We Are All Lighthouses

  • I had a very powerful dream last night that spirit is urging me to share with everyone. In my dream I was hovering above the earth looking down. I could see the earth encased in a swirling dark mass of fog that I was 'told' was negative energy. Through the dense fog, I could see many lighthouses all over the world but they were either not turned on or very dim, unable to dispel the gloom. I looked down at Australia and saw my own lighthouse that was not burning and indeed engulfed by the fog. I was immediately instructed to turn on my light, my inner light, and a strong beam shot out of my lighthouse and began radiating out to dispel the dark energies around me. I began feeling better and more powerful and the light grew until it shot up into the heavens to join wih the universal light that was trying to shine down onto the earth but was being blocked by the fog. I woke up knowing that this was indeed what was occuring on earth at the moment.

    I have seen many people's sad stories on this site and I have heard the same tales of woe from my family and friends. I can see negativity creeping into everyone's lives (including mine) and I know many of us are on the verge of or have already lost everything. Things have never seemed so bad.

    But now is the time to not to buckle under to the fog but to turn on our lights and to radiate positivity like never before. We stand on the brink of a new age but we ourselves have to make it dawn. Please, even if you feel stuck in an awful situation, I urge you to be grateful for what you have. It's only by turning on the light inside of us all that we will push back the darkness. Even if just for today we could all give off positive energy by looking on the bright side of our lives - appreciate the love we have from others, for ourselves, and all the many blessings we have been given, rather than adding to the huge fog of negativity swirling around us - then I know we can win this battle of light vs. dark.

    Will you step up to the plate and turn on your lighthouse? Can you put aside all your worries and embrace good and happy thoughts? Together we can beat the darkness and restore light to our lives. So ignore all the negative posts on this site or negative news reports, put aside your fears for the future, and concentrate on all the positive in the world. Let's create our own bright shiny future. Remember the examples of Haiti and Chile - we could all be so much worse off like them, couldn't we? Today I am giving thanks for my health, for my friends and family, for the roof over my head and the food on my table.

    So who's with me? Will you turn on your light today and fight the darkness?

  • Delbertc, I feel this is an especially important message for you.

  • This little light of mine

    I'm gonna let it shine!

    Kudos again Captain. 🙂

  • Good on you, Ragbag! 🙂

  • I'll do my best as well, I agree with you, your dream and message is very powerful and beautiful!! Thanks so much!!

  • My lights are on...even though I am very sad at this moment. I am a very positive woman and I try so very hard to embrace that in my life, believing in others and embracing what they bring to the table. At this moment however, I believed and ultimately I am hurt for doing so.

  • Let's generate some powerful electricity here. The more negative we get, the worse we make out situations. Yes we will get hurt - sometimes over and over but we can either lay down in the dirt or get up and keep fighting!!!

    The world literally needs to lighten up! 🙂

  • My Light is Shinning Brightly Right Now Too .! I am very grateful for all that I have and also so grateful for my Family and Friends , new and old . :O)


  • I knew it was you Captain as soon as I read the heading 🙂 I'm Shining! I'm Shining! Sending all my bright energy up and man all the pressure has just released out of my head and now my neck and shoulders...amazing. I will tell a vision I had later, but now I have to shine. Will report back Captain..this is feeling really awesome right now. Thank you!

  • Hi Captain! you were reading my mind, on the way home from work today i thought thank god i didnt live in chili! and how i can walk into my home see my very loving spaniel and make her day happy just walking the door safe! ,i have a lot of negative energy at work(2 people who thrive on trouble) what i do to deal with this is , as i walk to my car i pray for the angels ,god to be with me, put the white light , around me and go face the day. then when the day is over and it was good and fun i thank God for giving me a good day, where did i learn a lot of this?? HERE! Thank all of you who i have learned this from!.......Cause ya know what? the alternative REALLY STINKS! there should be a button to delete the negative posts here that go on for days and days and days!!gezzzz dont beat a dead horse!!!!!!lollllllll SMILE!

  • Hooray, I feel the fog beginning to lift! Keep those positive vibes coming - we CAN make a difference...

  • I will NEVER lie down..I am a Survivor

    It's not whether you get knocked down, its whether you get up..

    Yes Captain..you are absolutely right..and truly, a wonderful following to be thankful for every breath we take, waking up and standing to see another day.

    Life is not a given..we are not entitled. Instead of wishing the day away to get through the week, be grateful you had it to share..for one day you'll want that day you wished away.

    Stimulate my senses and engage my thoughts and I will give you the best I have to offer, without asking nothing in return..if I made your day just because I smiled, then I am enriched for doing so.

    That is who I am..

  • We are all lighthouses...

  • That was a really powerful moment for me, very electrical and LIGHT! and holding it as best I can, I blew the top right off my shield, also did a meditation to shine the light from my home and property up also. I can't believe the amount of pressure relieved from me.

    I had a vision about 10yrs ago - was shown 2 vessels like water tanks one positive and one negative and intuitively knew the energy we put out went into one or the other and multiplied exponentially, was told that much more energy was going into the negative and we really needed to add to the positive, also felt like I was told that the positive was much more powerful than the negative, kind of like light is much more powerful than dark....one little light can illuminate a very large dark area. So I really try to stay positive, it can be tricky and really catch you off guard, but just bring the light right back. If we all beam our strong lights we will see amazing results! I love the jingle Ragbag!

  • I FORGOT TO add this! when ever my mind is troubled about something, i ask for god to speak to me about it, then i watch for signs. today as i was driving home a car pulled in front of me, the liscense plate said ............HOPE2. now isent god awsome. to answer me so quickly? and thats not the first time a car gave me a message right after i asked him for one!

  • Yes it only takes a smile to make my day!


  • Just to add to my last post . ..Thank you Captain for creating such a wonderful thread !! I am here will my lighting bug gloves on , waving my hands in the air :O)..

  • Ohhh Yes.. here is my lighthouse and I am so way grinning!!!!

  • Even if we can only hold this positivity and put our problems away for just 24 hours, it will make a HUGE difference, people.

    I can see the angels and guides have been busy spreading the word to everyone. 🙂

    Fight the good fight!

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