We Are All Lighthouses

  • Great thread!

    Archerbow the white kitty looks just like my kitty! his name is Jyuri he's 16 almost 17 Love him to death! He has kidney failure going on now but we are able to give him fluids under the skin every day the past month or so and he's improved. I'm so grateful he's such a dear. He brings me so much joy!

    Captain powerful dream! I would suspect you get the hermit card a lot the light bearer.

    Thank you for spreading your light.


  • I feel my dark moments have helped me really appreciate the light moments. Without sorrow we would not know how great joy is. Learning to paint land and seascapes really helped me appreciate the dark, you must have quite a bit of dark area for the light area to really shine through in a painting, this was years ago before I had ever encountered any grief in my life, but it just spoke to me and I have always recalled that when I am having a rough patch, and by now there have been quite a few. When I am really down I try to go looking at beautiful things like the beautiful blue sky, flowers with the sun shining on them is amazing. I do have little outburts,(and a few not so little :), I think they show me things I am not aware of that need tending. I think the dark stuff is where lots of our really valuable learning is and how we get turned into shiny diamonds,(or lighthouses)..... I am loving this adventure Captain. Shining Off! GJ

  • Pfree, I actually Do get the hermit card a lot. 🙂

  • GJay,

    Thank you for this comment .... "I feel my dark moments have helped me really appreciate the light moments. Without sorrow we would not know how great joy is."

    That's exactly what I needed to hear today and to remind me that without the pain and sorrow, I would not appreciate so much the joy and happiness. When we are feeling low and c*rappy it's easy to forget this.

  • Hello All,

    This is once again another wonderful thread on this forum, thank you The Captain!

    I just had to share with you all a picture that took my breath away. It's one of the hottest dying stars in the galaxy, and was caught by the Hubble Space telescope. It's awesome : )

    (I hope it shows up)

  • Ok, maybe not.

    Let me try again

  • Once more, with feeling

  • Hi Captain! Great thread! Everybodys pix are just awesome!! I guess even if we are faced with darkness it is easy to fall into "the rage of others" I keep that quote taped to my bathroom mirror to remind me every day, that with light, love and a smile, we can all change the world! Peace and Blessings to all!!!! 🙂 ^A^ Bentwing

  • Hi Wenchie, I hope you are feeling better. Happy I could help a bit and really appreciate you letting me know too. You know what can really pull me out of a slump is really funny video's - the other day watched all the e*trade baby out takes, laughter is so healthy. Sending Peace, Happiness, and Light xoxo

    Wow that is one awesome star!

  • That's a truly amazing pic. 😮

  • We can maintain a lasting positive demeanor when we acknowledge and accept that no one has the power to make us feel particular emotions. Even if we have been prone to reacting sensitively in the past, we can regain control over our emotions if we learn that we are ultimately responsible for our own moods and mind-sets. By simply striving to sustain an attitude of positivity, we create a condition in which we are more likely to concentrate on our strengths than our vulnerabilities. We understand that the negativity we see in others has little to do with us, thereby empowering ourselves to come face-to-face with all manners of unpleasantness without reacting emotionally. Your demeanor will be unflaggingly upbeat today when you remember that both positivity and negativity are choices you make.

    From DailyOm.com

  • Hello to the Captain & everyone here, I love your inspirational letter to us all .. and OH you are so correct, we need to remember what we have,,, and a what beautiful world the creator has given us to school ourselves in, I know we all too often forget and allow others to influence negative feelings that are difficult to over come, I for one have been guilty of this ...but for every bad experience a new door opens and I always think of it as new path that was meant to be. I meditate and say this poem which I wrote 35yrs ago.... praising the creator....and not asking anything for myself but appreciating what has already been given Good health, 3 wonderful children,,,,a roof over my head a budget to live on,,,,a few special friends ,,OH YES their have been many problems and dissapointments along the way but none have been unsolvable all a learning experience for the better.

    From my heart to YOURS

    I Thank you , OH mighty Creator

    For giving to me, the awareness to know

    A mind that is free to SEE.

    All things that you put there

    Created with superiority

    Because I care.

    Leonida.... Many blessings to all

  • Lovely, Leonida.

    Keep up the positive vibes everybody. I can feel the 'dam' of negativity that is holding back the flow of abundance and love is beginning to break down, its dark walls battered by the good feelings coming at it. Keep on shining!!!!

  • Hi Captain, your paragraph at the top is spot on, I love it! I've seen something similar before. I am going to cut it out and put it in my 'inspiration corner'. Many thanks! This thread is fab! take care Captain. 😄

  • Yes, the DailyOM website is a font of wonderful information.

  • Captain i am so grate full to you and the others here for the unselfish help you all have given me and others i have beleaved in the light for a long time but mine got pretty dim but youall have helped me to get back to the light it has brightened up alot qand my hope is that i can be of maxium service for what i am called for Thanks Delbertc

  • Shine your light out, Delbertc.

  • "Sometimes our light goes out but is blown again into flame by an encounter with

    another human being. Each of us owes the deepest thanks to those who have

    rekindled this inner light."

    ~Albert Schweitzer~

    Read this today and thought of The Captain instantly. Thank you Captain! 🙂

  • Nice one, GJay! 🙂

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