• How are you? Fine I hope! When you get the time could you please tell me if I have whats called a twin flame? Or is it twin soul? Meaning lover etc, I think it definetely not the one I'm with now. I have never had much luck with men. Thanks so much for all you do and may you get a lifetime of blessings, I stole that line from somewhere, but mean it. 🙂

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    I'm doing fine.... I'm looking forward to Springtime Gardening & my Flowers... 🙂

    Interesting topic on Soul Twins... !!!!!

    Here is what i found... I Hope this material makes some sense....:-)

    SOULS have always been madein twos, like Twins

    Soul mate or Soul Twin.. would be your Spiritual Other, **Each person as a created force was createdin duality- male and female"

    In other words,there is another half of us, which almost always stays on the Other Side. Rarely does a soul mate incarnate with it's Twin Soul, but we're so lucky to have other kinfred souls whom we love deeply on Earth, such as our dear friends and loved ones, who are so important to us.

    There are many peoplein this life (or others) who can mean as much to us as a soul mate does. A child , a parent, grandchild, or even a friend can be a true kindred soul,both here and at Home. After all, on the other side we aren't around just for one person, abanding. all the other wonderful people we've ever known.In Fact, we don't tend to hang around with our Soul Mate. Yes, there is a special relationship with our twin soul, but it's never the be-all and end-all of life..

    I'm not convinced that when Jesus said ....What God has joined together, let no man put asunder.... he was only referring to marriage. I Think he meant to cleaver your intellect from your emotion.

    He was also referring to all relationships because here again, if you're not complete, no one will be able to be everything for you. That's why the soul-mate almost always stays on the Other Side.......

    We all know when we meet a kindred, loving soul.If you keep looking for that perfect person, you're setting yourself up to fail,especially since you're not perfect. You hear that love conquers all--- well if you're in a giving, truly unconditional, respectful, and caring relationship, then it will.....

    As far as Romantic partners go, Finding the right person is like picking cotton---- some tufts are white and pure, while others look all right but are full of boll weevils ( the bugs that infest cotton) -- If it doesn't go so well, that's not necessarily your fault....

    there are no hard - and- fast- rules for being happy...

    If you surround yourself with your loved ones..

    you're truly blessed...


    Mille.. 🙂

  • LOL! Thanks so much Millie, love the boll wee-EVILS parts, notice the last part, EVIL! I know no one is perfect, I sure am not and will often say: I am not a Perfect woman. I do how-ever try to treat others the way I want to be treated or better. How un-exciting. I just wondered if my true love is somewhere waiting and I guess not, someone told me that if I ever left and started a new life I would meet him. Oh well, i was just curious. Thanks so, so, much for your time and many, many blessings to you. I get so much wonderful advice here, it makes me want to be a better human being. You and so many others are just wonderful human beings to share your insight and wisdom with others. I pray the Universe repays you a hundredful and your cups always run over! Thanks again. I am a hopeless romantic at heart sometimes then reality sets in. ho hum.....:)

  • I would just like to make an observation that I find it interesting how people choose their partners. Some people choose partners with whom they share many common interests and are very alike - this suggests that they are actually seeking to make friends or peace with themselves rather than anyone else. Your best bet for a helpful mate would probably be someone who is your total opposite - someone whose strengths complement your weaknesses and vice versa.

  • HI AGAIN POET, ... Rotflol...I too like the weeEvils... LOL

    GLAD TO BE OF SPIRITUAL HELP...!! Thank you Poetic for your love & blessings xoxoxo

    I agree (I Love This Forum)

    we get to meet interesting insightful beautiful gifted men & women 🙂 .. (L)

    I was reading TheCaptain post -- Poetic not all opposites compliment each other !---

    Please Be Careful, i believe that any relationship may blossom when twp people are truly communicating & in harmony !

    I know of a good friend -- My friend is / was involved with this other person with more bad habits than good ones......


    You become the victim of USED & ABUSED

    blessings love & light

    Mille 🙂


  • "I was reading TheCaptain post -- Poetic not all opposites compliment each other !---"

    What do you mean, MilleFeori? Can't someone who is generous for example be good for someone who is somewhat stingy?

  • For Captain....

    that is a perfect example of what a bad relationship is

    NOT compatible mates... when one is generous while the other is stingy...this relationship will fail... there will be much heated argument over money $$$...!!!

  • Not necessarily - love can make someone want to change.

  • Interesting, I am generous but will not be used. Had a relationship like that, really, really dug this guy, but he is very selfish. I don't understand how someone can be that stingy, he told me he was extremely poor growing up. I am a sucker for love sometimes, but then I wake up! I believe in communication big time. If you cannot sit down and reason with one another, explain what your expectations are, then it's kind of sad and pointless. I have an opposite now, we are oil and water. We have nothing in common and I'm miserable and unhappy. I try to make it work though but i mostly just iqnore him.

  • I appreciate all points of view, I just was wandering if there was someone special I haven't met yet. But alas I'll keep on keeping on! Thanks to you both, If I can ever help you guys or lend an ear let me know! Peace!

  • I think there is a tendency when good meets bad for good to get burned and withdraw or become more cautious and bitter. But then bad wins. Good must not allow a bad experience to dim its light or make it bitter and wary of getting involved again. So you get burned a few times - that's how you learn. Don't let a few bad people turn you off the whole of humanity. If you remain hopeful, you will eventually attract more good than bad into your life.

    The most successful people are not those who never fall down or never make a mistake - in fact they have fallen down more than anyone but they just keep getting up again until they win through.

  • Captain you seem to be all over the place with your thoughts...

    Good verse Bad.... the Good tend to hang with their same kind -- Good Verses the Bad .. there's a difference...... we human beings tend to be drawn with the


    Tell me something... who would you seek to be your match type ..whether they be friends- lover- mate....!! who would you choose..!!!


    Mille 🙂

  • You know with out bad there could be no good and if there was no bad how do you know its good i am sure glad Jesus did not just look for good this old boy would not be here or my 3 pluss kids and a passel of grand kids and i am just one.

    Bad wants me to seek the good and some women in my life made me want to be a better manDc

  • There is something exciting to me about "bad boys," I found them to be a challenge, exciting. In my experiences especially when younger, bad boys gave me a thrill. The nice guys were BORING. As you get older, you want the nice dependable guy who is probably boring as hell. The type who probably got used and walked all over in his past. Alas......

  • YES i agree there's somethng exciting about a BAD BOY*

    If a person...( Boy or Girl) sincerely is Good, and comes across a Bad Boy/ Girl...

    how do you suppose that relationship will manifest.?? someone will get abused and hurt..??

    OK... what if i were in such a relationship... my BF were in a gang of criminals & thieves stealing & robbing... would i feel safe in his arms or the company of his gangstah friends...???

    A Bad Boy or Girl who has lived his or / her life of Bad Bad Habits...!!! will not convert anytime soon to become a Goodie Goodie..!!!

    A good person would not be too Happy !!!

    An unhealthy relationship that would NOT work out...?? the Bad guy would have to turn a new leaf..

    & the question is would HE or She want to change.....???

  • You know i was going with 3 diffrent women and i was in a bar picking up another and them 3 came in you can fill the rest in and i went home by myself that night and i still went out with them again latter but i do not do that any more and have not in over 26 years and i do not consider my self boring but you are right you dont reckon that is why these fourms are full of women and thier bad boys they just can not let go of ? Dont get me wrong i bothers me that this is true if i was being the bad boy i would probley have a date tomorrow but i do not do the bad boy any more cause i am trying to live in truth does that mean i am boring no beleave me with 2 daughters divorced one son been divorced 3 times and married again and 1 grand daughter married and divorced 1 grand daughter married and 2 16year old grand daughters who you can not tell them that the bad boys are just going to hurt them and what gets me most is the single women who wants some one in thier life does not want any drama. Is life great or what Delbertc

  • Also if i try to be a better man for a women its doomed to failure but if a women makes me want to be a better man then it has opened a door to be better if we put that dependance on some one or something else sooner or later it will fail unless it is a power greater than ourselves what ever you chose that to be Delbert

  • Good Point Millie, wouldnt want a thief though, (you couldn't trust him). Delbert you were what I'm my little circle what we call a (male whore) (smile) back in the day and that's different. There are a lot of them out there as well! Living in truth is the best way, always be honest that way no one gets hurt. Don't let anyone set themselves up to be dissapointed. At least if you (male r female) not what you are dealing with, you can brace yourself. I've dated guys like that, they could not be faithful to one woman, but at least if they were honest you could decide if thats what you want to deal with. We humans always want to change someone and most of the time it does not work. "It is what it is." Whether whore, dog, etc. If it looks like it, walks like it, acts like it, thats what it is. We women are looking for a fairy tale and were raised up believing in Cinderella and the Knight in shining armour but sometimes you have to go through a few dogs before you find the Prince! 🙂

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