair was discovered, I lost my job, my house is going into foreclosure, my daughter broke her arm, my front tire was slashed, & this is just some of the events that happened over the last 10 mos..

    My birth info is;

    may 3 1969


    honolulu HA

    please help


    lost soul

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  • Roxy I have been carrying a torch for this guy I met over 7 years ago. I've kept my feelings to myself because I currently live with my son's father. We've been together over 20 years. I can't seem to shake this feeling that me and the other guy have had a previous life together. I can't even say that it's lust that i'm feeling. I have tap into his life force to an instint that I know what's going on in his life without having been told. Can you possibly explain this connection. I don't know if zodiac signs matters here. Just in case, I'm a Pisces. My friend an Aquarius. My "husband" a Leo. Thanks

  • Hi Shebad, I am also picking up on pre-existing karmic energy. I'd be happy to do a reading for you, either through here or at my site,

  • i am wondering what direction i need to go in....i feel myself growing spirituality but would like to know which way to turn and if what i am feeling about myself is truth..i do seem to doubt myself at times. my bday is 82082 and i was born at 418 pm

  • Hi virgogirl. Thanks for sending a reply. If you can do a reading for me, I would deeply appreciate it. I can't figure out how his and my karma mesh. He acts so skittish around me. I am an outgoing person except around him. The vibrations I picked up from him made me think that he's feeling a similar energy. This doesn't feel like lust. However, I'm having dreams about this man and things that are going on in his life with an accuracy that is uncanny. Please, shed some light my situation. I'm Pisces, He's Aquarius and my husband is Leo. Thanks again.

  • virgogirl I should tell you our bdays his...2-10-54 and mine 2-26-53. I would love to read what energies you picking up. I tend to agree that this connection is more karmic than anything else. A reading to get a clearer picture about the type of relationship this was destined to be would be great. I need clarity about my feelings. Thanks

  • can you tell me if im going to win money at bingo today or not?

  • would love for you to do a reading for me my birthday is 04/09/1962 which is coming up i just seem to be going thru the motions of life need alittle insite where to begin to start living again thanks pam

  • Hi. I was wondering if you could do a reading for me? I have been making alot of changes lately and I do feel better. My birthdate is 08/28/1971. I'm not sure about the exact time but it was between 2-3p. I was adopted so I know nothing about my biological family. Someone in my family has special gifts though (I think) cause I am mediumistic and I know I passed it on to at least 1 of my 3 kids,Can you also tell me if I will ever meet them and who has the gift? Thank you for your time. God bless you.

  • Hi can i have a reading please?

    Mine: 14 November (i was born around 1pm in the afternoon, i think i had moon in aries)

    His: 16 May

    Thanks so much.

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